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As slave stories go, this is, in my view, without peer. Northup's h captivating tale -- which has gained attention as a result of movie that shares the book's title -- is told in exacting detail with a fairly easy prose. He sets the stage genuinely, describing people and places before proceeding into the narrative. Unlike works of fiction, this book is so compelling because, by all accounts, it is true. There is no polemical axe to grind, as with Uncle Tom (a novel at one point wryly referenced by Northup). Here you see both brutality of slavery and the times of attention by slaves and even some slave owners. Solomon tells the story with clarity and intelligence.

The free versions on other sites I came across were quite poorly formatted, so spending a dollar for a polished version on Amazon online is worthwhile, but this is not the best of them. Granted, the book is formatted adequately, and any typographical mistakes in this version seem to be to be simple will not be of the original.

Nevertheless , the supporting material is a letdown. I browse the version that includes the introduction by novelist Dolen Perkins-Valdez. That introduction is borderline insulting, as it makes merely a weak attempt to separate accounts with fictional elements like Root base from an genuine account like this one. Even worse still, Perkins-Valdez can't avoid indulging in repeatedly referencing her own recently released slave novel, even proceeding so far as to quote herself. There are almost no historical elements to this version beyond the main book -- no reference to Northup after the book, no mention of he writer who helped him pen the book, nothing. There is more info on the writer of the introduction than you have the author. One other oddity worth mentioning: the original book's preface -- the one done by the man who helped Northup write the book -- has already been curiously excised from this version too. That makes this version something less than complete.

For anyone looking for the version, you might consider  Twelve Years a Slave - Enhanced Edition by Doctor Sue Eakin Based on a long time Project. New Details, Images, Maps , which contains a robust amount of supporting material and, better still, is right now the same cost as this version., Growing up in the North, I had always found it hard to imagine that captivity not only existed in this country, but flourished. As time passes, I have read many an autobiography or history book concerning captivity and thought I understood it all. And yet I was blind.
Until I read Solomon Northrup's "12 Years a Slave. " Where has this guide been? It is a masterpiece of history, of one man, one free man's life. A true picture of 'The Older South'.
Mister. Northrup was a free black man with a beautiful wife and two daughters moving into Saratoga, NY. He was lured from his home by servant traders who specialized in the awful practice of kidnapping free black people and selling them into slavery. Torn from his home and family, Mister. Northrup endured the most detrimental that can happen to a human being, and still live.
And yet, he remained fair and honest, never stooping to the amount some of his white professionals did.
I am not going to edit the book in this review because I recommend reading it for yourself. Captivity was and is a vile institution.
Solomon Northrup is my new inspiration.
This book will jolt you. But you will be the better for achieveing read it.
My highest of fives., I acquired this after watching the movie. I actually am a school college student that works fulltime, so I usually don't have long for reading things that aren't school related. I finally got around to finishing this. This particular is an extremely difficult book to read. Just what this man went through was astoundingly awful. This is an important story though. If you want to understand southern culture as it is today, if you want to get a deeper comprehension of race relationships in America, or if you just want to read a good book, I suggest it. A person get a real picture of what institutional (versus man to man) racism is. You will also understand how far our country has come from that. If one black man can triumph over adversity for the reason that day, all of them certainly can now. A new history professor once informed me that it's not enough to just admit the south was wrong, you have to understand why they thought like they were doing. This will definitely shed some dark light on the subject., I could see the movie, but the movie only stole ideas from this book and created it's own " darling coated" story - that is, when compared to book. One can only marvel at the ability of man to cope with the most extreme situations, and then marvel even more at the cruelty that man has the ability to of. Captivity has been around since god knows when, I guess, and the perpetrators of this wicked even used Bible as a means to warrant it's use, but a person with any conscience can only abhor it can use, as the author demonstrates in his own words that folks become inured to violence that is around them on a daily basis, and this this physical violence eventually corrupts an complete society. A lesson that has been learned, and then forgotten, way too many times throughout the history of man.

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