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Looking over this book by a chef at the renown Chez Panisse restaurant in Berkeley is to be taken into a family of joyful and quirky eaters and at home cooks while basking in the accumulated wisdom of a wry and thoughtful observer about matters food or otherwise. It is a loving paean to dwelling joyfully generally speaking and with food in particular. It really is as much how to think about food and cooking food as it is about recipes and techniques, but from a most generous and non- judgmental spirit. That could have been called, " The way to Easily Cook Delicious Food with No Anxiety and Have Thrilling Learn a Few Points that are extremely Important about Cooking and Life. "
Although written for a son who had headed off to college, it is by no means a guide only for the beginner and has lots to say to the experienced cook as well. And it may be just so much fun to read and look at., At age thirty five, I am a fifty percent decent home cook, but I have zero imagination in the kitchen. Our mother is a magnificent cook, but I used to be never considering cooking while I was at home, so I didn't learn much. This specific book has taught me personally so much - and it is so fun to learn!

I'm one of those cooks who loves to follow a formula to a tee. This specific can be tricky, because if you're missing an ingredient, you can't make something. This guide is designed with a lack of components in mind... " avoid have beer? You can use wine. Don't have that? Try stock. Or even even water. " That is SUCH a comfort to have an expert cook inform you all the several ways you can produce a single dish, often with stuff you have left the house.

I avoid love many cookbooks, but this one is a must-buy - and I've bought it for my mommy and sister, too. Thank you, Cal, for teaching me personally how to cook!, This specific book gives me all the feels. My child just completed his Sophomore year of college or university away from home. I bought this guide for him as a gift idea for his new apartment he'll be moving into with college or university pals after the summer. I wrote a heartfelt, significant letter to him on the inside hard cover & reminded him that this book will ensure he has the starting tools to make quality meals in his new apartment. Cal, if you ever read this, thank you from Hawaii for providing an outstanding tool that bridges the gap between momma's home cookin' & the ease of cooking food it yourself away in college. I adore this book in so many ways. Well written, easy to follow, best college or university gift idea I could think to give my only child away at college!!!, I've never already been so obsessed with toasted bread, or eggs, or anything for that matter. I enjoy the style of writing, I love the tested recipes, I love everything relating to this book. I am not sure that I've ever before been so inspired after picking up a recipe book; generally I flip through and mark a few, or many, recipes to use, but this book has me reading each page like a novel, savoring each tip, and trying things as I come to them, and not moving beyond them until I've tried at least two things from each section (but a lot more like I've attempted the whole section).

I think of myself as a fairly accomplished cook with a repertoire of recipes to choose from, a nicely curated selection of cookbooks for ideas, and a moderate kitchen which serves me well. This cookbook is a welcome addition to my recipe book collection, and never one which will gather dust, but will be referred to repeatedly, and definitely with splotches on the pages from frequent use., Some have complained that there is too much story in this book; I totally disagree. The personal strengthen sets 12 recipes apart from any cookbook I have. There is a type of refined elegance that I imagine shows in Peternell's actual food as well. Let me cherish this one for some time ahead. If you're looking for quick, easy, and easy-reference... just google what you want to make tonight and I'm sure there will be 100 links to what has become standard form, 1/2 glass of this, 1/4 tsp of the. Twelve Recipes becomes more at the almonds and bolts of what it means to nourish yourself and your family with grace, style, and goodness., What stops me personally from giving this guide a elegant rating, is that the author is snobbish in his use of tools and components. That, and many of the recipes are little on the plain part. The narrative understands this, however, and offers a lot of variations for everything mentioned. If you do not really know what your meals are, and most Americans don't, you should get this book. Believe it or not, you can live on bread and beans and eggs and leafy greens. And Bacon. Always Bacon., Excellent guide, the type I think to myself, " I wish I had written it". It's simple and easy to read and the recipes easy to follow. I've already refered it to two other male friends who where all thumb when it comes to cooking and found they were in a position to whip upwards tasty diners for families thanks to this guide. That's about a good a reference as it gets. Even I, a professional chef, picked up a couple of ideas here and there. That, also, is a good reference., I will be seriously loving this cookbook. It is so real life. About 30 minutes ago I was famished and all I had was some butter, pasta and old cheese in my refrigerator. Oh yeah, I stay in California, so I have sage and parsley growing in my yard 12 months round. Anyway I just made the sage and pasta dish in about 15 minutes Yum, yum.

I love all the crummy kitchen cookware and mismatched dishes and happy people in the pictures in this book. It is so not Sur una Table or Williams Sonoma, but I think it doesn't take granite counters or fancy cookware to make good food.

I highly recommend this guide for those intimidated by cooking food and for those who have been cooking for some time who want to learn to improvise. That is a delight to read and a pleasure to use.

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