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If you are like me and have spent a lot of your life searching the shelves of Borders and Barnes & Noble in vain for a great book of TV criticism, then TV (THE BOOK) is exactly what might been waiting for. In the event you aren't like me, (THE BOOK) is essential reading anyway. Matt and Joe have long been my primary go-tos for TV criticism and recaps - at Vulture and HitFix, respectively. I call them Matt and Alan, knowing Matt only marginally and Alan not at all, because they feature the reader an informal comfort-zone through which they wear their understanding of the medium lightly, even though each obviously knows it very well. That will they've known the other person for years get them to ideal co-authors for their Herculean job: ranking the best Us shows of all time based on quantitative categories that they knew going in everybody would agree with wholeheartedly and nobody would say indignantly, " How about X? "

I'm not going to say, " What about X? " I might say something such as, " THE PARTICULAR SHIELD is overrated, " or " BARNEY BURNS is undervalued, " but then I would bear in mind where I was commenting and think better of it. Instead I'll just say that Matt and Alan make a very good case for their options, and that they complement the other person wonderfully. Sometimes they pair up on the essays (you can tell who wrote what by the initials left at the end - AS or MZS or both). Oftentimes each tackles a particular show individually, and after a while it might be fairly easy to guess who wrote the piece. Matt gets the lion's share of " vintage" television and is extremely authoritative on a history of the medium. Joe writes about more modern shows, and tends to make a case for " traditional" fare to Matt's leanings towards experimentation and the avant-garde. Let me personally emphasize that I'm contrasting them to each other; when compared to most TV critics, both lead in all of these categories.

As anyone who reads their regular work knows, both love dramas and comedies, hit shows and shows struggling to find an audience. Each has also been a consistent champion of shows about women, by women, or " for" women. I still part ways with them on LADIES, and especially Matt's claim that Lena Dunham " had no idea what a hornet's nest she would stir" with her show, when Dunham's calculated provocations are by now pretty clear. But each is available to the possibilities of television, from its early on years to " Maximum TV. " Film Facebook has been even more defensive than normal since (THE BOOK) launched, always a sure sign that someone is doing something right., While I have quibbles with the order of the list, it's hard to believe these two creators don't love TV and didn't do their research. Shows that I had forgotten about made checklist, as well as implies that We never thought I'd see on any best-of listing, and that was a pleasurable surprise. Some of the essays are surprisingly short, but no show that I thought needed to be on the list was left out, therefore i cannot have too many problems.

The show with what I thought was the best finale ever was actually the show they select for that as well. If you've seen the show, then I may even think you could argue for anything else. (Spoiler-free review. Buy the book if you want to know which show. )

I also appreciated that no at present airing show was considered, as any type of art needs some time to be fully appreciated.

If you love TV now (or have in the past), you should't hesitate to buy this book., I am not American, and as such I have not seen nearly all of the TV shows in the " Pantheon". But I do have a certain affinity for scripted TV, an cast that is continuing to grow to the uber-availability of content these days. I started actively watching TV shows in 2005, and haven't stopped since. Luckily, just about that period the so-called " Golden Era of TV" involved to burst, and burst it did.

This specific book is terrific in that regard also it deals with to scale down all the shows and offers a great starting point for anyone who wants to get started on watching great TV. Not to mention it has amazing insights into shows We already love and enjoy (hello there Cheers, hi, good seeing you Tony! ). Sepinwall and MZS do a great job in carrying across their thoughts even though ranking such a subjective thing as fiction is inherently difficult, they make it fun and inclusive. I cherished their scoring model, that they can explain in detail at the beginning of the book, not to point out the essays accompanying each show. The clarity of their thoughts the actual reader want to see the show so bad. We wanna rewatch half the shows I watched after reading this book. That invokes that feeling!

Almost all in all, a great read for TV enthusiasts, old and new, young and old, novices and buffs.

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