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Whoa. Wow, wow, wow. We have always known Natalie Keller Reinert is one of the rare authors that truly understands the ways of the Thoroughbred horse (and of the individuals that love them), but both she has truly outdone their self here, or else I actually just love this book because it's more about re-training an Off-The-Track Thoroughbred (" OTTB" for short) as soon as its racing days are done, and that conclusion of a Thoroughbred's life is usually much more familiar to me than the racing side. Ms. Reinert is lucky enough to get had a lot of experience to both the sporting side plus the sport horse side, and he or she brings that ALL to this book. Her writing is assured, her perceptions accurate, and her characters are therefore alive i found myself mentally arguing with them over their choices because I read.: -) I truly could not recommend this specific book more highly regarding horse lovers!, As always, Reinert gives an authentic view into the equestrian life--sometimes gritty, sometimes unpleasant, and always realistic. Because a veteran of typically the racing and show horse worlds, I find myself nodding (and sometimes wincing) when I'm riveted to a Kindle late into typically the night, immersed in Natalie's (and my former) world. We are delighted at typically the return of Alex and Alexander and can't wait for the next glance into their lives. In Turning for Home Natalie tackles the all-important concern of finding second professions for Thoroughbreds when they are not necessarily competitive enough paying typically the bills and keep humans especially their owners interested. It's on typically the minds of horse individuals everywhere as the horror reports of neglected and left behind horses hit the news too, too often.

When a horse that Alex trained as a youngster regarding racing is found depriving in the swamps, the well-meaning but misinformed creature rights group attacks Alex. She had been evaluated in a popular sports activity horse magazine about the woman policy of finding houses and careers for typically the farm's racehorses after their racing days are more than, which made her the handy target, especially when motivated by Alex's main enemy. The abandoned horse was boarded for training and not owned by typically the farm, but that truth was overlooked in typically the group's quest for the villain. For her own good, Alexander asks Alex to remain away from typically the track for awhile, and to concentrate on re-schooling one of her favorite racehorses. She actually is suddenly out of the woman comfort zone, questioning herself, and very touchy. How may she restore her popularity and returning to teaching her beloved runners?, All of the Alex and Alexander textbooks have been extremely understandable and relevant to problems currently contained in the thoroughbred racing world. In " Turning For Home" typically the author takes a glance at the rehoming of " unwanted" thoroughbreds, horses for no matter what reason are coming away from the racetrack. Some possess second homes and professions to go to. Several tend not to. " Turning With regard to Home" focuses on the two the horror of horse abandoned by thoughtless masters and trainers plus the false impression those in other horse disciplines have about OTTB (Off The Track Thoroughbreds).

Smoothly written through Alex's perspective, we see the woman find it difficult to come to holds with a problem today facing both her steady, her life like a coach, and the lives from the racehorses she makes the woman living on.

Enjoyable, whether or not you are not the fanatic horse racing individual (Sorry - I was! ) The author has evolved her leading characters and their horses really well., You can't go wrong with a single of Natalie's equestrian textbooks. Whether it's the Alex and Alexander series (set in the world of Thoroughbred racing) or the woman newer series set within the world of eventing, her name on typically the cover guarantees an ingesting read. Her works usually are the type of books you can't put down (nor should you), but when you're done, you feel disappointed that there is not more.

This latest one is ripped from the headlines, with horse abandonment the main part of typically the plot. We revisit acquainted characters and places, but we're also taken in various directions with new scenarios. We're introduced to new characters -- some sympathetic, others not -- and familiar characters who meet our expectations, while at the same time developing and maturing.

Once again, Natalie Keller Reinert does not disappoint. My just problem? That she does not have a new book out every month in order to feed my addiction., I actually loved all four textbooks in this series. I actually am a large fan of thoroughbreds and enjoy sporting therefore the four books have been up my alley. I actually spend half my time in the Ocala location in order that made them almost all the more interesting to me. Natalie is a organic story teller with intensive familiarity with horses. I was sad after i finished them! I wanted the storyplot in order to continue!, Good compelling history. Follows up on typically the previous 3 but does not wind up every adventure. No pun intended. Desire to hear more coming from Alex and her steady filled with horses., One of my most favorite creators and person, Natalie Keller Reinert, had done that again with Alex and Alexander!
I actually have read everything Ms Reinert has written, which includes her weblog and following her on Twitter. I actually enjoy her storytelling skills immensely and love sinking my teeth into one of her novels. If you love horse, horse racing, showing or just plain love Thoroughbreds... after that read Natalie., This is but another wonderful horse book for adults. It is usually beautifully written with sturdy and flawed characters. The woman descriptions of life with and loving horses usually are perfect. I also love just how complicated Alex is. A person just want to shake her half the time and admire her orneriness the other times.

All in all I have been entire heartedly recommending it in order to all of my horse loving friends!

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