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great, Awesome, I purchased this as a Christmas surprise for my Son but from scanning through the book I'm confident this book is a champion!! Thanks Amazon..: ), The particular prose is rough and repetitive at times, and occasionally calls for skimming, but overall it's a excellent intro into Tupac's life. Nothing spectacular or groundbreaking, but solid enough., fantastic book. arrived on time, was a surprise and really well liked., Tupac Shakur is an Us icon. His image hits many tones about our society, the state of the black man, and the origins of stylish hop music.
In Tupac Shakur: The Life and Times of an American Icon by Tupac Shakur By Tayannah Shelter McQuillar and Fred J. Johnson III, PhD, the authors dive into his history. Trying to tell the story of the person at the rear of the legend and color a biographic portrait. His relationships, his style are shared in a matter that humanizes this icon.
This book inform in detail the episodes and downs of Tupac and is a good read for many who want to learn about the original gangster., I've read a lot of books about Tupac and 1990s rap music. This era is what defined the restrictions of rap music and if you listen to what rappers were rapping again then, you recognize whats being said today was already said, and that all the rappers of today are profiting off of what Bigge and Pac made possible. Essentially I actually take the life and times of Tupac Shakur very seriously and because of that this book irritates my soul.

Should you be buying a very general and easy to read adventure through Pac's life then look no further, the authors write very short chapters, the shootings that Pac puts up with take up only ten pages, which is preposterous to me (Although that might be because I read a book called "LAbyrinth" that is completely dedicated to studying just those two incidents). The authors have a PHD and will often interject long and and unnecessary backgrounds of men and women and places to give the impression that they are putting Tupac in context but knowing from the way they discuss the music it is clear they have no idea what they are dealing with. For the most part they get a lot of products right, nonetheless they leave away IMMENSE amounts of information. For example, the movie Gang Related and Bullet were completely ignored (possibly because these were released after his death, i'm not sure). Additionally they referred to Mickey Rourke being part of the movie Fruit juice, which is just wrong and bad research. It implies that they haven't seen Juice, that was Tupac's most famous performance!

Difficult a bad book, you will enjoy a lot of it if you want Tupac but if you are VERY considering getting as much new information about Tupac as you can, this book offers nothing new. It will take its best parts from the other books already written. The best book it uses is called "Got Your Back" and its written by Pac's close friend and personal bodyguard at Death Row. It really is worth a whole great deal more than this book because it gives you a clear sense of the man and not just a run-though of all the publicized events that defined him., Let me start off by saying I'm a HUGE Tupac fan, through the good bad and the ugly. I've studied his work, and other books based on his life. None of them touch this one. At the same time a fan that's read up on the person, this book gives you so much more. I read it within 3 days and at it's end i wanted more. There so much background and detail to paint the imperfect picture of Tupac Shakur that you really feel like you're meeting him for the first time. What I loved most is that the book isn't glorifying Tupac as some kind of saint, but more touching on his successes and problems as a man and an artist.

If most likely a fan or perhaps considering why he impacted both Hip-Hop and American all together, it's a must read.

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