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“Tuesdays with Morrie” by Mitch Albom is one of my most recent textbooks, and perhaps favorite guide. In the book, Albom reflects on the time this individual spent with his 78 year-old professor, Morrie Schwartz, who was dying of Lou Gehrig’s Disease, or WIE. Sixteen years after college graduation from Brandeis, Albom got lost contact with his favorite professor until this individual saw a special on Nightline about his professor great battle with WIE. Due to a hit, Albom’s schedule cleared up, allowing him to go from Detroit to Birkenstock boston every Tuesday for the next fourteen weeks to learn lessons and gain valuable insights from Morrie up until his professor’s death.
This guide touched me because it is literally a collection of a dying man’s wisdom about life, dying, and love. I have chosen to share a few of the personally impactful quotes from the guide.

“Accept what you are able to do and what you are not able to do…learn to forgive yourself and forgive others. ” This quote from Morrie struck a cord beside me because I tend to look on past failures with regret and longing to change the end result. However, the past is days gone by and while it may be difficult to look ahead, it is crucial that I actually do so. If a man on his deathbed can make the conscious decision to accept what they can and cannot control about his life and dying, then I can do the same with my comparatively easy life.

“Devote yourself to loving others, commit yourself to your community around you, and commit yourself to creating something that gives you purpose and meaning. ” Throughout all of Mitch’s visits with his dying professor, Morrie explained that love is everything. Morrie quoted his favorite poet, W. H. Auden, in saying “love or perish. ” He truly believed that there is a void in a person’s life when they do not have love. Without having love, Morrie would not have had one to take care of him in his last stages and finally “wipe his ass” (his words). We hear time and time again to position human relationships above all else, but that lesson never required hold of me until this book. Morrie’s insistence on living a life of goal and love recieve more which means than if it got come from anyone more due to the fact that he felt this idea was important enough to repeat numerous times to his student before his death. As I actually move forward into a profession and post-grad life, Morrie’s words will be on your back of my thoughts, reminding me to love and build relationships because in the end, those are the only things that matter., I do believe this book is exquisite for all those who have lost the life of someone dear to them or is in the means of losing someone. Because you read the storyplot you degenerate alongside Morrie, an older gentlemen who is dying of a disease which is slowly underfeeding yourself him of everything in his life he enjoys. Yet as the story progresses and you learn more of Morrie you get started to understand that naturally this individual finds a way to proceed with his life and still enjoy what little he has still left.

It's somewhat strange that in our culture where our company is so driven by materialistic means and the lives of a pseudo class of celebrities that something as wonderful as this book can come into play and shake us back to our primary selves. You won't walk away from this book happy, it's not a guide like that. But you will definitely feel glad you read the book.

The sole downside to the guide is, while this probably doesn't sound politically right, I seemed the author's motivations for seeing Morrie seemed in addition for the sake of getting a story out of him or her than for seeming him or her for the purposes of just visiting a classic good friend. Perhaps this was the author's intent, however, because he makes it clear that from the start he didn't visit or even remember Morrie greatly and you get the feeling that as it progresses perhaps some of this selfish wish to fulfill a story is replace by genuine caring but it still left me personally unnerved.

Regardless of intent of the author, the guide is a wonderful jewel that is unquestionably worth reading. I highly suggest you put aside a Weekend, sit down, and read this., Most of us think of the dying with horror. We'd much rather have a underlying canal than spend time with a dying individual. However, Morrie was not your average fatally sick man. He had been a university professor and once ALS made teaching in a classroom impossible to do any longer, he decided he still had more lessons to learn and impart before he died. So he set out there on a quest to learn how to die in order to really understand how to live and trained those lessons to an ex student.

One of the biggest lessons he figured out and taught was going to really listen to others somewhat than thinking his own thoughts while others discussed. It must been employed by well because hundreds of individuals emerged to see him as his body steadily damaged. And he learned to celebrate his conclusion while having been still alive and capable of expressing how important his cherished ones and friends got been to him as well as hear them express their appreciation for him. He also referred to the delicate emotional balance he maintained, allowing themselves the leisure to weep and mourn his condition for some given occasions most mornings before moving forward with the day at hand.

I really hope never to develop something as terrible as ALS. Yet, I actually hope I can develop and foster some of the strengths and characteristics Morrie exhibited in order to live the life I use better., The value of this book comes not so much from the life lessons that it purports to give but the feelings of being touched in a uniquely human and sentimental way. A dying man's tale always gives you a perspective on life, and that in of itself is reason enough to provide this book a read., When this book emerged out, it was published after I was in high school graduation and it was not truly known at the university level till sometime after I still left. Now on its 20th anniversary, I am pleased that I could read the book. And after this I can also say that I actually can personally say thank you to the author for writing his thoughts great professors final thoughts before his death, Excellent book I needed to discuss with a friend!

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