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We struggled with rating this 3 or 4 celebrities and felt it really landed at a 3. 5 for me. I really liked the characters. The reason I could not give it a good 4 or 4. 5 even is that I felt it ran a little long and lacked plot anywhere in the middle. We got bored around 50-60% and took a 2 day break to see something else. I came back again and jumped in to finish the remainder with a little more eagerness. I sensed the chemistry between River and Ellison and cherished the HEA but was not quite sure We completely felt that Ellison did ever open upward much at the finish. I super loved Tea in this book and they were my favorite part character., The story of River and Ellison was a perfect blend warmth and heart. I seated for each of them to find their own way to happiness while at the same time having strong feelings for just one another. I was hooked from page one. Give thanks to you for an amazing story!!, I really loved this book. I am a sucker for gay BDSM. however, the BDSM had not been the major focus here. I felt it was rather the growth of River as a person. the scenes made the journey that much more fun obviously. I might definitely recommend this book., Extremely heartfelt, emotional, terrific writing. I truly enjoyed this book., Now, I am not a huge enthusiast of BDSM tropes, however , I loved this book. It's what I would describe as light to somewhat or maybe a little more of medium BDSM compared to the other levels that range higher and more intense.

I rather loved the way the story started out. We meet River (the story is told from his perspective, I might have liked to have had Ellison's perspective but We don't think the just one POV detracted from the book) in a rate kink dating. River has dabbled in some aspects of BDSM but he is mostly inexperienced as it pertains to that world. He or she knows he wants someone to seize control and perhaps shake up his preconceptions of what being a DOM and SUB entails. River at first believes in the old belief that any DOM would have to be a big, overwhelming, bear of a man. Yet, you know that saying? " You can't judge a book by its cover". Ellison may be reduced than the towering hulking mass that River had envisioned in a DEM, but he's just as much as with control as any other good DEM. I loved Ellison. We loved what he brought out in River. This specific wasn't about the intercourse or necessarily the experience but rather showing something to someone who might have been missing from their comes from an educational way. Don't expect this to be similar of the whole Forty five Gradation of Grey nonsense. Of which gave a bad reputation to an already targetted lifestyle. This was written in a way that suggests that the writer did his/her research. Of which I respect. That We can appreciate.

I cherished that it was a slow burn. It started off as a companionship and developed into something amazingly beautiful in the intimacy. We can picture River and Ellison together and it brings a smile to my face because it's not about what you may be thinking a person can or are not able to do or is in a position of doing, based merely on their appearance. I really like how this broke that stereotype and made not simply the character of River open up his eyes, but so too the reader., This is one of the best BDSM themed novel I have read since finishing the Deviation series by Chris Owen in years past. Casey Cameron is simply a fantastic writer and this is an extremely well crafted book.
The figures are unique, they have level and layers. River's self discovery is beautifully portrayed and his chemistry with Ellison is one of the best I have ever read. Their quest together is a thing of true beauty, you definitely shouldn't miss.
The initial half of the book was everything I love about BDSM themed stories. In the second half I obtained a little detached. I know it can purposefully River's journey but Ellison's POV might have made this story even more perfect for me. I overlook his side.
This book has some of the most wonderful BDSM scenes I have ever read. Great details, amazing feels and sensuality. You will never go to a restaurant or take a look at a pair of lace knickers again.
When you enjoy BDSM with great chracters, a gripping build up, sizzling hot chemistry and the most sensual relationship imaginable, this is a perfect read for you. Strongly recommended., I thoroughly loved this romance by Casey Cameron. I hesitated only for a point in time, when this ARC opportunity came about. I only have a rudimentary understanding of BDSM, I assume I just don't, " obtain it, " it can just not my thing. ( Yes, I had developed Metropolitan Dictionary, on the ready, throughout the book. ) Having said that, We believe this author presented it with great awareness, especially in regards to River's issues/conditions and side effects. I know that River felt he needed to explore this lifestyle - to delve into his issues and then for, " research purposes, " but We worried about his effect to Ellison from the onset. I felt having been very attracted to Ellison, both sexually and romantically and that he was at great risk of getting his heart broken. I believe the author got it right telling this story from Rivers perspective. I loved understanding Ellison, as River did - not as much through his words but through his activities and responses.. The secondary characters were very charming and memorable and when this happens to be the launch of a series, We would be desperate to read it. Perhaps, Ellison's history? I believe this book will be readily embraced by those who enjoy BDSM romances, as well as romance lovers in general. From its heart, this history is a romance and it is a very good one. I received this book as an ARC and am volunteered this review.

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