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This book has been life altering for my family and myself. My mother, granny and several other family members all have had cancer starting in their twenties and recurring until they lost their challenges. I tried to be preventative by getting my yearly mammograms (since the age of 18. ) If only I had known I was actually subjecting myself and probably creating more harm. I even had genetic testing done. The numbers were not in my favor (86%).

When I first read and paid attention to the Reality about Cancer, I had completed the first stage of a prophylactic twice mastectomy. I immediately stopped after the first surgery. It didn't feel right in the first place, but it was what was recommended by the doctors in my community. To them, it was my best measure of prevention.

After phase 1, I traveled to consult with other doctors and was given the book and docu-series THE TRUTH ABOUT CANCER. This was the best book I have ever read on the subject (and I use read a lot to try to understand and prevent cancer. ) I finally had the truth behind my decision. The truth that is backed by data, doctors, and scientists... not money, politics and big pharma.

I am grateful for the author's personal mission to expose, eradicate and educate for a treatment. I am 38 years old and living a life of true health and wellness due to this powerful knowledge. Fear has ceased to be lingering in my mind. I feel empowered. Thank you!, I have been an RN for 42 years. I use seen every kind of medical care and many catastrophes. I highly recommend this alternative " look" at cancer care. This is enlightening and leaving you! It is apparent that mainstream cancer " cure" is not what we need. We need prevention care. And when we have a diagnosis of cancer and alternative method of care that makes sense! Bravo Todd!!, This is a Bible of information which should have a place in EVERY brand name research. Sadly the majority of folks just believe all the lies fed to us over the press and feel that if conventional approach was so bad then we would definitely know about it... fair comment - I thought exactly the same. However , once you dig deeper and have read through this book you will have the knowledge to then make informed decisions which may well save your life or the life of your family members.. I was fairly disinterested until I had a cancer diagnosis that was false and it made me take my health into my very own control and not believe ALL we are told by press and doctors alike. There exists a saying 'what you don't know, you do not know' - so true.
It requires too long to trawl through websites and sort fact from fiction. This has been finished us and is in one book - I for one am so grateful to the author for dedicating many years to researching and presenting it to us all so clearly. Any aveu by health 'industry' should be viewed with an open mind and 'follow the money' when you begin whether you are being informed the truth or lied to you to.... easy when you know how to unravel this!!
Typically the reason that word is not getting around more rapidly is that most folks think you are a little odd when you mention that there are many Cancer cures across the world and often friends and family just distance on their own from talking about the subject which is upsetting and frustrating - just get the book and look forward to not being so scared of Cancer and other health problems which plague society.
If you are still a sceptic - take a chance, buy it anyway and make your own mind up - I promise you will not regret being enlightened., I use never been a gullible person - Which why my office table has a large scribble trapped up on the wall with the words " and the reason is? " alongside me. As a result, when I discovered a bump in my boob at the age of 64, which was proved by the mammogram (Ygggg) and I was frightened into surgery within a few days - the slash part. Recovering after the op, I was lying in bed googling " human hair wigs" on my i-pad, convinced that that was the next step. By chance, my cursor hovered over the word " chemotherapy" and took me to a site - the one which has changed my life. The Truth About Cancer commenced a journey of truth and understanding for me. Friends and family urged me to " at least go and see the oncologist". Under pressure, I entered the oncology centre in Durban, To the south Africa, to be hit with the sight of yellowish shuffling corpses feeding their limp bodies with coca cola, chips and suggary doughnuts from the snack machine in the centre. That confirmed it for me - I turned heel and ran as fast as I could. For two weeks I combed the internet, book stores, on-line journals and so forth for information that I could trust, because plainly I could not trust the doctors. As I feel typing this, our very own Tim Noakes just been found guilty by the SA Medical Association of advising a mommy to wean her infant onto a low carbohydrate, high fat diet. So you see, it's taking place here in South Africa as well! Thank amazing benefits Sweden are informed and have adopted the facts. The very own family doctor who had happily suggested me to have the 31 mammograms and informed me that he hoped I was not going the " snake oil route" when I told him that I had rejected chemo and radiation, comes to mind. Although I have a Masters in As well as Nutrition, I noticed when i researched, that I actually knew absolutely PRACTICALLY NOTHING about the body and the healing power of nutrition. (In fact, the Food Pyramid that we learnt about in the 70's has been turned completely on its brain, with the Ketogenic Diet etc). It was the information that I found through Ty Bollinger and his awesome team, that offered me the truth I was looking for. I found myself an awesome Ayurveda Doctor who practices integrative medicine in Durban (I darn't name him in case the FDA take him out as well). Everyone should have a copy of this book in their homes - and one for friends and family members. It's the best present one could give to others. Many thanks TTAC team. The world needs you all., Ty has dedicated his life to educating the worlld and giving hope where there was none. He helped save my life because I wouldnt have known about thermograms (vs mammograms), which lead me to a high risk cancer diagnosis that normally wouldn't have been seen until it was too late. Through early recognition I have a working begin to beating a cancer diagnosis! Please read this book, watch the documentary, and go to his site. Thank you Ty & Charlene!

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