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Once again a great true criminal offense read from Mr. Green. This book tells a story about a killer I had never read about before. I gave the book 4 stars only because We are not the biggest fan of the story being told from the view of someone involved. Only because as a true crime reader I like to know facts and reading a story done in this fashion in my opinion can feel more like I'm reading fiction. It was hard to really know what was truth from what could have recently been speculation. Overall it is a good book and a fast read about a killer I will guess many have never read about before., Just good reading! Really liked this guide will read more from this author. Will buy more out of this author. THANKS, I enjoy reading true crime novels, especially ones I have never heard of. I think it's partially since there are so many that are just as sadistic & evil as the more notorious serial criminals but not as publicized.
The Truro murders describe 2 such sick individuals that may / might not have wiped out with no other being present but because there fully commited murders in pairs, just made them two times as evil. There has to be an exclusive place in hell for such twisted minds. They both had bizarre behaviors but I truly believed they each brought out the even worse in the other person.
Mr. Green introduces you to the pair and describes their minds, ideas & patterns they used to create such monstrosity. They fueled off of the other person & what will get me the most is the one which should have walked away, stayed due to the compassion he felt for the other & the need to please. I will never understand " such love" & nor do I want to. If you are seeking a novel that is sadistic &to the point, seen no further. This really is it!!, I have read many true crime books but I really liked this one (well, as much as one can like a true crime book). I like the way in which Mr. Green separated the chapters by victims, giving each young woman her very own place. He or she kept the narrative brief and to the idea. Many books I read seem to have way too many words. I just want to read the gist of the story, and that's precisely what Mr. Green wrote. I read this in one sitting because I honestly didn't want to put it down. The story of Christopher Robin the boy wonder Worrell and James William Miller is truly a tragic and horrifying one. Chris is a psychopathic sadistic sexual serial monster. It doesn't get much worse than that. James was a lost heart and soul; a homosexual in hiding; an unloved kid with a rough background who was seeking love and acceptance out of all wrong places. The two meeting in prison was destined to cause a highly harmful relationship. I had my own toxic relationship once, and I could empathize somewhat with James. Nevertheless nothing can excuse the fact that he deliberately chose to reserve his moral convictions to be able to please someone he knew was a killer. Sadly, seven young (some very young) women lost their lives to these two. Thankfully, it ended before a lot more could be killed. If it hadn't ended enjoy it do, there is no uncertainty that number would be more like seventy. Of which alone is very frightening. I like the way Mr. Green writes, and I really liked the way he ended the book. " Love makes fools out of us all all. " Truer words have never been spoken. I am looking forward to reading more books by Ryan Green., Ryan Green brings another torturous adventure of affection, sex and homicide. This murder spree is told 3 rd person through the eyes of a weak oppressed accomplice from south Australia. This is not a memoir or a biography and scans more like a true crime story you would see on an A new & E special.

Told through the eyes of Jerry Miller, you sympothize with him as to how he became trapped up in this horrible thread of murders but not for his pleas of inocennce as he was capable of knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Overall Green will a great job of bringing you Jerry's tale without interjecting any outdoors opinion, whether his own or soceity's and helps reaffirm that no make a difference who we are, where we come from, we are all seeking acceptance and love., This story of an Austrilian serial killer (purportedly) told thru the point of view of his extremely accommodating wanna-be-boyfriend is a pretty well-written, fast moving true criminal offense account that offers the reader the somewhat unique experience of being aware of the recollections and internal musings/rationalizations of a man who facililates murder as the expense of maintaining his partnership with the killer. The story moves so fast, gripping someone with a narrative about each of the killer's 7 sufferers that is presented like it was coming "straight from (one of) the horse's mouth's", that it, actually temporarily obscures the very important fact that the story is not actually being told by the lovelorn boyfriend, but is rather the work of a third-party writer: and, most importantly, by a writer, who fails to document any place in his text message, how he came to acquire the type of first-hand information that would permit your pet to presume to write from the perspective of the accomplice. Unless I missed something, there is no acknowledgement in the book by the author as to his research methodology - no references to interviews, or court documents, or anything else of substance. I will say the story was an interesting one, for which I am sure there is/was some factual basis. But the author's make an effort to falsely suggest, as the title without fault does, that this publication is the work of, or has been done with the participation of, one of the criminal perpetrators undermines the credibility of the presented bank account, relegating it, more or less, to being a fictionalized crime story., This specific is my first publication by this author. I will read more. I enjoy true crime books. Up to this guide, I had never heard of those two or even of Truro. His publication is well researched and written so that you can understand it. Thank you.

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