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Well put together interesting in addition to entertaining book. I survive in the North Country in NH and this case caught my curiosity many years ago. I'm sad that it's getting close to October of 2017 in addition to this case is continue to unsolved. I pray of which it gets solved the other positive happens. If this outcome is possible. I actually gave this book a few stars because it was actually a great read. That kept my interest through every single part and am hung on every fresh detail I learned producing it a massive adventure in order to be on. It's complete of interesting facts within the Maura Murray case. Plus facts on some additional notable cases as properly. And also really interesting was the coincidences the writer presented between another case, Brianna Maitland and Maura's case. Simularities between the particular two cases but when a closer look is taken there are several differences. I wondered if they were connected. Final was the things mcdougal shared of his personal life was interesting in addition to entertaining. I would deffinitely refer this guide to anyone interested in true crime or the Maura Murray case. The only portion I didn't like regarding this book was past the authors control. Simply no happy ending or perhaps a unhappy one. An ending of truth and finality. But as the case of Missing Maura Murray is now over 13 years old this is past the authors control. But for not having the finality many readers may extended for it absolutely was a a few star great read inside my opinion! I'd furthermore say was worth the particular money I paid regarding it on my pill too!, I love Wayne Renner's complete obsession with a true crime story. He is me. He's my spirit animal., I had known that this guide was on the way for a while now, through Renner’s Maura Murray blog, so it sensed like a lot of the information was things I already knew. I actually enjoyed reading about it all together in a single place, though, placed inside a comprehensive, coherent fb timeline. The things I did not know were stunning in my experience, so I imagine of which anyone a new comer to this case would be hanging upon the advantage of their chairs.

It was a fantastic chronicle, too, of the mania that can take maintain when one becomes fixated over a case as he or she did. It’s also very easy to read—I think I gobbled this up in two days flat, in addition to that’s only on the particular commute from work.

I actually, too, hope we a single day have definitive responses on this case. More importantly, though, I hope of which she really is living her life out there somewhere, free and happy with her soul partner.

(N. B.: I’m actually glad that I read the novel _The Person from Primrose Lane_ very first, because I see now how many events from his own life actually made it, fictionalized, into that book. ), Thank you regarding having the courage in addition to fortitude to write in addition to finish this guide. You have done the right thing., I read the complete book in one time. This is a fascinating story that all real crime fans should read, Good read but several more questions now after further research,, An outstanding read. I couldn't place it down. Fascinating quality account on the price of obsession., Its fascinating to read a book of which you know ahead of time that you will not find out exactly what happened. The writer offered me a lot in order to think about and consider.

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