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I actually received a copy of this book from Netgalley/the publisher in return for an honest review.

My most well-known daughter is almost 9 years old, and she is in the third grade. She is a voracious reader, and I actually have asked her to help me with the middle grade books i receive advanced copies of.

We recently read Real and Nelle by G. Neri. This is a fictional account of the real childhood friendship between Truman Capote and Harper Lee. We finished reading a few days before Harper Lee passed away, and this book had such a profound affect on my daughter that the news of Lee’s passing brought her to tears.

When they first meet, Tru is a fastidious son, and Nelle is clad in filthy overalls. Those two children seldom seem like they have much in common, nevertheless they bond over their love of books and their family woes: Nelle’s mom spends much of the girl time in various hospitals, and Tru’s parents have almost abandoned him. Real and Nelle have the ability to kinds of adventures in Monroeville, Alabama, including opening a detective agency and trying to track down a mysterious vandal. At the finish of the guide, a few handful of anecdotes. These short stories didn’t fit into the primary narrative, although there are some plot elements that are alluded to in the primary story.

My daughter and I enjoyed this guide. She doesn’t have much experience with the racism and segregation of the 1930s, and she was profoundly moved by some of the things that happened. She claims that the parts with the Klan were scary, but it was okay, because there were other components that were funny. The girl was surprised to learn that Tru and Nelle were real people. Im not sure if she’ll be reading In Cold Bloodstream in the near future, but this was a highly original launch to two of the great American writers of the twentieth century.

I actually would absolutely recommend Real and Nelle. This really is our first experience with G. Neri, and we are definitely going to trail down his other textbooks. He is a vivid storyteller, and he has a flair for portrayal; even the minor figures have well developed individuality. There are some very poignant moments, especially the scenes that deal with Tru’s parents, who seldom visit. This is a wonderful book for midsection grade readers, and might also interest anyone who is considering Harper Shelter and/or Truman Capote., G. Neri hits all the right high notes to me. I read a line and think, " Perfect. " Or a section, a chapter. Mr. Neri's articles are awesome--his pacing is so great, and line by line the words are beautiful--but almost all of all it can his characters that grab me. They're so real, and that's a tough one to pull off in Tru & Nelle. We all know a lot about Truman Capote and Harper Lee--they're legendary and thus easily could have become caricatures--but Mr. Neri makes them regular kids, the kind I actually remember being, or keep in mind wanting to be: fairly sweet and curious. Their discussion drives the story and the plot, a puzzle that keeps the web pages turning. For me, the back and forth between Tru and Nelle keeps me smiling the most. I just have to put in one example of the humor, my favorite kind, the smart kind that makes you chuckle when you read a line, and then you go back and read it a couple more times because it's so perfect (there's that word again): Nelle: " Sook said you were going to boarding school. " Tru: " No. Unfortunately they could not find one that would take a kid as smart as me. "

Several characters--you just want to keep spending some time with them. That's why you read again the book or watch the movie again. Real & Nelle feels like that movie to myself. It has that circulation: scenes that are the perfect length; that leave you the need to keep reading on into the next landscape. Actually, as much as you'll love spending time with Tru and Nelle, you'll lose track of time hanging out with them. Like all the great people in your life, they leave you missing them. I love this book a lot. This would have been that book my librarian might have given to the eleven yr old me who was desperate for a great mystery story. I would've started reading it right there in the collection and stayed up in the evening to finish it, and I would've loved the girl all the more and thought, " How will she know me so well, what I want to read? " I become that awed eleven 12 months old again when I actually read Tru & Nelle, however the adult me enjoys it too. The way the kids work together--they push one another but always have each other's back--you can see that this is the way in which they'll be when they team up for In Cold Blood. Nevertheless you don't need to know about the legends or their books to love these characters. These types of kids are awesome on their own. --Paul Griffin, NYC, March 4, 2016, 3. 5 on my blog. I actually was going to give it four stars and lower it to three. 5 because as an grownup I loved this tale, but thinking about it as a book that will hold a Middle Grade age reader's interest, and entertain them, offered me a different reaction. The beginning of the storyplot is so dry and adult designed that, ?nternet site have said with numerous other MG stories, I feel a MG reader would drop this book like a hot potato, long before it got to the relatable content somewhere in q2. And then it was only marginally interesting. I actually would the story failed to become Middle Grade good until the second half. Asking a child to plod through half a story before they come to the engaging part would be torture; which is a shame because the story is about racism, poverty, bullying, mental illness, activism, and acceptance. I disregarded the brief stories at the back of the guide that were supposed to be representative of stories Harper Shelter and Truman Capote published in their childhoods; we were holding awful.

I was approved to have an eARC of this title, via Edelweiss, in return for an sincere review.

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