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It's 7: 20 AM ?nternet site write this, and We haven't slept since We started reading this book, occasions after downloading it. I'm about 80% done at this point, but had to stop and post this early review (I'll up-date this somewhat when Now i'm 100% done). I've never been much of a fan of sitcoms, so I'm not exactly part of the audience who has got much experience with Leah's acting work - although I knew who the lady was, certainly. I'd seen enough however to find out We found her appealing and incredibly attractive long before We learned she'd be writing this just from what I'd seen in an episode of two of King of Queens. Whenever I heard advance term of the release, having read just about every book there is about Scientology (from Inside Scientology, to Bare Faced Messiah, to Beyond Belief to The Unbreakable Miss Lovely), from personal accounts to journalistic exposes, I excitedly anticipated Troublemaker. The biggest surprise for me, to start with, is how supremely understandable "Troublemaker" is - how entertaining, honest, unpretentious, surprising and just plain amusing it is. Leah has a big mouth, and the lady knows it, but the woman writing speaks directly to the reader in an open and unfiltered way that books written by celebrities rarely do. The girl isn't a bulls***ter, and she's not going to sugarcoat anything, including the woman herself. She even starts with something of a confession of past recognized sins, as the girl with all to aware that Scientology will strike at the woman as they are known to do, by using information gleaned from auditing to embarrass, intimidate and discredit. She knows the lady is now "fair game. " Even with the little i knew about her, her account of her our childhood with the woman family and struggles as a possible actress are highly interesting, and make an honest impression that makes you are feeling more like a confidant than the usual reader. For this type of book, it is, surprisingly, well written - free of fanciful the entire, but deeply engaging, concise and highly personal. Typically the early biographical chapters are vital, as it turns out, as it sets a very clear phase for why she was bound to one day be a monumental thorn in the side of Scientology. A theme that pops up a few times is how Leah was sometimes perceived as "lacking in class" (code sometimes used to slander or embarrass truth tellers, female ones in particular) compared to the norm of recognized celebrities and society's elite. This guide shows, clearly, that she has more class than the majority of Hollywood's elite put together. Constantly wait to read the remaining 20%, and regardless of my ignorance of her behaving career, with this book she's become one of my favorite people. If only more people in the world had the guts that Leah obviously has. A lot more so than even the recent Going Clear documentary, this book, in my opinion, gets the potential to expose Scientology for the abusive, draining, exploitative, paranoid and disingenuous organization that it has become, the Church of Cruise and Miscavige. And if you're looking for a real window into the bizarre, rarefied world of celebrity scientologists (Leah attending Tom Cruise's wedding to Katie Holmes, for example , and the subsequent fallout after she is brazenly manipulated to get L Lo and Marc Anthony to attend as well, is jaw dropping) you need look no further. Highly, highly recommended., I acknowledge, I haven’t really watched a lot of products with Leah Remini, I am familiar with her from King of Queens, but that is about it. My mother has suggested that she has already been on the lot of the talk shows lately talking about this guide. I chosen it up mostly for the insight into Scientology. I was not dissatisfied, however in the process of learning somewhat read more about scientology, there were some important insights into her child years, as well as the woman experience getting into show businesses.

This is a very quick read also it starts off straight away by opting for the issue of Scientology, so, if that is the reason why you are picking upwards the book, I recommend it for that aspect. We think that additionally it is useful to get the perspective of somebody who is brought into Scientology through their family and it discusses how the appeal of the organization somewhat lured the woman mother to the organization and kept her persisting in it as an mature. It’s actually a really good insight/manual into understanding psychological element of cults, even if it is unintentional, it provides a personal aspect to one’s representation on the process.

It actually kind of highlights an abusive relationship with the organization, one in which a person stays even though it’s clear it might not be the healthiest connection. Think riding a motorboat to the midst of nowhere and getting dumped in the water. However, these things are told in personal narratives, which Leah at no point is seeking to label or, but just tell a tale. In the same time, there are a lot of rewards that are highlighted for being a member of Scientology, especially in conditions of networking within the Hollywood circles.

It is also interesting to see how the fall-out and consequences for breaking with the church comes to light, in particular, Leah outlines her own humanity, directing out areas in the woman life where she has messed up at the start of the book, essentially expected to get sued by Scientology. In reading about the processes of other people and herself, there appears to be a strong hovering towards lawsuits by Scientology (which, many are aware of). Leah mostly maintains the storyline within the construction of her time directly in Scientology, with the final 10% (Kindle version) highlighting her time outside of the church and just how emotionally and socially devastating it was to the woman initially.

Great read. Especially for individuals who are enthusiastic about Scientology. I think that the fine detail and first person account does a realistic alternative of at least tying it down to one person and their personal experiences., Now i'm not really a " fangirl" of Leah Remini though We have always thought she was funny, beautiful, and foolhardy (in a good way).
I could not await this book to come out because I'm fascinated by the attraction to the cult of Scientology. I'm not anti-religion - except for religion that undermines individualism and self-empowerment.
Leah really holds nothing back in this book, she writes like the lady talks, funny and foolhardy but not an obnoxious way.
I read a-lot of books (via NetGalley! ) and it can rare there is a book I LOOK FORWARD to its release. I cannot remember per night I awoke at 1am and gleefully checked my Kindle to see if her book was there. I've already been speedreading and though Now i'm not done yet, if you're wondering: must i buy this? YES. It really will live up to the hype.
Completely engaging, entertaining, fascinating -not just about Scientology, but about life in Hollywood.
Leah doesn't come across as playing a Victim (which is so rare these days! ) - instead, she's mare like a warrior; seeking to alert and protect and educate.
Love it.

PS - I recently recognized the co-author is Rebecca Paley. She also co-authored one of my other favorite books " I'll Drink To That" with Betty Halbreich. Ms. Halbreich came from a very wealthy family, married into wealth, got divorced, and got a job on the sales floor at Bergdorfs. For me, it was an inspiring history of seeing that life is what you make than it not what titles or money makes of you. Just wanted to give " props" to Ms. Paley just for this book too!

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