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An awesome and well-written biographical legal thriller which I carefully enjoyed. I highly recommend this book and possess told many of my friends and family about it. The book tells the tale of a man whose work and life continues to influence technical innovation today -- We never knew that one of Steve Jobs’ biggest heroes was Edwin Land, the inventor of Polaroid!, Having just read Ron Fierstein's riveting work, let me invite you to return with us now to those thrilling days and nights of yesteryear, when pictures were captured on film, and " instant photography" had just been initiated by Edwin Land's Polaroid Corporation.

Fierstein's work users a company built by a visionary techie in competition with the reigning monarch of photography, Kodak of the Yellow Container. It will be helpful to those who aspire to chart the path of businesses that struggle for hegemony by introducing products embodying " disruptive" technology. (Are you listening, denizens of Silicon Pit? )

Fittingly, I write this on April 26, 2015, being celebrated as World Intellectual Property Day time. The fulcrum of Fierstein's narrative is the obvious litigation that Polaroid pursued and won against Kodak, after Kodak introduced the own version of a one-step instant color pictures system. As an lawyer in the law firm that represented Polaroid in that suit, the writer was in the catbird seat to gain personal familiarity with the facts and strategy. He now has effectively realized the ability that arises with the passing of time, to reveal in detail the hitherto-secret backroom machinations of the disputing parties. For my fellow workers in the patent profession, it is a " must read" case study that illuminates strategy and tactics that eventually been successful in eliminating the me-too Kodak product from the marketplace. To me, it demonstrates the ultimate sucess of the U. T. patent system.

At this point in history, the public value of having a system of patents is under question, and the courts and Congress are being encouraged to whittle away at the protections ostensibly provided by patents. A week ago, John Oliver somewhat facetiously presented the issue on his HBO show Previous Week Tonight. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bxcc3SM_KA&sns=em Those who are willing to stroll inside the moccasins of Shark Tank investors shown by Oliver would be helpfully enlightened by Fierstein's multifaceted telling of the Polaroid story.

-Gerry M. Elman, Patent Attorney
Elman Technology Regulation, P. C.
Founding Editor, Biotechnology Regulation Report, A tour de force. Reads like a thriller but is a well documented account of one of America's best geniuses and his exciting path through scientific breakthroughs, developing a new corporation, and the monumental Kodak Polaroid legal battles. The viewer has an inside, front-row, view of scientific improvements ground out under the pressure of Edwin Land's visionary goals and the realities of corporate competitors and survival., I will confess to being a patent attorney also to have had great fascination with the Polaroid/Kodak litigation, even participating in a little of the trial as a spectator. This rather thoroughly developed insider's reporting of the epic battle between the two giants of the photographic industry was exciting. Ed Land had almost mythical stature among the tech community of his era. I remember when my dad acquired an SX-70 camera and We, a newly minted industrial engineer, marveled at the refined execution of so many difficult technical aspects. Typically the content is what I am rating here. It is a carefully and (from what I know) faithful portrayal of both key players and events of a complicated and historic legal battle. How sarcastic that, in the end, another disruptive technology, digital photography, simply displaced the itself disruptive technology instant photography. Polaroid is finished and Kodak is but a shadow of what it was. Nevertheless, this book is a good reminder that there are few substitutes for the type of talents one man owned and used to build a great technology and a great company, while making serious contributions to his country's needs alongside the way. Perhaps not a thrilling piece of prose, but this is a solid reporting of Male impotence Land's career, what made Polaroid so iconic, and what its battle with Kodak was all about. Typically the content merits 5 celebrities., The story of the patent lawsuit of the century (and maybe all time). Edwin H. Land - the founder of Polaroid Corporation and the man who inspired Dorrie Jobs - was a brilliant scientist who understood the convergence of research and art. For many years Polaroid was the Wall Street darling whose instant pictures technical magic was renowned with customers and traders. Kodak entered the instant photography market in 1976 with their inferior me-too product - and was eventually forced from the market by the courts 10 years later when it was found by the court that Kodak experienced infringed on several Polaroid patents. This book chronicles in exquisite detail the story of how David took on Goliath and won.... Also the viewer will get a keen insight into the articulate genius that was Edwin Land through detailed recounting of his testimony during the demo. A bit technical and heavy on legal terms - but a must read for law students - especially those considering a career in patent law., This book was very well done. I highly recommend it to anyone wishing to be familiar with challenges of business and the personalities involved in an innovative business as it grow to become a corporate powerhouse. Also, this book identifies a challenge within American business culture, the location where the " big guys" can't move away from protecting heritage systems and processes, until a " little guy" creates a totally new market in their path. This is classic " Blue Ocean Strategy" in practice.
The author captures the human tale of how the " big guys" react poorly when they finalize realize the importance of what has already been created, and how the " little guy", defending his integrity, wins in the ending (or maybe not.... ).

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