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Absolutely essential read for a serious student of religion. This is a contemplative guide, not for speed studying of for scholarly discussion. Encompasses the essence regarding Hindu thought. Pure advaita vadandan or shakta trantism.
I possess cherished page after web page, multiple times.
Good reading!, This will be an outstanding spiritual book. This book mentions the method by which one may go out of body or within other words attain samadhi. The method is same as one mentioned in Bhagvad Gita Chapter 4 Verse 29. This method will be called Kriya Yoga. I actually have only read few chapters, will post more comments after reading sleep of the book., Excellent., Happy: -), love that, This is a must read book for a serious seeker. It's a gem as the depth plus clarity provided within this guide is very hard in order to find elsewhere. One may have to re-read some chapters to get the fact of the teachings. Just about all I could say is this particular is a very effective book and one will be amazed by the articulation and clarity provided by the author. Extremely beautiful and will be recommending this to everyone who is in similar path. Om Namah Shivaya!, I do not take into account myself well read, nevertheless what reading I possess done in the psychic arena has always made me thinking "a big portion of something is missing". Just about any spiritual discipline offers dedicated to the male (Buddha, Krishna, Jesus, Abraham, Prophet, ect). Over the years I possess read several versions regarding the bhagavad gita plus knew that there had been other "gitas" out presently there and for way too extended did not recognize that this word "Gita" itself was obviously a feminine term. So that would stand to reason that many of these "Gitas" should include women in the role of teacher. This book is a start, finally, (that's why I actually provide 4 stars). This is the first gita that I have read thats speaks of the goddess as not only relevant but absolutely crucial to all things which no spiritual progress can be made without acknowledging plus understanding her. It talks of her role because the core teacher and since the actual principle of all things. It illustrates this particular principle by relating a succession of short stories to a young prince, some of which usually are linked to him by his / her semi-divine wife. This interpretation is more laid back within language and lacks the beauty and depth regarding phrasing than exists within other "Gitas". An illustration of this informal interpretation is once the prince's spouse tells him a strange parable meant to demonstrate stages of spiritual developement, which after hearing that and not comprehending their, meaning the prince does respond "I cannot assume that rigamarole". This book contains all the usual spiritual advice regarding the "self" common to most "Gitas" but it will be refresshing to see the female as guru legitimized. In some in the stories though you could not really help but see that will the role of genuine women in the society in large were still "lesser than". But, at least here is a Gita that will expounds the grand degree and supreme potency regarding the goddess though delivered in within just eloquent phrasing and is really worth studying., Tripura Rahasya means: The particular Mystery Beyond the Trinity (the trinity mentioning the three states of mind: waking, dreaming and deep sleep).

This book will be so profound and therefore moving that it nearly has a sense regarding being alive. It resonates so deeply within, that will it feels like an ancient friend guiding you. It really is that profound. In the introduction, it is with certainty mentioned that by merely reading this book even just once, enlightenment/self-realization will be guaranteed (although not necessarily right away).

This will be truly one of the greatest and most marvelous spiritual books close to. It is a traditional in India, and had been regarded by Ramana Maharshi as a general primary spiritual book. The book is wonderful in that it is both theoretical (philosophy) and functional. It is well organised and strictly logical within its form, and consequently suitable to the modern day rational mind.

The guide starts off with all the essentials (who am I, very best nature of the globe, etc. ) and methodically builds to some deeper plus more clear knowledge of reality, magnificently elucidating the best plus purest knowledge of non-duality (advaita, oneness). It will be not a fairly easy book though, and every page requires to be pondered above and meditated upon; plus then... applied.

The guide Asserts that one's real nature is pure cleverness, which is unlimited, undivided, self-luminous and blissful. This definition of the Do it yourself corresponds with the explanation given by the philosophy of Vedanta; which can be: existence, intelligence and bliss (Sat, Chit, Ananda).

These quotation from the introduction characterizes the non-dual message in the book: "There cannot be manifestation beyond the Best Intelligence; therefore Cosmos plus the Self are only the same, but diverse modes of reality. Realization of the Truth will be thus really simple, requiring only continuous remembrance about these lines.... that Fact is not incompatible along with the world and their phenomena, and that the apparent ignorance of the Reality is itself the result of Reality in order that presently there is nothing but Fact. "

Tripura Rahasya offers a timeless quality with it. It is at the very least a thousand years old, nevertheless is probably much older. The Indian sage Sankara quotes from it, plus he was around within the 9th century. The particular language is ancient plus magical, and has the power to transform consciousness.

Think about yourself fortunate to possess come in contact along with this amazing book.

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