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Just like a lot of us, We was wishing for Ranger, Placer and more Ranger. We was excited when Morelli seemed to remove themself from the picture. Nevertheless that didn't happen. This is definitely the same story line with different cases to solve. I'm not wasting any more money on this series., We can honestly say this is the last time I was fooled. Same old reused scenes, with mistakes on basic tenets of the series. Rangeman is in a 7 story building (not 9 story), Ranger's office is on the 5th floor (not the 3rd). I'm fed up with this. Just STOP, Janet. Typically the fanfiction writers are better and they put A lot more effort into their writing. TEND NOT TO BUY this book if you are a BABE. Ranger is scarcely in it. Only thing We can figure is Evanovich has enough money now and is tired of writing. She really wiped out a good series. We AM DONE., I've recently been hanging on to this series for the previous few years in desires that it would return to its former glory (right around book 12 or 13) but sadly this is the end. In all honesty, I was expecting to be disappointed but when Evanovich opened the storyline with the conflict between Morelli and Stephanie I had formed some hope that this story was not copied and pasted from the previous 10 books. Maybe something besides Stephanie's inability to choose between two hot, at-odds, law enforcement men would not be the focus of the book! Maybe for once, one of the guys will step-up and draw the line or Stephanie will put her big lady panties as well as choose. That was endearing and easy to understand in the beginning but now the theme of indecision is tired if not dead. The story ends the same way it has ended for the few books. Morelli doesn't change at all and i also was kind of excited and intrigued by what he could be up to if we wasn't a police officer or with Stephanie Plum. Ranger has zero charisma in this book which is a waste materials of his mysterious and thrilling background.

The plot of the book was ridiculous. Stephanie used to get involved in hilarious adventures that were plausible because she was so clumsy and desperate and in New Jersey, the main city of Weirdness. I think Evanovich is running out of stories for our bounty hunter because she the past two books (SPOILER ALERT) she has been using terrorism and now bioterrorism. These types of are serious crimes on a national level. It's not funny because Stephanie is so far out of her depth that there is no way for her to actually stay in advance. The villain is also, for lack of better word, stupid. I miss the gangbangers, the lethal funeral directors, and psychotic gamers. During the past, Trenton and the people living there, provided a rich surroundings for crazy criminals but now it is a dull background with dull and predictable interactions.

Lula and the gang of supporting characters can't help this book. I'm pretty sure that Lula has actually been copied and pasted for the previous 5 books. Vinnie is not remotely funny. Grandma aren't even cause me to feel laugh! We feel like we have been beat over the head with these personality traits the past few books. The only thing we all know for sure is Lula is a major woman with a lot of personality, big appetite, and promiscuous out look on life. Occur, this woman is a former ho! In the beginning she at minimum had spark and open fire but I can't remember the last time the girl had development. Lula's insufficient development is a huge loss. Grandma likes funerals, men and big weapons. We get it. Placer and Morelli are hot and Stephanie can't choose from them. Fine we get it but it's Plum's loss.

Stephanie hasn't transformed at all. I'm not saying she must be a badass fugitive hunter or become better at everything but the girl has to make choices. Choices drive a character's development and he or she has made none of them. She literally muddles through crises as they come up and then goes back to whatever she was doing before. After twenty-two books and countless journeys she would make a bad mentor to anyone in the bounty hunting business. She could have been hilarious in a teaching role.

Sadly We acquired this book in Kindle format at 13. 99. For the first time I wish I could I could return a Stephanie Plum book., We have read all 21+ Stephanie Plum books written by Janet Evanovich. We am halfway through the book and it has not disappointed me. Stephanie is running into problems catching the people who been unsuccessful to show up to court. She is the bond enforcement agent with the worst luck. Yet she tells her mommy who desires her to get another job that the girl likes what she really does. I am laughing out high in volume reading this book; highly recommend to all who love this series. When you haven't read any of the Stephanie Plum books I recommend you start with book 1; I am sure you will not be disappointed., Tricky Twenty-Two by Jesse Evanovich is still amusing similar to her earlier storys. Only in this one, Plum wants FTA's, Mother and Grandma get in to it also! Plum's boy friend, Morelli is under lots of pressure, too! But what kind of pressure? Job? Really like? Ranger is definitely plain ol' Ranger. Depends how this individual says, " Babe! " Lula is at it once more has the girl super insight feelings. Nutty professor enters and just how nuts is this individual? What about the college dean? Is he the little off balance? This once again is a fun read. You is just not be disappointed. Rated " R" for strong lanuage and sexual content. DP. Castro Valley, CA., Jesse Evanovich has got the Stephanie Plum Novels down to a very predictable method. I'd like to view a little bit more episode or suspense even if it's required for a comedic way. This is just more of the same. Too bad because I love the characters and they could really go far but it's sort of like viewing a tv series that has been on for too long. Entertainig but merely a filler until the program you truly love comes on. And definitely not really worth the money of each book., Disappointed. Something is definitely off with this one., I'm not a particularly critical reader. I read Stephanie Plum stories for some reason. When I read them, I laugh. Sometimes someone will ask what's so funny and I can read them a section or two. Other times Need to say it's too involved to explain. Nevertheless, I always laugh. These types of stories are fun. Indeed, sometimes I get frustrated and wish she'd put on her big girl underwear and make a decision/commitment, but I can see why she hasn't, too. I just read these to have fun and We always do.

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