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First in the Daughter of the Lioness series.

(If you're OCD like myself, you'll be wanting to start with the  Alanna: The First Adventure (The Song of the Lioness, 1)   (Alanna's start) and then go through the  Wild Magic (Immortals, 1)   (Alanna's mature life) and then  First Test (Protector of the Small, 1)   (Keladry's life) which is interspersed with Immortals (the story of Daine's life, the first history of which, at minimum, takes place before this. )

Although, it isn't necessary to read each one of these before starting this particular series... *grin*

My Take
Be careful what you wish for... you might get it as Aly discovers. Although it truly is precisely what Aly wanted... if she could just have had a lttle bit more time to get ready for it!

This can be a much more, well, smart isn't the right word. The writing in this story is at a higher reading level than the Tamora Pierce tales I've read so far--Song of the Lioness and Wild Magic from the Immortals series. Once more, We kept checking the cover to make certain I was reading a Tamora Pierce!

That said, this is an outstanding story! Young adult or adult will find it a fascinating read. Nawat Crow's courtship of Aly is definitely too funny as he brings his crow culture with him. There is absolutely no conclusion to the action and intrigue--normally, I put a marker in ?nternet site read to remind myself of events and figures for later after i write my reviews. Trickster's Choice made me forget; I had been too busy racing through to determine what would happen next! It's funny, fascinating, scary, and sad as betrayals and support run rampant.

Involuntary spying for our girl as Aly seeks a method to survive being sold into slavery and escaping it. It's Aly's coming of age and the opportunity to learn her own weaknesses and strengths. The lady also learns read more about the girl parents than she'd have ever realized.

Okay, the idea of a mind footman just doesn't work for me. Steward or butler? Okay. But footman?? No.

The excerpts between chapters are interesting lessons in spycraft and wonder with most, if not all, addressed to Aly from her father as well as others.

The Story
Floating away and intelligent, Alianne is bored. Even though she has helped her daddy with his spy business, her parents do not allow her to truly be a spy with all the danger it entails. Thus when Alianne discovers that her mother, Sir Alanna, intends to make Alianne her next project, Alianne sails off to go to friends. She only intentions of being gone until the final day or so of her mother's visit but the pirate slavers she runs into have other ideas.

Unable to avoid, Alianne does everything she can to look unsellable in the slave market at Rajmuat. Unfortunately, all it can is cause the slaver to give the girl away when Ulasim purchases an expensive pastry chief cook. Aly puts all the girl efforts into planning the girl escape until Prince Bronau arrives to warn Mequen of the king's discomfort. "Mad, bad, and dangerous" to know, the Balitangs must sell everything they have and "escape" to their country estate on Lombyn Island until the ruler focuses on another commendable family to fear.
Aly is one of the slaves to be sold out of the family until the matcher, a slaver who locates new homes for slaves, chooses to keep Aly. Through trickery. Well, it can only natural. For the matcher is possessed by Kyprioth, the trickster god of the raka. And he desires his people back energy and the Copper Isles worshipping him again. Kyprioth recognizes Aly's abilities and wants her for their services on his behalf. Guiding the Balitang family and keeping the half-raka daughters safe and alive through the summer. For that is the bargain Kyprioth makes with Alanna. If she could keep Lady Sarai and Lady Dove safe and still living until fall, he will ensure her safe arrival at home in Pirate's Swoop. In turn, Kyprioth pretends to be the god the Duke and his family worships and tells those to trust to Aly to keep them safe.

A major challenge if you find a prophecy claiming that the raka will come back to energy when a queen of two royal bloodlines appears--and both Lady Sarai and Lady Dove fit as the queen predicted. Nor do the raka peoples make her job easy as they always line the coasts, the roads, the streets to see their future queen thereby risking her existence by chancing official attention on the girls.

The Characters
Alianne "Aly" Cooper is the daughter of Alanna and George Cooper. Intelligent and bored, she wants to become a spy. Nawat Crow is a crow shifter. The Trickster arranged for the crows to spy for Aly as well as enabling those to teach the girl their language. Nawat became intrigued enough with Aly that he chose to assume human form.

Sir Alanna is the King's Champion, still riding Darkmoon, and married to Baron George Cooper, the king's chief spy. Neither parent desires Alianne becoming a traveler. Her brothers are Thom, the family mage, while Alan, her twin, entered page training three years ago. Maude was the children's nursemaid and is also now the Swoop housekeeper. Cousin Daine, a demi-goddess, and Uncle Numair, a mage, have a cameo role.

Duke Mequen Balitang and Duchess Winnamine together with his children from his first marriage, Saraiyu and Dovasary and his children with Winnamine: a daughter Petranne and a son Elsren are now living in Rajmuat on Kypriang Island among the Copper Isles. The duke, a rejeton of the ruling Rittevon house, and his duchess and younger children are luarin while the daughters are half-raka, the people conquered by the luarin. Duke Mequen not only loved his first wife but also treats his raka and luarin servants the same... with dignity.

Ulasim is the head footman and the commander of the raka rebellion while Chenaol, the family cook, is in charge of tool procurement for the rebellion. Veron is the leader of the men-at-arms; Lokeij is chief hostler and charge of communications for the rebels as well as weapons storage. Rihani is their healer and nursemaid to the two youngest Balitangs. All are full raka except the luarin Veron. On Lombyn Island, Visda is related to Ulasim and helps Aly herd her goats when she needs to do her spying; Fesgao, man-at-arms and war leader of the rebel army; Falthin is the fortress bowyer who takes Nawat in for his fletching; and, Ochobu, a raka mage. Junai Dodeka is Ulasim's daughter. A soldier. And now bodyguard to Aly.

Kyprioth is the Great God to the raka. The Trickster. Mithros is the Great God to the luarin; the god Kyprioth impersonates. He and the Great Goddess, Alanna's patroness, are siblings to Kyprioth but several hundred years ago, they overthrew Kyprioth and the raka. Is actually taken this really miss Kyprioth to regain enough energy to chance taking the Copper Isles back and reinstating the raka.

Prince Bronau Jimajen is a close friend of the Duke with a strong want for power and a very weak character. He is also brother to Prince Rubinyan who is hitched to Princess Imajane, crazy King Oron's half-sister. Their particular three-year-old son Dunevon is second-in-line to the throne after Hazarin, the king's son. Bronau is one of those arrogant luarin who despises the raka.

The Cover
The cover is in gradation of brown with only half Aly's face displaying, a rich brown hood flowing from the top of her golden hair across her shoulder.

The title is all about the god's choice, a Trickster's Choice of the proper person for the job., I absolutely love this guide! Tamora Pierce's writing is engaging, creative and full of nuances that make these books fun for both teenagers and adults. Aly's voice is fresh, inventive and though she is young, she's not another annoying YA heroine. The lady learns from her mistakes and she's SMART. The lady stands up for what she thinks and she doesn't follow the herd. She's a heroine well worth admiring.

This was the first book I read of Tamora Pierce's world and even though it makes frequent mentions of other characters featured in the girl other series', I failed to feel lost at all. This story is well-paced, the world building is complete and presented in a sensible and easy to understand way, and Aly's creativeness brings the story a feeling of fun and adventure that all ages identify with.

Alianne (Aly) of Pirate's Swoop is the daughter of Alanna, the renowned first lady knight of Tortall. However, Aly isn't very thinking about following in the girl mother's footsteps. Instead, she hungers for another kind of adventure - the work of a spy, following in the footsteps of her daddy. When Aly is abducted by slavers while traveling off the coast of Tortall, she finds himself entering into a wager with a god, an unwitting piece in a larger picture of life in the Copper Isles, the girl unplanned new home. Because she starts to dig up out more secrets, she realizes that the storyline around her is many times bigger than she imagined, and she forges unexpected alliances with soldiers, at home cooks, high-born ladies, servants, crows and even a god.

Aly's wager is for simply for the summer... but the more she recognizes of life in the Copper Isles, the greater she realizes she might be in it for the long game..., I must admit that I was lax to learn Tamora's new series because I was usually disappointed by author's new writings -- but I must say that Tamora has impressed myself again and again with this new series.

First of all, I think her writing is promoting age groups. I know that it's recommended for the same as her others series (middle school and up), but I think that this series will charm to adults as much as children, and maybe less to some of the younger ones. (Do not fear; any die hard children fans of Tamora will appreciate and love this novel as her others, I'm certain. ) Her writing is more intricate in this publication, more in depth, aimed on a girl who is more of a woman from the start. While Alanna's & company (Daine, Kel) took place when they were significantly younger, Aly is sixteen in this book. We think that it sets off at a place where more mature thoughts / actions / plots can be established, and this case, very believable.

This particular novel is well created. Tamora does a wonderful job of fleshing away the characters, though for the first chapter or two, you may fumble with the names. By section five though, at the latest, she has made them all seem very life like.

I also enjoyed how real Aly was. She is not the ultimate spy. The lady messes up a simple, and she is still a child relatively. I must also admit that the girl views on flirting are extremely amusing, I was grinning through a lot of the book. I do wish Aly had more relationships with Nawat, in common. He's a fun figure, and he seems to randomly appear and disappear for pages, which was annoying.

It was also good to hear about Uncle 'Numy' and Cousin Daine, as well as seeing more of George and Alanna (though they are by far minor compared to other figures during these series).

It should be noted that this series is not as magic based as the girl other ones have been. This is more like Kel's than like Daine's, because Daine was very wonder centered. Aly is far more about politics, relationships, how people interact, and about a woman trying to find herself. Whether it sounds cliche, oh well.

I would recommend this to all who have any interest in Tamora Pierce's previous novels, as well as Kushiel's Dart. While this is not a sexy plot twister like Kushiel, it is an easier, lighter read of the same type of thought. Yes, that is a compliment.: )

We cannot wait for my order of Trickster's Queen to arrive!

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