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Excellent retelling of a 400 yr old murder case.. I mean witch trial.., If you want to read a firsthand account of a famous medieval with trial this is it. The historical record here is rich and hypnotic., Well Written. Helped in my class., as expected, Besides the Joan of Arc and Salem trials, the trial of Kirche Anneke is the only other witchcraft trial to be translated into English. Do you know why this is? Do you know why there is also a complete lack of reviews just for this book as of 9/27/13? That's because these witch trials should be an embarrassment to any or all Christian believers. This is clear apparent documentation of how delusional religious minds of this period generated the fatalities of a large number of innocent people. Tempel Anneke was just one of those people and her trial was typical in what happened.

The Trial of Kirche Anneke edited by Philip Morton is a wonderful, well-made documentation of an real witchcraft trial in Brunswick, Australia 1663. Through this guide you will get to witness the questioning and pain process that eventually led to a confession and death of an innocent woman who had been so thoroughly worn out and beaten down that she confessed to actually making a pact with Satan. This woman, as a product of these times, believed so strongly in religion that she accepted the fate of having to die for her sins against Christianity. That is a truly sad account of how the power of religious beliefs was able to control so much of these people's lives at this time.

The legal faculty of the University of Jena in Germany, created a judgment of accountable for Tempel Anneke that could also be approved by the Higher Court which would lead to her execution on December 30th, 1663. Here is what she was found accountable of:

1. Renouncing the costly sacrifice of Jesus Christ, the Trinity, the sacrament of Baptism, and the complete Christian doctrine
2. Swearing to be Satan's own and publishing to him
3. Receiving the tag of Satan on her body
4. Learning sorcery
5. Browsing Devil's dances
6. Having sex with satan (truly unbelievable! )
7. Sending the strength of Satan into a man's lower leg so that the lower leg wasted away
8. Sending the strength of Satan into people's animals so that they died
9. Putting salamanders, that came to her after having sex with Satan, in a pot under a man's door so that when he came out the Devil would take flight into his head and he would become lame (again, unbelievable)
10. Being whispered to by Satan so that she could tell a man where his belongings were
11. Bewitching a child

The final common sense states " So as a result of crimes committed and opened up to she (Tempel Anneke) will be condemned from life to death by fire. Yet , if she will constantly persist in her confession with sensed penitence she will be provided with mercy in that her head will be slice off with a sword and will be burned collectively with the body. "

What nice guys these were. As long as she didn't make an effort to recant her confession, that has been given under torture, chances are they would just chop off her mind before burning her. This specific trial is clear evidence of the murder of an harmless woman. It's not merely Kirche Anneke. This same thing happened over and over again to a large number of harmless people from time of the Inquisitions through the conclusion of the witchhunts. This is why there are not any more English translations of those sorts of trials other than this one. Christian believers don't want to face the evidence of how absurd this period of time was. Towards the modern mind all of this is so absurd that it can almost infuriate. How was this sort of misconception acceptable? The power religious beliefs held over the people of this time is truly amazing.

Look at this list again. Observe, the primary accusation and confidence here is not so much witchcraft. It's heresy. Heresy against the Christian religion. Creating a pact with Satan. THAT IS what led to her death. Heresy has recently been pursued since the Both roman Emperor Theodosius made heresy against catholic Christianity punishable with his Edict of Thessalonica in 380 VOTRE.

As Tempel was told " To honor Lord the Lord and to inform the truth", she was questioned over and over again as to whether she had learned the ten commandments, how long it had been since she had taken o communion, whether she had handled the Holy Accord cracker (yes, a cracker) indecently, whether she had made a pact with the devil, how Satan came to her, what did Satan teach her, how often she fornicated with Satan and where did they have sex. She was even falsely accused of Satan coming with her and having sex with her while she was in her cell. Satan was repeatedly known as " her lover the Wicked Enemy. "

Tempel Anneke would say before being tortured that " she didn't know the Satan, Jesus Christ may preserve us from that. " She would repeatedly make religious comments with her questioner/torturer such as " Lord should save her", " In the name of God", " I have prayed many a Lord's prayer", and " precious Jesus Christ will save me". Before torture, she would say that " she made no pact with the Devil, she had nothing to do with the Devil. " This specific poor woman would cry and state that " she has no knowledge of that and that it would make God in heaven pity that she should say what she did not know. " She would " struck her chest and say she was willing to resolve to God that she didn't do it. " She'd say " With God there is whim, he would not leave me with Satan, Oh I will not lose hope. " She is even thanked God that it came to all this and that she was introduced to her repentance.

However on August 24th 1663, the University of Jena in Germany sent their notice that " The said Anneke Tempel should be questioned again without torture in the existence of the executioner and his torture instruments. And, if she does not confess right away, to question her with pain. " And in October the torture began. Since the book states " Because Tempel Anneke concealed the truth on various Inquisitionales during the previous Territion so she is taken today at more effective in the evening into the deep cellar. The executioner blindfolded her, also he put leg screws on her legs. As the executioner tightened the leg screws again and talked significantly to her, she reported that she would talk the truth. "

Since would be the circumstance in so many other witch prosecutions, Tempel Anneke would now tell them what they wanted to hear to stop the torture and hopefully be saved by God. The girl confessed in order to a pact with Satan and fornicating with him. She says that she met Satan in a granary where Satan told her under the moonlight to step into a circle and slice her finger with a needle to give her blood to Satan. The girl confessed to letting Satan mark her on her body which was simply a scar on her knee. The executioner even made a comment that " it looked like a injury or smallpox scar. " This scar was really analyzed by a master herrefris?r where the scar was prodded with a sharp instrument. The scar, which had become hardened with overgrown skin, did not hurt Anneke when poked at so it was shown to be the mark of satan. She confessed to allowing the Holy Communion cracker slip from her mouth area and into her napkin which she later offered to people she understood so that they could shoot more accurately with the weapons (my head spins from this sort of delusion). The girl confessed to bewitching children too. She even opened up to blowing inside a pear to make the Devil appear in a pear so that when a child ate it he would become sick.

The girl cried and said that she was sorry with all her heart about her sins. She wanted heartily to repent and be forgiven by God. The girl believed that as the book states " The girl behaved wretchedly, saying, there would be mercy with God and the authorities, they would be able to be merciful to her. " But that was not to be. After she learned of her fate, she even requested that the courtroom officers be compassionate with her, as her daddy in heaven, and allow her to still receive communion before she passed away. One of her final comments was " Oh if it would only come to an end, I am fed up with it all here. "

Final comments in the demo were that " Anneke Tempel prayed many, many Lord's Prayer, as you can see from her linen cap also cried bitterly today. She desired eternal blessedness and a joyful New Year for the EE Council and the court officers. " Then on December 30th 1663, her crimes were read out loud to a public hearing with the primary crime being " Tempel Anneke, has admitted and many times confessed that she renounced the costly sacrifice of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, the Holy Trinity, the Holy Sacrament of Baptism, and the complete Christian r├Ęgle, and swore to be Satan's own, and to post to him, on that she received from Satan a mark on her body, and learned sorcery. Additional has Tempel Anneke admitted several times that she often abused the Ay Host, visited the Devil's or witches dances, and fornicated with the Wicked Enemy. " Her mind was then chopped off and the head and body were burned. Christian believers should be ashamed and embarrassed by such crimes against innocent people like Kirche Anneke., I purchased an Old-Used book for really cheap because it's just for school use, but it looked brand new. No bent pages or bad binding.

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