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This can be a wonderful book, I aren't believe this was not required reading in high school. I'm so pleased I picked this one up and read it. Trying to find reading an variety of classics lately and this one should be read by all. The other reviews make clear the book so I won't go into detail. Great read, well worth the time, highly recommend. Betty Smith was quite the author., “A Tree Grows in Brooklyn” is a coming-of-age history that chronicles the life of Francie Nolan. The title of might appear a little obscure, but the author does a good job of explaining the significance and draws upon this metaphor once we watch Francie grow up in Brooklyn in the earlier 1900’s.

The book integrated interesting tidbits from life in the early 20th century and several nuggets of wisdom. One passage that stood out was, “They learned no compassion from their own anguish. Hence their suffering was lost. ” That is a great life lesson for everyone to learn when they go through hard times.

I found it interesting how Francie’s mommy was completely against any form of charity, and she was determined to get by on the woman own hard work and merits even if that meant some cold, hungry nights. Imagine what our society would be like today if people got their own fortunes into their hands and were willing to work hard for a living!

I thoroughly enjoyed sharing in Francie’s highs and lows as she endured some hard times, but nevertheless managed to have some fun along the way. The episodes recounted in the book had me smiling at times, angry at the injustices Francie experienced, and sad sometimes as Francie learned some of life’s hard lessons. I suggest the book to anyone buying a good family story, a look at life practically a 100 years ago, and a story of wish and possibility., Very goog bool. My daughter got this as a institution project and said at first se did not like the book but toward the conclusion the lady loved it., Determined to read some of the classic books, I picked A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, described as a Modern day Classic. The book chemicals a picture of Brooklyn, NEW YORK during the first part of the 20th century. That was depressing and tragic, but at the same time the courage, dedication, and dedication of the primary charactered

A Tree Develops in Brooklyn receives an A+ rating from me. It fulfilled my need to read a classic. It is a refreshing read from my regular fare of mysteries and biographies. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to see a classic book. This is termed a modern classic because it was written less than one 100 in years past., I don't know why it was a little while until me THUS LONG to read this book! I'm currently tracing my family history and, you guessed it, I have a long line of Brooklynites. I was engrossed by the book; imaging my ancestors with the same struggles as Francie and Neely and their parents, Katie and Johnny.

Brooklyn ancestry or not, it is a wonderfully written and verbally illustrated novel. Go through it; it's incredibly heartwarming., I read this as a child, and loved it. I put off picking it up again, not wanting to spoil the wonder of it if you take it in as an adult. Honestly, I could not put this book down and was sad whenever I had to. Beautifully written, direct in its depictions of slum life, yet filled with hope., Just reread this classic book. Throughout the entire book, I recently kept thinking -again - how much of the story actually happened to Betty Jones; I want to know. It is such a impressive story of the family and extended family. Francie is strong willed, self-employed and smart. Neely is an excellent brother and son. Plus Katie - the young beautiful, but work-worn mommy, is a truly amazing woman. I wish more families in the usa had the woman attitude towards taking Charity; she wouldn't hear of it, even though the family often went hungry and were cold. But, it made her children strong, determined and hard working. Although I think the book is a little long, it is a warm, poignant history of a family in poverty because of their alcoholic father (ever noticed that story-line before? ). I taught 7th level English/literature and our anthology book had the history of the free Christmas tree being thrown at Neely and Francie in it. I always read that story to the scholars, but honestly, I don't think my suburban students could relate to the kind of poverty she talks about in this book, where the family played games while they were starving pretending to be explorers in the Arctic. Now, no person need go hungry; even the poorest are fed institution lunch and sometimes morning meal. In words of the book, however, I loved Smith's writing, felt unfortunate for her disappointments over and over at school, and was pleased with the ending., I really liked reading about Francie's community and everything the variety of individuals she observed. It reminded me of once i was a young girl observing people from my entrance porch. I lived on a street with a church at one conclusion of the block and a saloon or bar at the other end. As a result there was a variety of individuals in various states of stress, intoxication or exhilaration and I could relate to Francie's description of what she saw and been told by her perch on the fireplace escape or window.

Francie describes the family product and their difficulties to survive and strive to make a much better life for by themselves. Reading about Francie's life is completely different from current day living. The present generation may find her descriptions hard to believe or even visualize, particularly when she is talking about pennies to get items. The technology we have today was non-existent then. Many in our current generation wouldn't even know how to survive the way Francie and her family lived.

A Tree Develops In Brooklyn is good to read for reviews and maybe to make us observe things around us a little more and realize precisely how good we have it. It really is life in reality about relationships, romantic attractions, having a baby without medications, hard work, disappointments, scraping money together to survive, favoratism, alcoholism, responsibility, short lifespans, and how education can guide to a much better life. This would not be a book for young people not prepared to hear about many of these realities.

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