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We are deeply puzzled by the enthusiasm shown by the other reviewers for this publication. But before I get to my complaints, let me acknowledge its strengths. The particular novel's opening is perfectly done. I found the idea that a tree could turn into a girl completely charming. That the girl would desperately want to go back to being a tree, despite having some sense that she might have once been something other than a woods, was also intriguing. The particular author made the early on scenes pleasant, and I was eager to keep reading.

Fairly soon, however, the troubles began. (Note: what follows is SLIGHTLY spoiler-ish, but I don't reveal names or details. ) The main problems for me lie in emotional inertness of the characters. People are described as disappointed, nevertheless they don't act it. Company is sad, she might cry, but then the sadness simply will go away so that the next event can unfold. That thin thoughts imply that the connections between the characters make no sense. For example, the tree-girl is discovered by an old man, who takes her in and provides her with everything she needs, even though he seems to have almost nothing himself. He even eventually agrees to go along with her on her quest, leaving his entire life behind. This could have - and really should have - been quick a heavy relationship. However the author never really gives some of the girl characters much emotional range, and so none of the characters develop real connections with others. This lack of thoughts also makes the characters' motivations pretty incomprehensible. The tree-girl and the old man join up with a party of travelers. One of the travelers is kidnapped. No-one liked the kidnapped woman (for good reasons) nevertheless they all easily agree to chance their lives to save her. Not much description is offered. Later, some members of the party betray others. This comes as an entire surprise, and doesn't fit with anything we learned about the character types earlier. But then the betrayal is reversed, and the betrayers and the betrayed go back to simply being fellow travelers and friends. There is so much inconsistency in people's actions, it makes every event utterly unpredictable.

I also found the characterization of the fairies (the Faie) impossible to enjoy. I think we're intended to find them terrifying. But mostly what they were to me was incomprehensible, again, because of the disparity in their respective motivations. One member of the Faie is in the beginning sensible and almost helpful, but then suddenly becomes intimidating and then in the end malicious. This character shift does not unfold as a normal development of a complicated character, but instead as a random set of attributes that the author simply pulls out, based on what her story needs at the moment. I don't need bad guys in black less difficult, and good guys in white, but I do need to have some sense of where at least some of the people or creatures fit on a scale, at the very least so We can know whether to be upset when they die!

Finally, I really didn't enjoy the overall plot. There are several plot holes, which apparently many people felt made them want to read the next publication. I feel that, after reading the whole first volume, since i have still didn't know very well what was happening, or why, I don't need to keep going. YMMV., A great read. A great start but it dragged somewhat for me. I had to keep picking it back up forcing myself together. I must say as a warning that nothing.. and I mean nothing, is resolved in publication one, this book. End up being prepared to buy the mediocre for a story arc in conclusion. This was decent with world building and meh on character building. The particular intents of the character types are muddy and not well defined although you will NOT mix them up by midway through the book. So that always means with a big cast, the character building is good.

I think the book really good until the travelers appear. It dragged for me, even while in the Blood vessels Forest, which should have been a defining part of the story. It was muted for me. As were the grittiness I usually feel in the different towns a party encounters. I do believe this is a lack of observation through the character. I know they go to a tavern but you may be wondering what does it look like? scent like? What do they see? There is so much introspection going on, I understand little of the world. I must feel We am another on the journey and I didn't.

I wasn't interested enough in the abrupt closing to care to wade through future books. Details without whys would be the levnedsl?b of me enjoying a book. I don't know why even the simple things happen in this book. The author just claims things like "We will be taking the Sands Road" and later "No one takes the Sands Road". And clearly they do. So no reason is given for why that character feels that way. This is the way the book meanders through a road trip finding and losing and finding companions.

And the abrupt closing forcing the story to be continued in publication 2 or 7 (who knows? ), to me is an insult to the time I invested in reading despite the issues I felt.

We just don't care enough.
Especially to invest more money and time., I have now read the full series and is actually anxious to discover if a 5th book is in the works.

I love ongoing stories and this party always ended with just enough suspense for me to buy the next one in the series immediately.

The particular storyline is quite like life... we all have a similar agenda but yet take so many different paths to accomplishing our goals... some are approached selflessly and others more selfish.

Fabulous reading for me and great writing Ms Roethle.... keep up the excellence., a mashup of several quest classics, most notably Robert Jordon's Wheel of Period. Lots of quasi villains with redemption. Plenty of travel and action with good descriptive scenery. Character development not as strong. Even heroes. don't really get you by the thoughts as they do in Tolkien's classics. That said, I immediately downloaded the next 2 of the series and await further sequels., Refreshing writing style. Lots of internal dialogue and character judgment. History moved along nicely and kept me engaged in that which was happening not lingering too long on any one thing. To be honest as a reader I typically find myself skipping through a lot pointless descriptions and ongoing dribble comparable thing; I didn't find me personally doing that with this book. I read every last word. Can't wait to see where the story will go., What a unusual and unique idea for a history. Grabbed my interest immediately., Not as predictable as I thought it was going to be. Hooked on the characters and images given. I hope the next one is merely as good if not better!!!, What a great story so far. Need to know very well what happens to Finn and the girl companions. Love the distort.

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