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I am a graduate student in counseling psychology and was doing research on Termes conseill├ęs Personality Disorder. I was almost dissuaded from buying this guide by another review creating only 1 superstar and making a series of charges against the guide. However, I went in advance and purchased it since it is reviewed by highly respected doctors in the field.

I am not let down. Although I am just about 1/3 of the way through the book so far, I possess skipped around and read throughout. That is a thoughtful synthesis of a difficult subject and makes a massive try to integrate the research, hypotheses, etc. I am thankful that Dr. Paris has made the effort to put this book together.
I am finding it completely readable and highly informative., Simply, the best book on BPD I have ever read. Essential for each single exercising psychotherapist around the world., This book is excellent and should be compulsory reading for those psychiatrists managing patients with borderline personality problem. It constitutes a real step forward in the management of this condition. The author obviously is aware of this complex area of psychopathology and should be congratulated on his methodical and evidence based method to this complex topic. It is a guide you will use frequently., This is a very good book. Reads well and easy, not too technical but not for the lay reader. Rome is definitely a good writer, clinician and researcher, with a twist of well intentioned humor here and there, he does well at synthethizing a lot of research, although sometimes at the expense of being overly simplistic, for a very complex topic.

I recomend this book to the therapist and researcher seeking to get a broad overview of the disorder, its symptoms, causes and modalities of treatment. However, when I actually say "broad overview" i really mean it. One of the weaknesses of the guide is that it is too general and incredibly inconclusive, lacking practical ideas for treatment and research (as the title might or else suggest).

All in all its perfect to help you get in the research based, data driven, evidence based mindset of studying and treating bpd, however it will not be enough for actually doing this., I am a student in a Counseling Master's program and I a new group presentation to do on evidence-based treatment for Borderline Individuality Disorder. It has been awhile since I studied this problem in depth, so I actually knew there was a lot of literature out there there, but where do you start? This guide was a lifesaver for me!! My presentation was during finals when I had little time, and certainly not enough time to sift through the gazillions of research of Borderline at my university's huge catalogue. This book was clear, concise, and on top of that it was actually easy to understand for somebody that is not extremely well-versed in all of this (in other words, I am still at the beginning phases of learning the details of counseling and I actually still understood what was going on in this book). Also, the guide was not a huge text, so I was able to read the majority of it and still get a wealth of info from it for my presentation. The book has charts/tables that go over all the major studies, and if not more than that, points you in the direction of where you should go if you have to discover more specific info (methods, methods, specific findings of study). This is a great book to learn about the various methods of effective treatment for BPD. Termes conseill├ęs is a very challenging cluster of issues within one's interpersonal relationships, and this book helps to dispell where a therapist should start. Highly recommended if you need a summary of the effective treatment for Borderline!!, This is an outstanding review of what has been shown to operate and what obviously really does not in the treatment of this awful disease. Unlike other books on BP that are directed at practitioners and are so dense with jargon they are unintelligible, this one is accessible to people with no psych PhD. That should be very useful to families of BP patients in assessing the performance of their loved their treatment and therapist. I actually particularly appreciate the author's unequivocal condemnation of psychotropic drugs, which have not recently been shown to be of considerable help for BP patients and often make things worse. I viewed the pills wrench my beautiful, talented daughter from an adolescent depression into a manic breakdown and a horrifying descent into BPD, psychosis and personality disintegration. She is now in the earliest stage of recovery, thanks to a hard-nosed therapist (trained in object relations) and large doses of brain-supporting supplements. In fact, my one disappointment with Paris' book is that it doesn't sufficiently address nutritional therapies in coping with BPD. I assume that good data just does not exist yet. My hope is that someone will be able to right this glaring omission in the near future. Seafood oil, anyone?

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