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I could say that Paul Bowles any of my favorite writers and now having read Travels: Collected Writings 1950-1993 (2010), I possess finished reading all of his available writings. This collection is mostly made up of pieces which were, collected previously in, Their Heads Are usually Green and the Hands Are usually Blue (1963). I think if there were that numerous pieces in a collection by another writer I might have not bothered with the collection or skipped those pieces. But I decided to re-read them and savor the familiarity and evocative scenes referred to Bowles who has a present of bringing the atmosphere of a destination to life, for example the Sahara Desert in " Baptism of Solitude, " as well as the people that populate those specific places, like in " Mustapha and his Friends. " There are two excellent pieces about his moves into countryside and mountain range of Morocco to report the traditional music there that is some of his best writing in " The road to Tassemit" and " The Rif, to Music. " In those pieces, in particular, he brings Morocco and the inhabitants to life. Yet he awakened an interest for me in his in his part-time home in Ceylon, that is the subject of " Fishtraps and Exclusive Business. " I plan to make a pilgrimage to his private island in the visit there next month. The book is arranged chronologically by editor Mark Ellingham and includes mostly travel pieces but also travel-oriented journals, introductions to photographic books, and even a glossary of kif terms for a 1960s books on marijuana. It provides an introduction by one of my favorite travel writers Paul Theroux as well. I believe some of the material could have been cannibalized for Bowles' autobiography, Without Ending, which I also lately read. The earliest pieces are from Bowles early days as a teenager in France-among the 30 uncollected writings spread throughout the book. There were a number of pieces from the now defunct Vacation magazine that were among my favorites as well: " How to Live on a Part-Time Island" (another piece that motivated me to visit Ceylon), " Madeira" (on the isolat4ed Portuguese island), " Window on the Past" (about Spain), as well as several pieces on Morocco and cities in Morocco. I was impressed with pieces about travel in Istanbul (" A new Man Must Not Be Very Moslem" ), India (" Information Mailed at Nagercoil), the Mau Mau uprising in Kenya (" Letter from Kenya" ) as well as a piece about the civil war in neighboring Algeria (" Unfortunate for U. S., Unfortunate for Algeria" ). I think the following quote from " Windows on the Past" sums up Bowles' perspective on travel writing:

If I am confronted with the decision of choosing between visiting a circus and a cathedral, a cafe and a public monument, or a fiesta and a museum, I'm afraid I shall normally take those circus, the cafe, and the fiesta, trusting to luck that I will manage to see the other s later. I expected I'm not what today is called culture-minded. Maybe the that is because the culture of a land at any given moment is the people who stay in it and the lives they guide within it, not the possessions they have got inherited from those who came before. They may or might not income by their legacy. In case they do, so much the better for them; but whether they do or do not, their culture is represented by them and not by their history.

I feel a sort of kinship with Bowles and hope to see as much as he has seen. I can't help but note that he did it so much earlier than others and had to struggle and suffer in order to do so. Bowles was not a enthusiast of progress and i also believe most travel today would have been too acquire for his type of adventure lust-very much a trailblazer and original thinker., A riveting writer in the rythm era. He produces of travel adventures from Sri Lanka to Kenya to Morocco. Inspired me to view the nineties movie from his novel arranged in Morocco, The Sheltering Sky., I was anticipating reading a travel journal about places so i can chose a place for my next travel. This guide is more about the author's experience and feelings about places, which doesn't help me much., Terric travel writing. Wonderfully observant and imaginative., If you have ever yearned to read great Paul Bowles book but knew it was not to be, than I recommend you decide to go on a travel with him to the most exotic parts of our world. Through the eye and sensibilities of Mr. Bowles I felt the stirrings of danger in Morocco, Ceylon and however. America. As an Us Paul Bowles traveled substantially to learn about themself and put it on the page for us all to experience. Please don't miss this one., BRILLIANT WRITING. I COULD READ THIS PARTICULAR COLLECTION OVER AND OVER. EXACTLY WHAT A GIFTED WRITER., Very interesting collection of travel reports. A must if you are thinking about Paris before 1940. The Morocco reports are a window into an era that has died. I found this collection to be very valuable., When we think of Paul Bowles, we often think of a strange man living an unconventional bohemian lifestyle in Tangier - someone who symbolizes the very word, "decadent". These travel essays show us another side of Bowles - that of a sensitive and highly observant master of the essay. The prose style of the writings are not short of brilliant. Bowles is clear, detailed, organized, graceful and entertaining. Of particular interest to me is Bowles roundabout take on neo-colonialism and the Third Globe after World War 2. Bowles' clear sympathies lie with the underdog and the downtrodden - like the Berbers of North Africa or the nomads in the Sahara, and show Bowles to be light years ahead of the developments of today's Arab Spring. In addition , Bowles take on the new and old colonizers: french, the Spanish, the British, and the newly arrived Us citizens - runs from amused to slyly skeptical and at times, openly terrified by the bad behavior of such countries. Even the town Arabs of Morocco as opposed to the hill Berbers do not avoid Bowles' sharp eye. Note that Bowles writes of a period of profound transition (the 50s to the 70s) in North Africa. In the course of this period of time, the U. S. went from World War Two main character and savior to co-conspirator and neo-colonizer. Why? Exactly why, for example, were french using an American Atmosphere Base in the early 60s in Morocco to conduct bombing missions over Algeria? This was at a time the U. S. was supposedly neutral with regard to the conflict in Algeria. In fact, I keep in mind as a child in Kenitra, the U. S. Navy denying the presence of the bombing quests, but on a daily basis, I could see the French bombers take off from the U. S. /French airbase from my nearby house. Did the U. S. assist to destroy a recently established democracy when we should have been supporting it? And where has our approach gotten us today? Are we still feeling the results of our ill advised policies? This diplomats and historians would do well to revisit this era in North Cameras and explore why Us Foreign policy appeared to have lost its bearings and jumped the side rails. To begin this reexamination, I would highly recommend reading "Travels: Collected Writings" as a highly illuminating start.

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