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I've always been enthusiastic about Che Guevara, this famous trip he and his partner made to travel the length of South The united states, and Castro's Cuban wave. This book was written by Che's traveling partner, also a physician, Alberto Granado. It tells an extraordinary story in an ordinary way.

It is easy to see why Che and Alberto traveled well together. And, although Che went on to be an armed fighter with Castro, while Alberto stayed a health care provider, both men were attracted to the struggle of indigenous peoples against enslavement by those of means--usually people of European decent and america. They served the revolutionary cause in different ways.

A very interesting story about these long term friends before their passions took them in separate directions for a time. Their travels through the countries of South usa read like fiction. Some reports seemed sad or difficult, while others were almost magical.

Worth your time., In "Traveling With Che Guevara ", Alberto Granado, Guevara's traveling companion on this tour of To the south America, combines political comments with a refreshing point of view of a native Argentinian concerning other South United states peoples. Granado and Guevara made this journey through the continent in 1952, throughout a period when there was considerable political unrest, especially in Colombia and Venezuela.

Granado intentionally cites the contrasts in the degree of hospitality provided them by the poor and the center and higher classes. It absolutely was also attention opening to learn his explanation of the attitudes of the leprosy patients toward Granado and Guevara. The descriptions of the sanitary conditions in the leprosariums was especially disturbing.

The ending of the travelogue was a bit abrupt and the epilogue left many questions concerning Guevara's fate unanswered, except to think that Che's future was pre-determined by his choice of political beliefs., Two young men one your doctor and the other soon to graduate medical school visit a motorcycle to travel and see their beautiful country before life's responsibilities come closing in. Both men originated in wealthy families so the contrast of discovering how the other side lives must have made such an impression that It would change their lives. Childhood men did they have fun alongside the way? Yes. They didn't look down on the people less fortunate than them nevertheless they did use their medical skills where they could. I knew before I started out to read this publication it would be a journal of their vacation and not a biography on Che or a literary masterpiece. I did enjoy the book and I do recommend the read. I and alongside with wife would have enjoyed making this trip along together., This publication is worth reading. If you're looking for a bio of Che, this isn't it, but tells the story of their travels through To the south America together and the situations they encountered rather well. It's a pre Che book. For the enjoyment of reading (stay in the time context) I would rate this an easy 5, but it was advertised a bit differently. Please don't get me wrong, this publication contains much background on Che and some memorable times together with his friend during their travels, but it is not a biography., Among the interesting insights provided in this memoir is the understanding of lower income in Latin America and its effect on Che and Alberto and how that effect led them to revolutionary thinking. Something had to be done. However, it does not reveal how the need to take action led these to communism. That understanding still needs to be written. It is also a decent travelogue, even it if was written by a non-profession travel writer., Having just traveled for the first time into Cuba, I arrived back fascinated to learn more of Che Guevara. He plays such an important role in Cuba's history and as an American, I didn't know much about him. This publication is fantastically written in a travel journal format. The author gives regarding the young Guevara and exactly how he viewed reside in Latina America during the crucial decades of the " cold war", This is a decent journal of their trip, but imperfect as a bio. It really is interesting to see a bit of how Che's thought process formed., Excellent read.

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