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Typically the authors writing/storytelling was difficult at the beginning, but smoothed out by the conclusion of the guide. I would ponder over it a light version of life, skills, levels, etc are in the book, however they seem like notes in the storyplot rather then integral elements. That is a decent time monster, Let me likely pick upwards the next one and see if the creator improves., Excellent story. Typically the author introduces a really well ballanced cast of relatable characters while creating a very original and captivating world. If you like a fast-paced adventure with a lot of captivating imaginary cultures and histories then this series is a must., We would give it 2 . 5 if I could. The characters are decently relatable as people but there not really smart. Where the book fails is in the game world and its core mechanics. Typically the fact that anyone who drops dead looses their gold and all their experience and everything and that's not a glitch or change in the game but a core part than it that makes no sense. Why would people be playing around with gold in their pocket if that is the case. And then there is a situation available where the characters come across a huge pile of gold money. This really is the entire reason any of these people are playing this game is to get this precious metal and cash it out for a ridiculously low trade rate of real world money to pay their bills and buy food to eat, seriously though, a gold coin here is merely worth a measly dime wtf, anyway they find the gold, kill a beast hiding under the pile of gold coins and find none of them seemingly have any way to transport the gold out of the cave its in. No pouches, no wallets, no bags, practically nothing at all apparently they can't even put it in their inventory so they finally wrap it in the rags of biggenners clothing one of them still has and prepare to leave. In the course of their escape one of them drops the rag bundle of gold and that is it they have lost almost all their monies. Oh Noze! they just give upwards for the day and log out. No one tries to sneak back in or plan a way to go back in later and get the money they dropped or go back to the pile of gold they left deeper in the cave. Seriously? Just reading that part made me feel stupider., This book is kind of interesting but drops hard as it pertains to characters. Character reactions are extremely unrealistic and often inconsistent.

A couple quick illustrations:
Why would a team of outdoorsmen who have been together for some time (months+) need one member to re-explain that each of them should do literally the only thing they're good at?
Why would anyone quibble over the death of the NPC when NPC's respawn time is measured in seconds? Specifically when failing to do something could have serious real world consequences?, The premise of the story is interesting. In a world eliminated robotic, you have to game to make a living.

This story has charm. I liked reading about Coral and like the fact that the girl didn’t choose a fight oriented class. I type of like Dale and his number of high level players, even though he’s kind of a jerk. Typically the relationships between the characters are the highlight of the storyplot.

There are some serious logic difficulties with the story. 1) The trade rate of gold of 10 gold = isn’t constantly followed. At times 50 gold is referred to as [ARTICLE_BODY]. fifty and other times a , 2) Why is if you are an00 “raid” in the beginner zone?, 3) Why would high level players grab a level 1 to group with? Isn’t there a group finding feature in this advanced game? 4) A raid is not a group of four people. 5) Jean gets all the XP OR 7 from the boss kill? Either group experience distribution was turned off or she not in a group with everyone. Just how else did she get in the dungeon?

To be honest the game logic issues almost made me put this story down. Nevertheless I persevered for you folks at home. Right after the 30% mark when the story setup is finished, things improve a little. It turns into a, sometimes meandering story of four friends just heading on odd adventures to complete the quest they were given. This is an ok story. It has its flaws but it has its gem instances too. Along with the exception of the unique character classes, most of the game mechanics seldom seem well thought out and there are big logic issues in the beginning of the tale. Overall, the game world feels a lttle bit boring. Exactly what really shines are the four characters in the story. There were lots of cute or funny connections between them that are endearing., I've have got to acknowledge I was a lttle bit nervous about this one. Typically the author sent me as free copy and We was wondering what to do if it wasn't any good... I mean a totally free cookie that's good is something to celebrate but a totally free cookie that's bad is just another opportunity for possible awkwardness, fortunately this cookie was good. That reminded me of this anime Log Horizon, that has been the other mmo based anime that came out around the same amount of time as SAO. A well thought world with dynamic people, and a regular logic and plot flow that kept things interesting, engaging and pleasant., I read this on KU.

There were a number of innovative pieces that match Litrpg, while still being not the same old thing. Correct variations, not subversion, that is.

The char progress was clear but good, and char interactions were just good.

I'd read another of his books., cool story, some amazed, not many errors. A nice story with some drama but not so much as to be a downer. Good-job all around.

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