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This specific version compared to the RRL version is like night and day. I actually don't understand what editing miracle utilized but I could barely stand reading the other version.

Coach anyone how to a while since I've see the first page of a book and immediately knew the rest of it was proceeding to be just like if not more exciting.
You know the type of book you can read in one sitting despite having been alert for 24 hours already.
If only more books had this level of quality.

-Reasons to read this book-
1. Typically the premise is so insane that it's brilliant! Manipulating humans using boredom in order to get them to fight their wars for them.
I loved watching the primary character wonder why this individual couldn't choose his contest. It's like creating a maze and watching a hamster navigate it.
2. The main character is easy to connect to and very believable. It's nice after all the annoying Mary Sues people seem to be to love.
3. Aspect characters are certainly not evil or good for the benefit of being evil or good. They have wishes that drive their activities.
4. Fine detail and World Building. Not too much that it bores both you and not too little that you have no clue what's proceeding where or why it can happening.
5. Plot twists. The story twists are awesome and don't come out of nowhere. Despite how shocking some of the twists may be, everything fits into place nicely.
6th. LitRPG. Many of LitRPG's I've read stop being LitRPG's halfway through or never were one to get started with. To the aspiring authors, please stop writing half assed versions of LitRPG's without having even finished an RPG before, played an MMO for over 60 hours or something similar.

This author does it well. He has a predefined system which this individual sticks to instead of at random picking out crap as this individual goes. Much more the entire thing much more believable and enjoyable., Firstly, let me declare I like the idea of the book, however the sentence structure is, frankly, atrocious, making the story in parts, all but unreadable. I managed to get through the book and enjoyed some of the characters and plot development, but it was repetitious reading. The author often ships randomly between story points including times is can be very difficult to keep track of figures.

I think with proper editing, this would be an excellent addition to the genre, but since it appears I can't reconcile the readability with the potential of the story-line and the figures., This book is fairly straight-forward litrpg, and is well-written. The characters sensed believable, and the protagonists seemed likeable enough to me. Unlike many publications that have been getting lumped into the new litrpg genre lately, the author actually provides a world with more traditional features. The framing story in the introduction didn't feel internally regular or believable to me, but during the introduction the writing gets more solid and enjoyable. There were a few little formatting and grammar issues, in particular a couple spots where a few lines or a paragraph were repetitive, but there wasn't anything at all too distracting, and none of the other little issues that came up broke the flow for me or made it difficult to get through or understand a passage. It will be interesting to see how the series develops, and I'm looking forward to the following one., I love this book, but let me the bad stuff of the audiobook away of the way first.
1. There are several points where they are just stat-listing. This is ok in print, but when read out loud it truly breaks immersion.
2. It sounds like this was originally two books, as around chapter 40 our company is re-hearing world-building information as though we have not been told this before.

Ok, with that away of the way, this is a great idea. A little complicated set-up, but a logical development of world-building from that. I am really considering seeing where this goes, even with Bob the creator.: D, I'm proceeding with 3 stars on this review.

The storyplot starts off quite bland, and when you have read any other LitRPG books it seems very generic. Initial character development in the early chapters and world building were rough and I found myself struggling to keep reading. The rules for The VR world and Earth were very skewed and you dont really get any good justification until about 25% through. From there though things are clarified and it all starts coming collectively and the story really starts to take off. Its almost as if the writer performed a change step mid stride and then found his groove. I honestly think much of the first 24% of the publication could be left away entirely, or at the least re-written for a much better start.
Moving on following that, the World and Characters get fleshed out a lttle bit the everything comes to life, the primary story is plotted out and away we go.

Skill building starts out standard from and RPG you have ever played, bit we come to learn there are 2 distinct play styles. Action Players and Progressive Players. You can evidently view the benefits and downfalls to either style. I think the author here has created something similar to sub classes. The true good thing about a Progressive Enjoy Style is yet to be determined while Action Players are still strong, they are handicapped.

Anyhow.. Now i'm looking forward to moving onto book 2. I actually hope the Author has retained to his grove and the pace of the books is maintained., this twist brings the viewer to be constantly garbled by the effects of video game questing. earth is the game, emerilia is the reality. follow Dave and Bob through the methods of gaming versus actually residing in a video game. it’s all confusing but a fun read after the first chapter. almost put the book down to grab a Ben Clancy novel. then it got exciting. dave really was not into questing until he found an evil citadel under his house. then your gloves emerged off!, They always earn the final battle and get the magical girl. It`s getting there that produces a story. Finally a fantasy with a real story, not only a series of quests or a devolved soap. This one is unique, well worth a slow read.

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