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About half way through it. The particular cattlemen relate their first hand account encounters from the trail. These men and women were an amazing bunch. Tough, resourceful, fearless, courageous. Anyone in SPEC OPS will appreciate this guide as well. An awful lot of them were born just before along with 1855, 100 years before me. Amazing to think that the frontier existed to the untamed degree it did just 100 years before I came on the scene. Read this book and keep that in mind as you read these stories., I actually devoured the 1050 pages and could have reading more. I write about western history on occasion and have many, many, many books on the subject but this will now be in my own Top 10. I certainly learned as much if not more, about the cows drives here than in any other book I've continue reading the subject., Pretty plainly spells out some of the issues that faced Texas during the Reconstruction period. This is full of what they are called of ranchers and trail drivers that blazed the trails to the northern markets hungry for Texas beef. Jim Dobie, Ab Blocker, Shanghai Touch, Charlie Goodnight, Oliver Loving and Jesse Chisholm are just some of the men that this book portrays. A good read, but that contains a lot of the then accepted opinions and prejudices that were typical with this period., This particular is a large book just filled with tales from the lives of the cattle drivers of Tx. Their stories were content spun into every western ever written. No wonder they were our American heroes. I read it taking advantage of it a few pages at a time because I never want it to get rid of. I am always amazed at the trials and tribulations of men who made our country great. We all keep in mind those wonderful tv shows about real American men, real heroes., This guide is among the most complete reference on a history of the Tx industry of driving cows north to the markets and railroads. This is accomplished by first providing an short history of the formation of the Trial Drivers Association and using first hand accounts by the actual cowboys and cowgirls.. It also utilizes short written histories of other men and lady who could not be evaluated or failed to submit a history. The pictures great. We in our wildest notions of the rancher life cannot Imagine the natural hazards of the drives, the attacks by Indians and rustlers, and crossing of rivers including the Mississippi River. There were a lot of cowboys buried on the trail killed in stampedes, drowned, and killed in gunfiights iin Dodge City and other towns on the way. One can see in this guide the basis of many western movies and series, Lonesome Dove for one. If you are enthusiastic about cowboy history, there is no other guide to compare with The particular Trail Drivers of Tx., Great book on the early cattle industry and cattle drives;   The Banditti of the Plains, or the Cattleman's Invasion of Wyoming in 1892 (1894)   is another book you will want to read if you like this one. Both are books published in the outrageous west era of westward expansion, This is a collection of first-hand tales by the cowboys who rode the trails. Most were written a century in the past when the cowboys were older and the trek had been defunct for 40 years. And there are a LOT of stories - I've read possibly the first hundred and am only 1/3 via the book.
The stories are similar, but I don't find it repetitive - each story has some unique item that makes it interesting.

Anyone who is enthusiastic about learning about the cattle drives should read this.
I vaguely understood about the Chisolm trek, and the cattle drives in general, but this book has been extremely informative and entertaining., Now this is actual life reading, A large number of very short 2 to 6 page stories written by the actual cowboys when went up the trail. They tell their individual stories of where their from, the tracks they rode, and some even tell about what they did after working as cowboys. If you enjoy cowboy and western tales and history you will love this book. Readable and written by the real men of the west.

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