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It was such a beautiful book and I enjoyed reading it quite definitely. What a wonderful way to leave a lasting memory of your loved one for future generations to come, in order to know them. It is so important to write these items down while we can. Because a healthcare worker personally, I found the advice given spot-on. I know from working together with Hospice patients that they do so much better with family participation, especially in the aided living and long term facilities. The stories were funny, entertaining and did leave me in tears a few times. The house pictures added throughout the book made it personal and simple to relate to. I would recommend this guide to anyone coming to words with caring for older people, anyone considering creating their own family legacy book or anyone who just wants to curl upward on the couch with a good book., I don’t remember the final book I read that made me cry and laugh out loud! This memoir about a girl looking after an elderly mother is a jewel. I loved the “life lessons” and “lessons learned” but the stories that compare the author’s childhood to the mother’s caregiving issues are priceless. I cared for my mother until her death and can relate to many of these stories – I wish I’d had this guide then. The author shows such love for the woman mother throughout the book, while sharing the problems of caregiving. These tales and the messages comprised throughout the book would apply in so many caregiving situations. Plus, it may be merely a great read in case you have never served in a caregiving role. Excellent read!, This was such a good book. I loved it. It really hit home with me. My mother is 70 and luckily, healthy and living on her own but this book made me think about what might be in store for us if we are blessed to have the woman with us as long as Ms Rebie resided. Sandra and her siblings' devotion to their mother was inspiring and a reminder to pay attention to the important things in life. It really moved me. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to see a short story about family, love and support to a loved one in need. It made me smile, brought cry to my eyes and made me reflect on the journey many people are on in caring for their loved ones. Sandra is a talented writer and storyteller. Thanks to sharing your journey with us Sandra. Well done!, This is an incredible book! It is a quick read that will make you laugh and weep at the same time. The author gives you a peak behind the curtain of care providing as she takes you through her journey of being her Mom's care giver over a span of 10 years. Sandra reveals the joy and disappointment of care giving even while trying to maintain the woman mom's dignity and self worth. She even shares that tough decision making process of the need to put her Mom in aided living. This is a very poignant book with the last pages of the book on Lessons Learned being priceless! In this " sandwich generation" that we reside in is genuinely a should read book about care providing., Sandra Bullock Smith can relate to you the profound and often piercing activities of accompanying her precious mother on a journey through her final years and, eventually, her final times. Recently, I read the woman inspiring book and had the pleasure of interviewing the woman for a local publication.

Sandra’s book Trading Locations: Becoming My Mother’s Mother: A Memoir takes you through Sandra’s activities as she cared daily for her much-loved but increasingly fragile elderly mother. Sandra encountered shifts in the parent/child relationship that were sometimes predictable and often unexpected. Her memoir lets the reader recognize some of the precise challenges she confronted while caring for an aging parent, but more powerfully, to also glimpse the depth of understanding that Sandra achieved during this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

“I was in the hospital with Mom, trying to relax for a few instances in a local waiting room, ” Sandra said. “To pass the time, I started jotting down some of the things my Mother often told us as we were growing up—‘You’ve had enough sugar today, ’ and ‘Yes, you have to go to the doctor, ’ for example. I call these ‘Mom-isms. ’ I concluded up with quite a list! ” As the years unfolded and Sandra’s mother needed more assistance, Sandra realized many of the ‘Mom-isms’ that Mrs. Bullock experienced taught her children applied now to concerns she needed to extend to her mother’s care.
“Mom had a high tolerance for pain and a low tolerance for fuss, ” Sandra recounted. “One of the challenges I faced was getting her to agree to see someone when I knew she needed medical help. Since she’d recently been so firm with us all, I simply reminded the woman what she had always taught us, which made things easier in ways. ”

Realizing that the basis her Mother had built for her children was also going to be the foundation for the woman to accept more care was the inspiration for the memoir. “I understood my mother would be more easily able to accept what I needed to tell her if I could offer the message in a familiar, loving way. Her ‘Mom-isms’ helped me do that, and I understood others could benefit from the things I learned. By saying, ‘But Mom, you always told us all that (fill in the blank), it was an easy way for her to understand the countless decisions—large and small—that we needed to make together. ”

Preserving dignity while providing needed care for an seniors person in fragile health can create dilemmas. This approach, along with gentle humor, helped her mother accept the assistance she needed. “I uncovered I experienced to help my mother understand that she didn’t really know what she didn’t know, ” explained Sandra. “My mother was so self-employed, so strong, and so self-sufficient, she just didn’t understand that she had reached the point where she needed help with daily functions. ” Sandra called on love and resourcefulness to help her Mother adapt as gently and delicately as possible.
In today’s Western society, few of us have the chance to be closely associated carefully of a mother or father in final life stages. Sandra’s book reveals the surprising gifts and discoveries she realized as part of that nurturing, nurturing experience. “Everyone should have to volunteer in a nursing home before they are forty, ” Sandra confided. “If we do, we’d be much more educated about what we will need before we need it. ”

Sandra’s book is a balm for individuals who have had similar encounters. “One person wrote me that she had experienced such guilt about whether she had done the right things on her behalf mother or father until she read my book. She could see that my activities and her were very similar, ” Sandra said. “To know this book helped even one individual to deal with the powerful connection with this process makes me very grateful. ”

Especially if you know someone who has struggled or happens to be working to care for anyone in delicate condition, this book might be a wonderful gift. See if you don’t find that several of Sandra’s ‘Mom-isms’ sound really familiar!, “ Life is like a camera. Just focus on what is important”….

This quotation on Sandra’s book reminded me to check “where is my camera concentrating on”. Life is too treasured to be out of focus!

This is such a beautiful and inspiring book about a mother and daughter’s love. Unfortunately I didn’t have a possiblity to care for my mother as she died young and I was living thousand kilometers away.
I highly recommend this book to anyone taking care of aging parents and wondering how you can turn this difficult task in and a loving and rewarding experience. Chapter 27 on “Lessons Learned” is priceless; we can always study from other’s experiences.

Sandra’s book hits the core of the human spirit! It required me emotionally to a place and time when I will need someone like Sandra to love and care for me like she did Mrs. Rebie Bullock.

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