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One of the best books I've read on predictive modeling is Steven Skiena's book Calculated Wagers: Computers, Gambling, and Mathematical Modeling to Win (2001). With this book, Prof. Skiena describes a project this individual did together with his students modeling the game of Jai Alai. Predictive modeling has been applied successfully in sports betting, so when I saw the book Investing Bases, I acquired it. Unfortunately, the books dives deeply into the minutia of baseball, without providing much meat when it comes to describing the models that the writer designed to predict baseball out comes. I'm sure that for someone that is intrigued by baseball and baseball statistics, this book would have been more interesting. But for a medical specialist of algorithmic modeling, this book struck out., I acquired Trading Bases on the recommendation of the wisest guy writing about baseball today, Joe Sheehan. Our interest was at the author's application of modern sabermetrics to create an edge in baseball wagering. I actually was fascinated by this process, and very much enjoyed the author presenting the numbers in step-by-step fine detail (he shows his math). However , the parts of Trading Bases I found most interesting were the memoir chapters that explain the author's experience with Wall Street, from his college recruitment to his experience with the whole breakdown of a global banking large, as well as his unique insight into what actually went wrong, and why it wasn't properly repaired. Which presents interesting contrasts for the book - because the Wall Streets chapters are so profound and deal with such a large, looming subject, the chapters about baseball, advanced metrics, and sports wagering can feel relatively small and overshadowed. The writer attaches deep personal which means to baseball, and his overall process is in depth in the context of healing and recovery and professional transition, so it can not these chapters don't have weight. However for the reader, you may be well into the book, buying little more Michael Lewis and a little less Nate Sterling silver. I recommend the guide, and will buy Later on Peta's next book, especially if it's more narrowly centered on the world of trading desks, hedge funds, and global finance., In the wonderful world of sports betting, finding a fantastic book to read is similar to finding a needle in a haystack. This guide is that needle.

Trading Bases is a very nicely written memoir that takes you on a journey from Joe's days as a Wall Street broker to building and operating a baseball fund during a summer in Las Las vegas. It has a mix of baseball stats, financial lingo, and a bit of gambling strategy intertwined into the story to keep you entertained. A inquisitive mind will be informed on how to successfully method baseball betting by looking over this book as well.

This is certainly easily the most effective books in the area of sports betting. It would be a wise move to add this enjoyable read to your collection., Amazing read! I have read a few books on sports wagering and such and this is definitely one of the best. I actually loved how a author managed concentrate on the main topic of his baseball fund while still providing plenty of interesting sidebars and anecdotes that were relevant to the history and enjoyable to read. If you are looking over this review it means you might have some interest in the subject, and if you have even slight interest then all I can say is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!!!!!, This was a very fun combination. The geek in me adored the linking up of statistics, gambling, and financial markets with the author's quest to make the best of his personal predicament. The little boy in me enjoyed seeing it tied to baseball, bringing to brain how I used to pay evenings with my father playing Cardinals games on radio stations. It's a fun, easy read (you can just skim over the math and still enjoy it)., In a way Trading Bases is a fascinating read, offering a curious mixture of sports, betting and finance, with enough narrative to make you care about the writer and his curious trip through life. It is however a problematic text message to recommend, for its main themes of sports and finance can be different and don't often interest the same reader. In my case, all the author's enthusiasm completely failed to make me care about baseball and the " Pythagorean theorem" model of team performance valuation. I will imagine a sports-fan reader not enthusiastic about finance can feel the same way about the other half the book.

If you are equally enthusiastic about trading floors as you are about baseball stadiums, however, then that is easily a five-star book., More than even the the baseball betting model construction, the wall street connections and stories, and the general gambling tales, I think the most interesting part of this book is Peta's idea for the gambling market to functionality more like the stock market. I need to re-read it to try and understand it better. I think he discussed it well, but for someone who has not spent their life trading on Wall Street, that particular section may take a couple of scans to completely absorb. Peta's dialogue of cluster-luck is also takes the Bill Jame pythag theorem to another level. Nicely written, a quick read, and a can't skip for any baseball/sports betting/stock market enthusiast!, Interesting and well-written book. It was ironic that I finished this book while I was at Las Vegas, and the night before my spouse wager on the Giants and Tim Lincicum threw his no-hitter. Peta does a very good job explaining the initial construction of his model, as well as explain his experience at Lehman and providing insights regarding its demise. It helps having a finance background. Wish Peta could have invested a little more discussing how he would tweak the model during the season. Good read for a sportsfan/gambler/finance person.

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