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Wow! I thought the first book was good -- this one was toe curling! There have recently been few books that I have been compelled to pay attention to straight through, during any available moment, during every waking hour, until it was done. This specific is one of the best.

This second, beautifully crafted story of Blackthorn and Grim, follows them as they attempt to discover the mystery of the Thorn Tower. That gave me shivers. With the Fey front and center, with all their trixy ways, it was very hard to tell good friend from foe. Full of magic and mystery, love and betrayal, hope and despair -- everything that makes a mythic great -- this is 1 to re-listen to, over and over again -- and NO cliff-hangers!

I love this beautifully written series so much that one hour from the conclusion, I got up off the bed -- at midnight -- to buy the 3 rd book. I can believe it took me so long to find it, and We hope there will be many more stories in the future in this amazing series. *

If your thinking about the Audio Narration: Natalie Gold is perfection reading Blackthorn, and Nick Sullivan's *Grim, " has made all the difference. Fantastic performances! The listening experience of this book/series, is a brilliant and enchanting one!

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Regarding fantasy and dark mythic lovers, and those who love stories about the Fey. (Not for younger guests, due to some physical violence and descriptions of murder, rape, and brutality. )

*Note: I'm sad to say that I contacted Juliet Marillier on the girl Facebook page regarding a release for the next book, but I was disappointed to learn that her publisher are not submitting more of this series. If you love the first about three books around I do and wish to see more, please contact them at consumerservices@penguinrandomhouse. com, and let them know how you feel about their decision. Thanks!, The best part of Tower of Thorns is the great leading characters. I really like Blackthorn. She is smart, tough, emotional, not young, and very, very problematic. I love Grim, who desperately loves Blackthorn even more that he knows. I appreciate that Harsh is a lot smarter that people give him credit for. Since a pair, Blackthorn and Grim are underestimated and therefore, the best at solving mysteries.

In Structure of Thorns, the puzzle is the tower itself. And the creature in the tower. Blackthorn units out to figure out how to break the curse. Damaging the curse should appease the creature and bring serenity to the land. Blackthorn tries to unravel what everyone in the district, including some taciturn fae, have told her (or not told her) about the legend associated with the tower. Meanwhile, Harsh watches from the backdrop in the own unassuming way, collecting his own important clues. This unlikely partnership is currently my favorite set of fictional detectives.

Although I absolutely knew that there was information being withheld and Blackthorn do not have all the facts; even though I was expecting a horrible recognition when the truth was uncovered; there was an clear gasp from me the moment that it happened. I LOVE surprises.

The three-narrator audiobook version makes the story even more amazing. With separate narrators (Natalie Gold, Nick Sullivan and Susannah Jones) for about three different points of view – Blackthorn, Grim and Geilé is, the tale comes alive and is very difficult to turn off.

Juliett Marillier is surely an amazing storyteller. The Blackthorn & Grim series has truly captured my imagination. Structure of Thorns is perfect for the person who enjoys character types with depth, a multi-faceted story with surprises and a very satisfying ending., Typically the second book of the series is really as strong as the first; just as memorable, just as painful. Marillier's stories aren't easy to read, but they're very rewarding. Inspite of the suffering of the characters, there are always occasions of astounding beauty, often illuminating some delicate and marvelous breakthrough in the natural world. Here, most of the story's battle happens within Blackthorn's head as she wrestles constantly with the options she's made. That turmoil makes the girl less discerning than she generally is, but Harsh rises to the foreground as his loyalty locates a great reward. We learn far more about his backstory, though he does not share it with Blackthorn, and he receives some wholly unlooked-for healing while helping others. If there is ever a man who ought to be blessed with a great and fruitful love, it's Harsh, and I hope Marillier grants him all the gifts he deserves alongside the way in the next books..., Just as much as We loved Dreamer's Pool, the first instalment in Marillier's Blackthorn & Grim three set, I cannot BELIEVE We didn't know this experienced been released last The fall of! Within 3 days of finding out that it exists, I'd acquired and read it, and was in no ways let down. I'm positive Ms. Marillier is not capable of writing anything at all but brilliant and beautiful prose, and the deep fantasy that is Structure of Thorns proves the rule.

Of course, story is required to drive any story, but actually, just spending additional time with the two haunting character types of the wise-woman Blackthorn and her dedicated friend Grim makes this publication worth reading. To see such broken people, both plainly experiencing PTSD as a result of their separate and yet mutually horrid pasts, continue to choose and protect the other in their platonic and yet soul-deep friendship -- is actually one of the most moving things I've ever read in fiction. Plus the plot is no slouch either. Marillier has woven a brand new mythic using elements of older tales, but the details are fresh, amazing, and thrilling from starting to end. I didn't want to put Tower of Thorns down, and I am bereft that it's The fall of of this year before the 3 rd book in this cycle comes away. Methinks it's time to revisit a few of the other fine works in Marillier's extensive bibliography- even though I've already read them all. Long story quick, any fan of high fantasy will find a shining gem in this beautiful work about the power of true love.

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