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I wasn't expecting this book to captivate me as thoroughly as it do. If you like a really good horror novel, then "The Tower" is for a person! Perhaps you have had nightmares of your own death? Do you believe objects and houses can hold on the power of past occasions? Could you and a party of friends house-sit an ancient manor miles coming from civilization? Then enter "The Tower"; if you dare!, This is an amazing study; twists and turns all the way through. I loved it and can't wait to read even more from this author, Completely forgettable story. No ambiance. Not scary., not a bad supernatural thriller, I can't say for sure if it's simply me but once inside a while I arrive across a book that will I can't seem to obtain a grasp on so I have to reread that. This is one of those books. It's not really that I didn't know it, it's more just like there's a major gap of missing information and without it the book by itself was lacking something. That is why I gave that three stars. I'll most likely have to read that a second time to be able to evaluate it. It has a good storyline for certain but like I stated, missing something. Maybe various other supernatural readers out there can enjoy it better., Typically the Tower proves once again that Simon Clark will be one of the top 10 horror writers functioning today. I've read a ton of haunted home type books, and thought I've seen it all. Nevertheless , Clark's originality has added even more layers to be able to the genre. There was a couple of specific ideas in this book that I had in no way read before in horror that really impressed myself (a horror twist concerning an echo and reflections within a window). The history was so fast spaced I finished this book inside 3 days. Clark's writing is excellent and his characters are interesting and relatable.

My only complaint is with Leisure Books, the particular publisher. I've been a devoted fan of the business for years and it can time I put the foot down. This book has a TON of spelling errors which are inexcusable for a professional submitting house. They seriously must FIRE the copy editor for letting these errors get to the inkjet printer. If that's not bad sufficient, on page 241, there is a character speaking about somebody else with the particular same name! Guys! Wake up up! This is not really high school. This is uncomfortable. Please contact me and I'll do a much better backup editing job for free. Seriously. Anyway, Simon Clark is just not at fault with regard to this problem, but it absolutely takes you out of the story when things are spelled incorrectly., I acquired this book on such basis as the synopsis located on the back side of the book. It sounded great and I enjoyed Darkness Needs by the same author. The book had a lots of promise. The history offered some originality to be able to the same ole haunted house story -- yet the characters were in no way developed enough so that you can really feel anything for them. I didn't care whether virtually any of them lived or even died. There were many questions left unanswered, which often drove me nuts, and there was also a lack of history to be able to explain the Tower. Another problem I had using the book was the terrible editing job. I was not usually picky about editing, but there have been so many mistakes that made it a little difficult sometimes. I retained having to stop and reread sentences that didn't make sense.

A party of promising musicians usually are house sitting and arrive to discover that they are not alone in the house. They are dreaming about their very own deaths, only to get their dreams come true quickly after. Along with the supernatural trying to kill our party, a human is also looking to offer up the gang as a sacrifice. Sadly, these events are in no way explained.

There was clearly sufficient action to keep myself reading but I can't honestly say I would recommend this book to a friend unless they have been bored to tears with nothing better to study., I enjoyed the author's " The Judas Shrub, " but couldn't complete this one. First hint I was in trouble was one character's knowledge within a room that looked to close in on him. Knew it has been a dream or delusion, neither of which make a good haunted home episode. If the mysterious " man inside the bunker, " impales a live tipp on a spike, I quit. (Maybe what a spoiler, but I'd be carrying out you a favor if it prevented your wasting time on this. )

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