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This was a very good publication by arguably the best fighter in the NHL. He was certainly the toughest of his period. Probert gives us his tale, posthumously as it turned out, of his formative years, his dance shoes career with the Red-colored Wings and the Blackhawks and describes life after hockey. He talks about his drug bust, his DUI, his bouts with the law and the difficulties with border crossings after the high user profile arrest in 1989.

Their wife were required to finish the book and she went into detail about the post-concussive syndrome her husband endured from and what the research in the brain cells has yielded. We lost Probie far to young: he was only in his mid-40s before cardiovascular attack claimed him, but he was a dedicated family man who always gave of himself and let his fists do his talking for your pet. I. e., he wasn't a glory hound, which is rare in this day and age., Meh! I loved Probie and I love the subject material, but this was about as inspiring and/or entertaining as a Curious George book only with less pics. Not to conquer the guy now that he is gone, but he takes no accountability nor did he actually really seem apologetic. Just a lot of sad stories. Even his tales of blood fell shy of any real meat. Having been a tough guy, no doubt, but a author not so much. Just how does this guide get so many accolades?, This was a tough book to make it through. A breezy, and for the most part interesting story, but painful to be a party to.

Frank Probert lost his life in July of 2010 while in the company of his family. He was in the midst of writing this book. While from his own account, and those of his teammates, he had the qualities of a person you might want on their side, like loyalty, leadership, and respect, his self-destructive side made this reviewer often cringe.

While he often professes in the book his undying love for his beautiful wife and five children, his visibility about his alcoholism, medicine use, pain killers, and infidelities contributes to questions about his character and worthiness.

Mcdougal, Kristie McKellan Time, who also collaborated with Theo Fleury in a similar tell-all, wide available autobiography featuring similar self-destructive, insane behavior seems to have a knack for wooing these kind of athletes who push society's boundaries.

Steve Yzerman, who seemed to keep Probert in balance as the Captain of the great Red Wing team, at once describes the good Probert and the bad Probert. It is apparently a war in which the two sides clash often.

In the finish of the book, there is a sense of foreboding in the writing of Probert, as though he knows his time is drawing near. He rues the damage they have put on his wife and family, and one can readily see the truth.

Frankly, after reading Fleury's story, and Probert's (the two were briefly teammates at the finish of their actively playing careers), the life of a professional athlete seems terrifying. The physical sacrifices, the sycophants, the drugs, and the abuse that people put their bodies through tells a story that is far different from the one I usually dreamed when I had sporting activities heroes as a boy or girl.

As Probert put it, when he was high, he had permission to possess fun any way he desired to. It led to injuries, car and motor bikes accidents, breach of relationship trust, letting his children down, among other things. The money was good, however the price to pay was substantial., I really enjoyed this book... some great insight into an NHL enforcer who is totally unapologetic about his role in the game. Also, love the fact that he won't blame anyone for driving the lifestyle on him... he chose to be a difficult guy and he lived up to it on the ice each night. So many guys today whine and complain about having to fight in the little league... all they have to do is quit and proceed with their lives. Probert seemed so grateful for his time in the league.

I read it on a Kindle and the Kindle edition leaves out a major phrase in chapter 26. A new Tactical Landing. Probert is speaking about the guys in Afghanistan asking him questions about the NHL and when they ask your pet who the toughest guy he ever conducted was, the name of the guy he mentions is MISSING!! If anyone reads this and has the publication edition of this, please let me really know what his response was!! Friggen Kindle fire!! I should have bought the physical copy like I actually normally do., Ya know as a hockey fan I heard of Frank, but what Some know is how much details was not provided back in the 80's-90's like now.

I actually do not remember the press conferences. Maybe because We are from New England. Yet , I give Dani credit for staying with the girl husband through all those times. Drugs, sex and alcohol is sufficient to put any marriage off the ledge.

I actually did find the publication boring at times for it spoke of the identical again, and again (sex, drugs, ect) and skimmed over some words within the paragraphs.

You know he loved the sport, and his "job" as an Enforcer. Hearing him talk about his teammates no issue who they were he respected them for their roles and individual. I actually disliked Chelos for a long time, but reading what he did for Bob now has another glance at the hockey star. He took his job serious and knowing what he was going through he was not a "goon" as others had titled.

Nevertheless, to know the words, details and story from his point, friends and family I wish more sport athletes would open up for us all to understand them as individuals rather than greedy sport players.

Rest in Peace Frank!, As a Colorado Avalanche fan, I saw Bob Probert conquer up quite a few guys and I always had a great deal of respect for his ability to play the sport and for his flat iron fists. It's just so sad to see how he surrendered his life to substance abuse. He had lots of friends and family that caught by him, but in the finish it wasn't enough. This book offers an interesting look into the regarding hockey. It is a little rough sometimes and a little disjointed as well, but overall is quite entertaining. Due to Probert family for finishing the book after Bob's unforeseen passing.

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