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Total Workday Control works extremely well on so many levels. I write to review two of them.
First, the author's conceptual platform has brought order to the chaos of my busy practice. Just what do I HAVE TO BE ABLE TO DO today? How to prioritize the things I will realistic work on over the next two several weeks? How do I monitor and manage the numerous of other challenges? Linenberger has compelling and practical answers to those questions.
Second, getting more than two hundred substantive emails a day prior to TWC lead in a bloated in-box packed with many land mines of embedded tasks. Tension levels spiked as the box (and deadlines) got larger and required more time to maintain. TWC provides an efficient method to empty that swamp daily, running the Inbox to bare, placing to do items where they belong... both in Outlook and in my practice.
Been following this system for 6 years.
Bravo to the writer for the excellent advancements in the 5th Edition. Each new edition is a fantastic read., I am a major fan of Michael's work. As a legal professional I am constantly under a barrage of emails and deadlines and MYN is the only system that handles urgency well. I am able to have clean inbox and a sensible Now jobs list instead to +100 projects list and +150 next actions list filled with unimportant, dead weight tasks with little value. For me GTD retains you busy, MYN retains me moving in the right direction., I have used Outlook for many years. I have followed the author for a number of years and We always learn something and improve on my system of organization in Outlook from his books. But I have to say, he has really outdone himself with this 4th Edition. I found myself fascinated with the level of knowledge with the Outlook software. I have discovered over the years a number of troubling issues with the program, so it was obviously a real bonus to have those issues addressed in this book. I read it cover-to-cover; did not want to miss a drop. Not really only have I increased time management, but my knowledge of this reasonably complex, and powerful piece of software has greatly improved. And believe me I possess read a number of Outlook books over the years; nothing compares. Thank you Mr. Linenberger., I will be your standard white collar office worker (a "knowledge worker") faced with a wildly variable range of projects -- most falling in between easy one-off tasks and legit out-and-out projects. I get a hundred emails a day, and have easily 50 tasks on my to-do list at any moment.

This book helped me structure the craziness, and after using this approach for a month We have confidence that things I send to "future Patrick" can come back to me when I need them to. Nothing slips through the cracks, and the torrential inflow of emails is under control and managed efficiently.

I like this book as an enhancement on GTD, because it channels most of the same ideas through Outlook and is premised on the idea that email is the medium through which I get most of my work tasks. I agree with the very first dude in whose review said it seems cliche, but this book transformed his life. Mine too., Bought this years back and have been using it ever since. The strategy seems " natural" and Linenberger is the only to detail things in a good method that you can follow. GTD by Allen is also great but more of a high level for me personally. Typically the two work together., If you use Outlook, We don't undertsnad las vegas dui attorney more than likely get this book. There are other books that talk about time manegement and systems to do the things you have to do and to folowup. And they can have great principles, but then you hold the question: how do I integrate those principles into my day to day routine?

Well, this is the answer. Since it tells you te principles Also it tells you HOW to integrate them into Perspective. So you do not have to think about the " how". Want an empty inbox? This is for you? Want principles and a process? This is for you. Want to know the changes you have to do into Outlook to use those principles? This is for you.

I don't like writing reviews of textbooks, mostly because I avoid have the time, but his one, well, I wanted to share my Wow along with you. By the way, if you like Getting Things Done from Jesse Allen, this book folows many of that system.

In few words: if u use Outlook and have tasks to do, you have to read this book. Unlike other textbooks that some chapters are useful, here with this one, every chapter is gold. Every dollar is worth, I mean it., I started with the one-minute to-do list but progressed onto the Learn Your Now complete program. The book was easy to follow and the program has helped me at your workplace tremendously. Some co-office workers have seen me using it and mentioned it but if someone is not considering learning and placing the time into this it will not work for them.

I think the book could have recently been configured better, it shows windows outlook and mac pc; it would be nice if in the 5th addition the two different operating systems could be completely divided in the book so you do not have to skip over material and discover your place again., Just plain good stuff. This is a systematic and simple way of keeping your schedule under control. I particularly like the way parts of the process can be used. I've purchased replicates for the complete staff.

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