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I have read dozens of financial books and this is one of the best. We would put it upwards there with Automatic Uniform, Rich Dad Poor Daddy, and Pirates of Economic Freedom. It isn't perfect though which I will speak about later.

Who is this book for? Every person can benefit from it, but it is great for married couples and the ones in their late twenties, 30s, and early 40s. Young adults could profit tremendously from it, but I'm worried it might not be exciting or fun enough to carry their attention. It's not really meant for retirees.

--- The great ---

* He or she claims financial freedom is 80% behavior and twenty percent knowledge which is so important, and he focuses on this by pointing away there are a lot of broke finance professors.

* There are many real-life success stories of real people which shows his method works, and they also provide ideas.

* He lays away his seven Baby Steps and makes them easy to understand. He points away that living right monetarily is not complicated. That may be difficult, but it's not complicated.

5. I really liked the quote, "If you proved helpful for a company called YOU Inc. and you managed money at YOU Inc. the way you control your own money now, would you fire you? "

* The guide includes helpful budget types and worksheet at the back of the book.

* He isn't very all gloom and doom. He wants one to have fun and even approves of buying a , 000 watch, but only when you reach step 7 and can afford it.

--- The Not-So-Good ---

* He doesn't go into a lot of detail about how to raise your income. Dave Ramsey is rich because he is a business person who can earn cash from his radio show, books, seminars, programs, and so forth. It would have already been great to get his advice on that, but he probably didn't want to overwhelm the viewer with too many topics.

* I believe his earlier bad experience of debt (he was over-leveraged with his real estate investments) has made him overly fervent on not having any debt. College loans can be very suitable for some people, business loans can be great in the right situation, and his statement that you should put money in the direction of paying down debt rather than getting the company 401(k) match seemed too extreme to me.

* The book wasn't super entertaining. I found a few parts to become a little dry and repetitive. While it certainly wasn't boring, I wish more money management textbooks would be like the new personal finance experience novel, but I guess that isn't this book's purpose. Still, there have been a couple parts that helped me chuckle and he did incorporate some interesting stories.

5. He stressed putting completely of your investments in stock-related mutual funds. Very first, I feel ETFs are probably better than mutual funds because they are cheaper and won't underperform the market. Second, recommending a 100% stock portfolio to everyone regardless of age, financial goals, or risk tolerance seems risky to me. Plus you wouldn't experience the diversification benefit of owning non-correlated resource classes.

* He won't speak about the benefits of environment S. M. A. R. T. goals or having an accountability partner, which were shown to greatly help people achieve all kinds of desires.

--- Conclusion ---

Total it is a great book with a lot of good advice and inspirational case studies. You certainly won't regret reading it., Good book. Life changing! In 4 a few months, I paid off my car loan, all credit cards and doctor bills!!! About , 000 total. I increased my credit score to a 747. Started at a 660., This book is amazing. I'm still working through it, but what I've discovered to date is truly life changing. Highly recommend for everyone from a teen learning about money, to an old couple which may have not learned the best ways to manage finances. Moves to show that it can never too late to make a positive difference in your life when it comes to money. Love it!, Need to get out of debt and wish to become a millionaire? Sawzag Ramsey has the plan if you are emotionally ready to change your life, make sacrifices and take charge of your money. Anyone can do it.... be brave enough to take the challenges Sawzag teaches us in this phenomenal book., Received not more than a week ago and already listening to it for the other time. My hubby has believed it at least 20 times since he first got it earlier this year. We just sold our house and are gazelle motivated to be 100% debt free and set our 2 children up for success.

The writer is very explanatory and animated. It is not a boring, dull appearing audiobook., I LOVED this book... I learned A great deal, and now I feel debt free!!! To date, I actually removed a BIG packet from my shoulders, and today, I can start preserving for my retirement!!!, I actually LOVE this book as well as the Guide to Money. I have learned sooo much from Dave Ramsey. Yes, it can all common sense, but reading it and applying it is difficult for most people and this book helps to get you over a plan (budget) that will ultimately (if you stick with it) help you reach your financial goals. I actually would recommend this guide to anyone with any type of financial debt. Great read, funny, informative... I couldn't put it down!, KISS!!! So simple and yet so extraordinarily potent! If you don't start moving your financial consciousness and beliefs with this guide, you are from Saturn or something like that. I had been a financial advisor for 20 years and, as David says, the majority of this things we know already, but, he has a way of progressing to your heart and dares you to start out using the most popular Perception we have built in. I had been already on my way to clear my last loan but got recently married and have enrolled my husband in my vision of no debt and investing more for retirement and for quick term goals. Now he or she is so excited with the new numbers I revealed him. No more sufferer of the "system" attitude. We are taking responsibility!

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