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The data in this book is excellent, valuable, and something every motorcyclist should learn. That said, as significantly the book design itself goes... this book really needs to be redesigned by somebody who knows how to design books. It is difficult to read because of a poor font choice, leading that is simply too tight, and too much copy crammed in to not enough webpages. Despite my love of the subject I found it exhausting to read. Were the content not engaging to me We would happily have put it down. A good manager would have helped as the book can be a little wordy at times so revising some copy to free up some space would have recently been easily possible. But my design critique aside, as far as the book's content goes and what it has to teach, this is actually valuable information that every rider should learn and practice and am highly recommend it., Solid fundamentals. good explanations. After you check out this you will be more informed than 90 % of those squibs on the streets. But there is still plenty to learn after you read this book. Personally, We think this book, or something comparable like distort of the wrist is essential., Very well written by a very experienced writer and his team. Good quality paper and joining. Very well serving book/guide but dedicated more to high speed riding than for a long distance tourer like myself. We purchased this book mainly for the safety facet of good control under most situations, which yes, are also covered in the book. The competitive high speed info excellent to know but not really for street riding neither my style of riding at this stage and age. Been there done it. Get it, you can learn a whole lot which will go a long way to upping your riding safety., Using this to thoroughly up on my knowledge following a 10 12 months hiatus from track riding. I have read the Keith Code books... this is better. Body positioning is important to me and this book drills home the correct way to get that job done. Also, can't wait to try the methods/steps for turning and cornering the bike. I am definitely one who tends to have my hands fight the other person through a corner. Typically the push with the left to show left and not use any input from the right hand is a comcept well explained and I am excited to experience how it will positively impact my handling habits at my upcoming track days., The substance contained may be useful and comes highly advised. But the writing style and frequent need to be uber-hip with each chapter photograph became so irritating that my husband stopped reading and rejected to pick it up again. Donation pile., In order to be frank when We saw the title "Total Control" my first thought was "what an ego this person has. " But as an enthusiastic reader of Motorcycle Consumer News and skills books generally We decided to taken the plunge.
Am We glad I did. Typically the book is a very entertaining read filled with clear explanations and advice about how to improve one's riding skills. "Total Control" covers all the subjects that get handled in of machine and rider dynamics in a clear, concise style. Unique to this book are its drills someone can try in an appropriate location.
For reference, I have read everything Code, Hough, Ienatsch and Roberts have published. Just about all are very good texts with the own point of view. In my view "Total Control" is one of the better values for street riders.
Should you be serious about your riding I would highly recommend adding this book to your library., As a beginning rider I have found three excellent writers who have really allowed me to understand what I need to do to drive safely and in control and have FUN. They will are David Hough (Proficient Motorcycling series) for thinking of riding on the street, Lee Park's Total Manage and Nick Ienatsch's Sports activity Riding Techniques. If you are going to drive on the street and do some touring you really need Hough's perspective - pretty much most of us. No matter what style of bike you have We think the techniques Complete Control covers are crucial. Parks writes in a genial conversational style that's easy to understand. We like the parking whole lot drills provided. Seems foolish to ride in a building but doing so and following Parks drills have really helped myself pick up my riding. It looks like a sport riding book due to the photos but I'm quite convinced that everyone from sport to cruiser to standard to touring would benefit from the clear instructions on braking, throttle control and body position. I came across I wanted to know even the ended up getting Sport Driving Techniques. That's another review but I will say the journey through these books make me a better rider and driver. 4 stars if you wish to know details about braking, throttle and body position. Five stars if you just want a great overview and building drills., This guide is good for those aspiring to ride on the track. Unfortunately I'd declare 2/3 of it is not really applicable to the everyday rider (commuting, getting around the city, with occasional twisties). Still a good guide, and for the price of a used paperback it's definitely worth its price.

For the everyday rider, I'd definitely recommend this book instead, which covers more of security, handling, and overall being a better rider.   Proficient Motorcycling: The Ultimate Guide to Riding Well   Stay safe!

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