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Ripped Trousers is an extraordinary book! Andrew and Gwynn share their amazing experience in a of Southern The african continent most remote, and excellent, areas. It has lovely characters, rich and engaging storytelling, humorous touches propagate thorough and even periodic edge-of-your-seat suspense added too. I actually loved it! Given that most of us won't have similar opportunity, reading their adventure is likely the second best thing (after hearing it all straight from the horse's mouth, that is).

I actually mostly had contact with Andrew's writing style from his 4x4 guides and it is rewarding to notice that his talent goes way beyond technological books. Gwynn's writing style is superb! Quite a refreshing read! The book alternates chapters written by either Andrew or Gwynn, displaying both perspectives, a quite nice setup I should add. This is the type of book you will have a hard time letting go, in case you cannot afford to read it all in one sitting., The story of the young couple that gave up their jobs and sold almost everything they owned so that they could manage a safari camp in Botswana. This adventure occurred years ago. I am not sure how many years ago ?nternet site did not find a date. But, at one point they said that when they were there the campers paid hundreds of dollars every night and would now pay thousands of dollars each night. Wow!

When Andrew and Gwynn arrived the place was falling aside because of the past managers' apathy, the owner's penny pinching, and the destruction of the animals. They proved helpful extremely long days to get the camp into form, entertain their guests, and also to manage the employees. It was grueling work and it is not surprising they stayed only one year. On top of everything that they did not feel they can go to bed until the visitors visited bed. Some visitors stayed up talking and drinking until the early hours of the early morning. They needed at least one more employee--probably a social movie director.

It was extremely hard to get ahead with enhancements because hyenas and baboons were raiding the kitchen almost every night. The elephants were knocking down the camp palm trees. There is a mess to clean up and risk at every turn. And then there are the water dangers--hippos and crocodiles. Performed you know that Hippos are the most dangerous animals in Africa? They kill more people than any other animal on that continent.

We listen to about the obnoxious and wonderful guests and we also hear about great and not so excellent employees. And then there would be the strange owners. Very interesting.

Andrew and Gwynn take turns writing the chapters. I've read books where that's annoying but it didn't bother me at all in Torn Trousers because their writing styles are incredibly similar.

I very much enjoyed reading about the adventures in this book. It's more proof that Paradise is not necessarily haven when you work there., Botswana and the Okavango Delta is my favorite place on earth to visit regardless of whether our company is staying in a camping tent or a lodge. I actually was so excited to read this book unfortunately he so disappointed and tricked by all the high reviews. The absolute miracle of the Okavango was not brought home to the reader. The elegance of the environment and the rmind blowing range of bird and creatures, the crystal clear water, and the serene majesty of Africa at its purest was far too sparsely explained to make this a rich fulfilling story. In the beginning, Andrew and Gwen explained being so irritated themselves by the total negativeness of the previous camp managers and the way they endlessly ran down the camp owners, nevertheless they have done exactly the same thing right throughout the book. The constant bickering and horrible personalities of the owners and the " teacher" Morag which were endlessly discussed, & completely over-rode the more enjoyable parts of the book. Tau camp doesn't sound very appealing in this novel yet I'm positive it was a piece of paradise even when it was a basic camp iback in the 90's. Botswana is still very rural, most places are still very basic and poor except for the wealthy camps, yet this is part of the charm. We find the more basic places are often the most enthralling & memorable. The ways of the African local people, the lack of facilities, the cruel environment and the heat are part of the adventure for visitors - this is the real Africa!. The decrepit kitchen and " off" food is so frequently discussed that it seems quite disgusting, yet it is Gwynns favorite place - she didn't quite manage to convey exactly why she loves this kitchen, or how they managed to produce all the delightful food from your apparently very lacking kitchen with fridges that did not work with horribly ripe smelling meat and limp veggies, if any. If Andrew and Gwynn could rework this book with a little more " half-full" attitude rather than their " half-empty" one, and weave a little more wonder into the amazing place that they worked then this book would be greatly enhanced., Another " new come from strange places" book, with first I found it rather souless. It wasn't badly written, but was more of a record of arguments than something. Didn't feel much warmness towards the authors but it did get better and for the finish and quite exciting. How they got away with serviing rotten meat in scorching temperatures to high-end customers though amazed me, its a wonder they did not kill somebody. Also why they though the bad siamese cat could deal with wildlife and Big Ben beggars belief., The book was okay, a quick read. Nearly all of it was about how precisely the new supervisors of a safari camp don't get along with the old manager. Of which conflict gets tiresome. The sections about local animals were interesting and there were a few humorous parts. Not a bad book, just not that good either.

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