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This particular application lists the leading 200 drugs with company name, generic name plus drug class. If you click on the medication class, it will inform you what the medications are used for. Highlighted blue text indicates that the particular text is clickable. Just click on " Look Inside" here at Amazon. You will see that the particular drug class text is highlighted blue. However, in the " Look Inside" demo here on Amazon online, after you click on the text, expense inform you the what the particular drug is utilized for due to the fact it is the demonstration. The full version following purchase will tell you what the drug is utilized for when you click the drug class.

I possess an ipad, an google android tablet, an android phone, a good iphone, and a pc. The formatting of the particular application works just great in all my devices. I have tested the particular ebook of drug names on all devices that is reasonable to read the book from such as an ipad tablet and a good android tablet and the particular formatting is definitely fine. There are no words reduce off on kindle.

There are no misspelled phrases in this app. In case you were to check upwards " nitroglycerine" on Wikipedia, it will say that will nitroglycerin can be spelled nitroglycerine. Clopidogrel is spelled effectively with this book.

I discovered that one manipulated substance was missing a manipulated substance schedule available. Typically the author's phone number is in the book so I referred to as him to complain. This individual apologized and fixed that in less than 1 hour after I called him or her. All manipulated substance medications now list the manipulated substance schedule of the particular drug close to the medication name in the " DEA Controlled Substances" part.

This flash card application is a godsend. We absolutely HATE memorizing lengthy lists info such as drug names. Just thinking about all those medication names makes my head spin. This application tends to make it possible for me personally to study my drug names whenever I have the moment to do so for example when I'm standing up in line at the particular grocery store or within my lunch break at work. I could use this application on my phone plus ipad. I need not sit down down somewhere and study for hours. I can do this on the go. Despite the fact that this app/ book had been written for pharmacy professionals, this is also beneficial for nursing students plus pharmacy students studying to become a pharmacist. We highly recommend this study aid., It list some of the top medications as: generic/brand name plus drug class. It does not list what the medications are used for. The routine drug numbers are half missing through the book. Several of the letters in words are cutoff on kindle. Do some analysis on schedule drugs. Typically the book could use modernizing.

They spelled a few drug names wrong. Right here are types of misspelled phrases found in the publication:

Brand name " clipidogrel" - Actual spelling is clopidogrel

Generic name " nitroglycerine " - Actual spelling is nitroglycerin

Only good plus is that will book has information on how to access flash cards on-line., Doesn't have all of the particular information needed, but that will may be because half of the card becomes cut off, even any time reading horizontally on your phone., Very useful I'm the rma, this knowledge is a must. It's very an easy task to relate to the particular medications that I'm exposed to., Very good plus an easy task to use., I understand it was only. 99 but I somehow predicted more based on rave reviews of interactive type questions that made you answer in the generic regarding a brand name appear. I thought that could possibly be great for studying updated medication names. BUT I thought there would also be actual information about the medications. I can't find everything with classifications, MOA, contradictions... ni siquiera un poco. I then tried coming into a code that had been suppose making possible the electric flashcards... again, maybe I am doing a problem but almost all that accomplished was to take me to a separate website to " join". I'm glad it had been only a buck but avoid buy this to do any actual medication studying, I had previously acquired a set of printed 3x5 index cards that will were " Flash Cards" from another vendor (ofcourse not Amazon) and it also sucked. These kinds of cards kept falling out there of my back pants pocket. I lost a few. Ugh. Most of all, We wasn't learning the medication names fast enough.

We got this Drugs Expensive Card and it had been very helpful. It is an application that requests me generic or company names randomly. If that gives me A generic name, then I am expected to type in the corresponding company name. If it offers me a brandname name, then I am anticipated to type in the corresponding common name. The application then tells me if I got the answer correct plus if I got that wrong, then the application gives me the correct response. The application also offers a detailed explanation of the drug. For example, with regard to ibuprofen, I will type in " Advil". Within response, the application may tell me that We got the solution correct plus tell me that Advil or ibuprofen is actually a NSAID or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory medication.

Best of all, We no longer have to clutter with dad gum 3x5 index cards. This application works extremely well from my brand new iPhone. I use also applied this application on my iPad and I recently had an Android phone previously that will caused this app, too. Nice!, This flash cards was very useful. It has the top two hundred drugs' brand names, common names, what the medication is for, what kind of drug it is, as well as the manipulated substance schedule of all the manipulated substances in the particular top 200 drugs. It is not really a expensive card but a pc program that teaches you the very best 200 drugs. It requests you questions and you answer them on your phone, tablet, or pc. This lets me make the most utilization of my study time so We can study on my phone in odd places such as while standing in collection at the DPS business office this morning. LOL.

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