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It is a fascinating inside story of the crash of 08. Unlike other books on the topic, it doesn't really make clear how the various derivatives (Collateral Debt Obligations, synthetic CDOs, Credit score Default Swaps, and so forth ) actually work--the author seems to assume the reader already knows this or doesn't care. Some of the details of who called whom when start to get a little tedious, but if you want to know exactly how the disaster unfolded, this guide will tell you. Additionally, it paints the characters of the chief players in the drama. I'm glad I read it., Basically the book is a compilation of diaries of the people in greatest authority - both federal government and business. It is a minute by second description of what happened and who said what. At the conclusion there is sort of a list of the people who ended the crisis. You should be added. RIM & their Blackberry. It seems all the players spent hours and hours each and everyday on their Blackberry's. The particular crisis couldn't have already been averted without them.
As other critics have notes, missing is any deep analysis of 'Why" the crisis happened, other than quoting a NYT editorial that it all the fault of the big banks. Although the greed of the banks was railed against, no one described the greed of the individuals who took out mortgage loans they can not afford without whom none of this may happened., Good heavens this book is thick. Its really good but will take some time to read. As to the others who claim Sorkin doesn't reveal what mistakes were made that lead upwards to the collapse, this individual does and commences in the introduction., Very good expose' of how the 2008 bailout was delivered about. Shows how individuality and relationships influenced the gov'ts ability to manage wall structure St. Also the result of allowing investment banks and commercial banks to combine (Glass-Stegall act abolished). Because to the mortgage crisis..., good detailed history, but no presentation of why things went wrong, Now i'm not a big Andrew Ross Sorkin fan, but this book was great. That really gives a good understanding of what happened during the financial crisis. Mister. Sorkin was able to make an otherwise complicated subject very exciting and interesting. I actually highly recommend this guide to anyone that desires to understand the particular financial industry was dealing with and what our federal government asked the banks to do., Too Big to Fail is a web page turner. I think seldom do you get a book in finance where you are really keen to discover what happens next, but this book matches that category. I typically spend more time reading and thinking about strength components of what happened prior to and during the crisis but this book goes to the heart of those things and attitudes of the people involved directly. Internet marketing glad i took the time to read it. The many negotiating strategies, brinkmanship and strategy or shortage thereof are described in detail with colorful terminology.

Too big to fall short recounts the events from bear's collapse to the recapitalization through equity injection therapy of the US financial institutions. It describes in what feels like real time, the politics, both on the corporate side as well as the government side of what was happening during the crisis. I cant inform how much of the conversations were embellished but the dialogue definately seems like it could be near what was really being said. You get a sense of the way in which various CEO's evolved during the crisis in attitude, the way they became overwhelmed or continued to be clear headed. You get a sense of the desire of some to try to work with each other and try to help to the best of their ability given their restrictions and the desire of others to try to vulture invest and seek personal gain.

One becomes a lot out of this book. It will not focus on the structural failings of the market, but you get a great sense of the way that the heads of financial institutions dealt with it and reacted to one another. You obtain a real glimpse at the most testing time for these individuals and how they succeeded or failed. I enjoyed it from the beginning to the end. Im really curious as to how the author managed to get the recounts as they appear very plausible. In anycase, highly worth reading, if only to get a play by play of the financial meltdown at the CEO level of the major banks., This book got solid detailed analysis financially with considerable inference to the human side of what occured. I have advanced degrees and licensure in finance so my reading of this book was slanted towards the financial side. Yet , I think a person 'not so burdened' would find this guide a very interesting retrospect back to that time. In completing the guide, the reader may well wonder what has changed, if anything at all. More importantly, has anything hypostatic really been completed prevent this from happening again. Mr. Sorkin did a good job as to finance but I consider the strength of the book is the way he weaved the human aspect in. This guide would be a good reference book for everyone to read next time they hear Washington telling them they really fixed something...

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