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Be home more mom here. The only reason I didn't create a review sooner was because I had formed this book in my face. (I was able to study it by sitting outside and telling my son we would get snow cream if he can catch a squirrel. ) Talking about face, toddlerhood slammed us in the encounter way before I anticipated it. 15 months. I actually started off as one of THOSE moms. Crunchy granola no tv or even electronics organic and natural gluten free " not my fairly sweet angel" moms. Now the toddler is a little S$#% fifty percent the time (remember, we all aren't full blown toddler yet. ) We have literally worn out one DVD AND BLU-RAY of Frozen and my hubby was told not to be able to bother coming home coming from work with no new one. As I write this particular, I stink. Like genuinely stink. I can't remember my last shower. My kid sits on the lap while I feces and my home is included with a white film, being a combo associated with yogurt and lotion, which are interchangeable to him. My meals consists of whatever he or she didn't eat, which is normally enough that I understand I will at least acquire one hot rejected dinner a day. And I actually secretly despise my mommy only a little bit for being smug that the son is always an ideal angel at her residence. (Not that he's not just a sweetheart at mine, yet it's a delicate stroll that can change in a split second). This book is funny as terrible. If you have a toddler, this book will be hilarious. I came close to peeing my pants. (If you are a new mother, you probably will pee your pants. Totally normal. ) Because it's so true. Every sentence. If you are or have a first time pregnant good friend, this will be purchased for a glimpse into the future in addition to a fantastic non stop laugh., Pretty funny. Plus it irritates my wife's ridiculous " crunchy" friends. Which actually what they phone themselves, like it's cool or something. Buy 2 and upset an essential oil peddling mom nowadays. Namaste., This book is entertaining! If you have a sense of humor and are typically the parent of a toddler then this book will be for you. I jeered until tears came lower my face at a few of the descriptions of toddler/parent behavior/interactions. I could see some " holier compared to thou" parents being opposed to this book because of the language alone but my buddies and I find it hilarious! This may be a fantastic gift, especially for typically the patent of a second/third/etc child!, Absolutely hilarious. I actually sure hope no toddler is actually as negative as the author describes, or I'm going to be able to have to declare me personally to be a sanctiparent. I acquired this at typically the end of the long negative day, along with a 3rd associated with the way through the book I was laughing so hard I was on typically the verge of tears, attempting to read passages to be able to my wife and failing, so I'd pass it out, and got her having a laugh pretty hard as well. Lots of language, so if that bothers you, don't read it., This book will be something I actually go back and read multiple times through the years! Presently there have been several times where I put the little girl to mattress and pick up this particular book only to must stop reading because Constantly see through the tears within my eyes. (laughter tears) This book is brutally sincere and makes you feel such as your not alone with some of the terrible ideas that cross your mind every day like a mommy to toddlers. This is typically the best money you have got ever spent!, I cherished this book. It took me personally 3 sittings to study it. I was addicted. It just made me personally feel better about almost everything going on and of which I was not failing. If you feel completely defeated from your kid, read this bad boy. It gave me the ability to take a look at things various and work through a few issues with my tiny., Love this book! It is such a anxiety reliever. It helps you look at toddlerhood in addition to laugh. Let's face it, toddlers can drive you insane and there usually are times you wish you could read their tiny minds to understand all of them. This book helps you remember you need to go with the flow and do what's best for you and your own kid. I've read a few of the bad evaluations and can't help think those individuals need to be able to lighten up. It never said it had advice or was in anyhow a serious book., Hilarious. At times like a parent you sense like you're the only one who has a crazy kid but this particular books helps you to be able to feel like you're not alone. Let's be actual, raising kids is difficult and having a giggle along with having something to relate to is definitely the thing you need. Recommend 10/10

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