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Readers familiar with Rick Riordan's Percy Jackson and the Olympians series are in for another fun-filled romp in THE TITAN'S BANE. The author has a five-book run planned for Percy and his friends, and then the return visit in a later series, which his young fans will clamor for.

If you haven't read either of the two previous books, I'd warn you to stay away from this review because you're going to find out things that are better discovered through your own reading.

Inside the LIGHTNING THIEF, twelve year old Percy Knutson found out having been the son of Poseidon, the Greek god of the sea. My son and i also read YA books together all the time, and these are his most favorite. What draws him in the most - and I mean HOURS at any given time, till my voice provides on me - are Percy's cool water forces and the immense tapestry of Greek mythology that Riordan weaves in so well.

My son doesn't this, but he's basically acquiring a classical education reading these novels with me. He finds the stories of the gods and goddesses, all of their petty problems and efforts to get payback on each other, wonderfully interesting. Having been so enthralled by the initial book that I had to buy him or her a book on Greek mythology, which he continue reading his own just to get more background on the mythical characters in the pages.

A person clean up on your Greek mythology, or even tell all the stories to your kids. Riordan does a outstanding job of making those ancient tales of gods and goddesses come in existence in his stories, and giving you all the background materials you need. But don't be surprised if your child starts prowling the library shelves in search of more info.

THE TITAN'S BANE starts off with an almost 007 believe that I really liked. Riordan usually plunks Percy down in the midst of action, but the search for two new half-bloods (sons and daughters of gods who don't know they are such) captivated my son and me immediately. And things, naturally , go really badly for Percy and his friends.

Still, despite all the close calls, my son and I were laughing out there loud at Percy's adventures. Grover, the young satyr that's his friends, ended up getting some of the best parts, but the chapter where Percy ends up riding the mythical pig was an absolute hoot.

Blackjack, Percy's Pegasus buddy, puts in an appearance in this book as well, and absolutely steals the show for a while. "God alert, " Blackjack alerts. "It's the wine dude! " Of course, he's mentioning to Dionysus, the Greek god that's currently helping punishment as head of Camp Half-Blood. In fact, Mr. D actually steps in to the thick of things more forcefully in this volume. But the range, typical pre-teen terminology, experienced my son and I cracking each other up for days and nights as we kept duplicating it.

In every guide in the series, there's always a quest. Inside the first book, Percy had to find the thief that took Zeus's mystical lightning bolt. Inside the second, Percy experienced to save Grover. Yet in the third guide, Percy has to save his best bud, Annabeth, with whom he's becoming even more enamored. This particular quest sends Percy and his friends zooming across the United States again, and reveals even more Greek mythological geography which has been relocated to this region.

Athena is back on hand, as well as Artemis and Apollo. Luke's efforts to resurrect Kronos as still in play, and it looks bad for our heroes. There's a prophecy (told by the Oracle in a way that is extremely humorous) that foretells the death of 1 of the heroes on the quest.

Riordan's pacing is fabulous. Will be certainly never a dull moment in a single of these books. Things - and threats - just keep occurring at a mile-a-minute. This particular book truly felt like trying to stay on top of an avalanche as we hurtled to the ending. And it only left us hungry for Book Four: THE BATTLE OF THE LABYRINTH., This third book in the series sees Percy searching for Annabeth, who has gone missing. It introduces more Greek gods and more half bloods that important for the remaining books. Itself, this book is probably self contained enough to be enjoyed, but they have many references to things that happened in the initial two books that might be confusing to those who hadn't read them. It's well really worth reading as part of the series., My child read the whole series twice, once in fourth grade, again in sixth. First time he examined them out of the library. In between we had acquired them from used book sales. This particular is the only one he didn't have so we bought it to complete the collection. Our son loves to read, reads constantly but rarely finishes a whole book before another one catches his eye and he progresses. He finished all of these, twice.

I educate high school and many of our low reading level students enjoy these books.

My son is now reading the next series by Rick Riordan, The Heroes of Olympus. His Aunt bought him or her the whole series for his birthday. They are considerably longer than the Percy Jackson ones but he flies through them., Our son is 9 and does his 30 minutes of required reading everyday and not one second more. Not so with this book. He noticed the movies based on the first two books in the series and thought he might be enthusiastic about reading the next. From begin to finish he could not put it down. Having been reading at breakfast, after dinner and during required reading time. He would even accept the book in the car to read if we had to head out there. 300+ pages later and he is now reading book 4. Unbelievably this guide has him glued to his kindle even more than book 3. Any kind of activity that rates above playing Minecraft gets 5 stars in my guide. I might highly recommend this series to any parent/boy searching for a good read in the 9yr to 12yr category., The latest Percy Jackson and the Olympians continually tell a wonderful story of kids of Olypmic gods and goddesses dealing with additionally world, but interacting with the gods themselves. Forces of the Titan Kronos, are attaining power. The are gathering an army of Giants, monsters, and half-bloods to overthrow Zeus and the Olympians. And they are going to start at Camp Halfblood - Percy, Annabeth, Thalia, and Grover find Artemis, and her strap of maidens to help them. Artemis is captured, (and Annabeth is missing) and the kids have to rescue her and get Artemis to the winter solstice. They must combination the country to San Francisco to find her - with the gods' help, statues come to life, pegasus like horses are at their command, and all show their bravery against the evil ones wanting to take control.
This is simply not a stand alone book, and knowledge of mythology helps to keep gods and character types clear - Look the characters on the Internet, or a mythology guide to know more about them and exactly what they imply to the story.
The series is a delight to read, although it is targeted at young folks, it, like the Harry Potter books that also were aimed to young ones, have caught adults' attentions too.
We glimpse at what the next adventure will be, and am sure it will be just as great as the first about three books., I really love the drawings and colors used for the backgrounds and the characters. The story was exciting leaving me seeking more.
I had only one problem with the graphic guide style and this was the close up feature failed to punch up the words enough and I experienced to use a magnification glass to read it better.
I hope in the foreseeable future I will either learn the way to read a graphic novel on Kindle or I find the magnification device .!

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