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I really like all of the dragon books that Terry writes, but I read this one really fast, so it must be too brief!

Within the continuing story of the metal dragons we have Titus, the Titanium dragon. When Bree needs someone to help the woman fix her dilapidated house up, she calls on Rent-a-Dragon. Titus doesn't desire a lot of time to ascertain that Bree is his destined mate, but she'll need some time to accept him. Bree has been scared off men by a man the lady thought was her good friend and mentor. She has fled to get away from his influence and control. Unfortunately, the house the lady bought without having a complete evaluation of the repairs needs a LOT of work. This man is threatening to possess it ruined, which would mean Bree would be penniless and homeless and forced to come back to him. She is NOT going to allow that to happen, and neither is Titus.

The treasured metallic dragons could make another appearance, and issues will be sorta resolved. I think these will be the next dragons we will meet up close and personal. I can't wait around to see what eventually happens with Mercury, who made his appearance in the last book. He is the ultimate bad dragon now that Care is tamed., I'm really enjoying this Rent-a-Dragon series! Bree Durell has been tricked, handled and lied to you to far too often. Now, the lady needs a contractor to fix her home, so she can realize the woman dreams of freedom. Titus is definitely the guy to do the job. Bree is strong, determined and very skeptical. I personally think Titus is adorable, but she is got him between a rock and a difficult place. Whatever he does, it will look like your dog is just as the others.
Watch what happens when Titus strives to win his mate. There are battles to be struggled, enemies to vanquish, solutions to puzzles, mates to appreciate and love. And, still more to come, I believe. Enjoy!, 3. 5-4 stars

This was a pretty good story. We liked Bree and Titus and enjoyed their history. I will say that it's kind of similar to the other Rent-a-Dragon stories so it might be best not to read them too close together.

Bree is an artist that is on her own and moving into a run-down house that desperately needs some TLC. Bree grew up with an emotionally abusive father who was extremely handling. She escaped him when she went to college but then (after college) got involved with a man, Geoffrey, that appeared to be a coach on her behalf as an designer.... until he started getting handling and attempted to trap the woman.

Titus is a Titanium dragon that is many centuries (or maybe millennia) old. He and his send mates (think old Viking types) set out from their home to find friends but a wave capsized their ship and they were frozen in ice until the Oracle found them and thawed them out. Titus and his shipmates have been staying with Aegis, Opal & Citrine (from " Emerald Dragon" from the Awakened Dragons series) while they get acclimated to today's world and try to find their mates.

When Bree escaped Geoffrey, she took what money she had and bought a house on a piece of land that she loved. Unfortunately, since she paid cash for the house, no inspection was performed and the house was in much worse shape than she thought it was. Geoffrey came around and threatened to call the inspectors and have the house condemned so she would be without a location to live and would be forced to go back to him. Bree approached many contractors about fixes nonetheless they were all too expensive... which is how she ended up going to get an estimation from Rent-a-Dragon. Bree satisfies Titus during the meeting but she's convinced the lady could never afford their services and leaves. Titus goes to see the woman later, convincing her that they need the good reviews more than money and he'll work on her house if the lady does a portrait for him. Bree thinks the deal is too good to be true but takes it out of desperation.

Due to her earlier, Bree isn't too thrilled at the idea of getting involved with a man. She is convinced that she'd conclusion up involved with someone else that wanted to control/take good thing about her and she's very immune to that. There's a strong interest between Bree and Titus but she fights it and Titus doesn't push because he wants to earn her trust. It can a bit of a dance between them as Titus tries to take a advancement with her while attempting to keep the woman from taking 2 steps back. Titus' situation is not helped when Platinum (aka Sever) comes calling, performing like a friend/co-worker to Titus and due to the limited rope Titus is walking with Bree and the secrets he's keeping from her, he has to go along with Serious. Sever has a grudge over something from their past that Titus does not really understand but is actually soon apparent that Serious thinks that stealing Titus' mate would be a good revenge. It takes some time and effort but things do work out and the storyplot ends with Bree and Titus enjoyably together and heading for a HEA.

This is a pretty enjoyable story. Bree was a good heroine. She had definite issues but I was happy that she didn't let her fears control the woman for a long time. Titus was a good hero and did the best he or she could to win his woman while taking proper care of her (in a way she could accept). Overall, their story was enjoyable and I would recommend it.: ), Titus, the Titanium Dragon shifter, is the final metallic Dragon buying a mate. Within this concluding book for the Rent a Dragon series all the parts come together. Artist Bree is in need of a contractor to refurbish her rather dilapidated home. Add in her wacky Great Dane, Biff, and you will have a rollicking good time. Bree posseses an uncanny ability to attract controlling and annoying men. Her saving grace is she's Titus' partner. Once he arrives, the rest don't matter. Scenes of duels between the coarse and treasured metallic dragons, simple lessons educated to ill advised men, posing for portraits and providing true loving, attractive times for his partner, Titus proves to Bree he is the real deal. Wonderful conclusion to a heartwarming, action filled series., We loved this guide! Titus and Bree were definitely made for each other. I loved how Aegis stepped up and was the true coach that Titus needed when his crew was occupied with their own friends. However everyone was there when these were really needed... fighting like the barbarians Aegis always referred to them as. Sever and Titus showed how true friendship never dies. Typically the spin at the conclusion leading to future textbooks has me so thrilled. I love the action and the romance but what really brings me personally back to Terry's textbooks is the humor. Typically the funny interactions between characters is classic. I can't wait around to see what Citrine comes up with for the noble dragons. We know it will be hysterical., Yay!!!! Titus becomes a mate!!!!! We also get more interactions with Aegis, and the Prescious metal dragons.... Titus reaches meet Bree, an designer who needs a handyman, and is apparently in trouble. Things in her last make her afraid of controlling possesssive people. Titus wants to love the woman and protect t the woman, not own her. Additionally you get fight scenes, pieces of the puzzle from earlier times, and Mercury is in the mix too. Genuinely wonderful like all of Terry Bolryder's books!!!!! We bought a copy, but received a gifted arc, and voluntarily left my review. Love it. We can't await more textbooks, and hope Citrine, and the treasured metal dragons get mates and tales, too!!!!

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