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Excellent book. Audible add-on is also very very well done. This guide is generally a great summary of Rockefeller's life and influences both by him and upon him. It's challenging to total up such a long and influential life in a single book, but you really get a sense of it here along with the politics and economics of the time.

Chernow is an excellent writer., I greatly enjoyed myself reading about Rockefeller in Ron Chernow's Titan. The resource itself covers Rockefeller's life fairly completely. The publication also spends a significant amount of time on his only son, JDR, Jr, who received almost the complete fortune and who spends his entire life selflessly dedicated to his father and philanthropy. (Junior had 5 famous sons, the Rockefeller brothers, Nelson, David, Laurance, Winthrop, and John III. )

Probably the biggest question about Rockefeller is where on the spectrum of good to evil he drops, and i believe Chernow paints as sympathetic a picture as possible, doing a good-job of getting beneath how the press betrayed him or her.

For me, the most fun part of Rockefeller's life to read about was your last stage where he approximately became a happy go lucky "codger" (as Chernow calls him), though I have a feeling that Chernow's research in the early life and how his early life pervades more of his life is probably Chernow's most important contribution to great grandchildren. The most exciting part of the book was obviously how Rockefeller got his start.

Picking up the story after Rockefeller's loss of life, I started to read the life memoire of David Rockefeller, written in 2003. Chernow actually spoke with David before writing Titan. Curiously, the chapters in David Rockefeller's memoire that deal with his father (Junior) and grandfather (Senior), published 7 years after Chernow's book came out, almost seem lifted from Chernow's book. There's almost nothing written solely on Jr, other than a bio by Raymond Fosdick. (Fosdick was carefully associated with Junior for 40 years. ) Abby Aldrich Rockefeller (Junior's wife) also seems interesting (she is in charge of the MoMA), and there is a bio of her by Bernice Kert. I aren't wait till the early spring to visit Kykuit!

The particular research was top rate, and the book read effortlessly. I had formed a hard time putting the publication down. The only problem I had formed was that the Kindle version footnote links did not work., This brought to life the majesty of the gilded associated with America. The wealth and ostentation seemed to have no effect on the great John. D Rockefeller as his steadfast devotion to Baptist ideals helped steer the Great Regular Oil into the unchartered waters of destiny. Having brought in an attempt to an industry in chaos he lighted the homes and provided the fuel for generations of Americans amassing wealth beyond imagination. In old age he devoted to disseminating wealth in the same efficient and orderly manner as he had accumulated. Chernow brings this enormous figure to life with the graceful prose worthy of a first rate novel. Highly recommended., Ron Chernow masterfully offers the many sides of lifespan of Rockefeller, without simplistically stereotyping him or visiting the other extreme - of cheerleading his achievements and glossing over his faults. At the ending of this lengthy read, you'll find yourself staggered at the amount of wealth accumulated by this mysterious capitalist, surprised by the vast array of his philanthropy of which we still benefit today, yet left shaking your head at his window blind spots in his family, his mindset about monopolies great lack of any remorse for just about any actions taken by his behemouth, Regular Oil. I was also struck by how being human has not changed in 100 years. Just like the profitable are villified for personal gain today, so Rockefeller was jeered no issue how much money he gave away, and the line of freeloaders and politicians who felt entitled to his fortune was endless. In a regarding hard right and hard left politics, Chernow get's it right - telling the story in all its real life complexity - without resorting to politically charged stereotyping.., This specific is the 3rd Ron Chernow book I've read after "Washington: A Life" and "Alexander Hamilton". Ti (symbol) is the biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr., who was the creator of "Standard Oil". The particular book tells his history from his youth to the ending of his long life (he resided to 97).

John D's dad was a very interesting con man who was loving to his family, but deserted your family for long stretches of your time, eventually leaving the family and assumed another personality. He married another lady while still married to John D's mother. John D's mother raised the family deeply religious Baptists, never knowing about the woman husband's other life.

The particular family never went hungry, nonetheless they struggled to get by, and John D learned to be thrifty and learned the value of money. As he grew up, through effort and luck, he had oil refining after essential oil was discovered in 1859 nearby. He became a master at organization and eventually his "Standard Oil" company manipulated almost all the oil business in the USA. John D got fantastically rich, eventually becoming the richest man in the world.

John D was a very private man who's life was a total conundrum. All his life he remained extremely religious and donated large amounts involving to charities. On the other hand when it came to business he was totally aggressive, extremely cunning and carried away, and was one of the most hated men in America. While reading this publication, you will feel much appreciation for the man one minute, then feel that he was one of the worst human beings that ever before lived.

As cutthroat and greedy as he was at business, he retired before he was 60 and devoted the rest of his life to offering away nearly all of his money for causes to raised humanity (religion, charity, education, and medical research). As an old man, he was fairly much forgiven by the press for all those his earlier deeds and became much admired for all those his generosity.

This book is practically seven hundred pages and explains John D's life quite completely and has a lot of good pictures. I really enjoyed reading it, as I did Ron Chernow's other two books.

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