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I had been disappointed by the fact that this is only a scanned copy of the original comic book. Also, it wasn't a particularly good scan and the panels next to the binding were distorted. Also the colors were a little faded and not true. The least that could have been done was that the scan should have been done with an unbound copy of the comic. A better quality scanner could have been used to draw out the vibrant colors of the original strip, "The Calculus Affair" starts in Marlinspike Hall with Professor Calculus's experimentation and succeeding kidnapping, and the trek leads to Borduria, a small, fictional country in the Balkans whose evil market leaders have grandiose political aspirations. The professor has come up with the plans for a weapon of, well, mass destruction that might be used to Borduria's benefit. This story line is a reflection of the mid-1950s Cold War period, when this book was published. Syldavia, locale of the "good guys" in "King Ottokar's Sceptre, inch has arrived merely a compete with country also seeking to obtain the weapon.

Herge once again displays inspiration and sophistication in his artwork and story environment, combining for a great atmosphere. Borduria (its money city, Szohod, anyway) is more modern-urban than their rival Syldavia as pictured in "King Ottokar's Sceptre. " There, Borduria was referenced but not much seen, while Syldavia's money, Klow, featured a wonderful castle, royal garb and decor, and some people in peasant garb (outside Klow, it was just typical garb). Here, Syldavia is referenced but not seen, except to the level of one Bordurian-goon compared to. Syldavian-goon scene in which the organizations fight for the possession of Professor Calculus. Any time Captain Haddock asks Tintin how to tell which one to go after, Tintin states he should go for the ugliest.

Herge always displayed contempt for military authority and severe regimes in his publications, here it is no different. Symbolically, metropolis Tintin and the Captain first go to after the kidnapping is Geneva, centered on a clue still left by a thug spying at Marlinspike. Professor Calculus had communicated about his machine with Professor Topolino, an expert in ultrasonics. Calculus was worried about the dangerous consequences of his invention, but a prepared meeting in Geneva was aborted because of the kidnapping. Professor Calculus failed to want to cooperate with the Bordurians because he failed to want his weapon used for warlike purposes. Herge focuses on, even satirizes, the crassness of the Bordurians in their desire for military power. His social comments was clear.

"By the whiskers of Kurvi-Tasch" is surely an amusing catch phrase Herge supplies for Borduria's ruler, but the operative villain of the story is the Nazi-like official Colonel Sponsz. Despite his wicked nature, Colonel Sponsz has human feelings, for he enjoys opera star Donna Bianca Castafiore's singing, something Captain Haddock certainly never does from the start of the series! But Sponsz is also a sourpuss loser, sort of like the bumbling officers in "Hogan's Heroes. " Also noteworthy is the fact that Borduria's ruler (who we never actually meet) has elements of Hitler himself (greeting is "Amaih Kurvi-Tasch"), as well as Stalin (shape of mustache). The Belgian Herge, anti-fascist by nature, reverted to form after the job.

Signora Castafiore, who sang in Klow in "King Ottokar's Sceptre" and sings in Szohod here, provides key help to Tintin and the Captain. No scene has her distressing the Captain with her voice this time, but someone who does is gas-bag insurance salesman Jolyon Wagg, who makes his first appearance as the full-of-himself tormenter of the always irascible Haddock. This individual is introduced at the beginning of the book when he "pushes" himself into Marlinspike during a rainstorm, and he comes back again at the end. As for the Captain himself, his drinking is limited to a bottle of Swiss wine beverages in Geneva, providing a amusing aside.

Four and a half stars, just short of several., This very European adventure follows Tintin and the Captain from their delightful English country house to Switzerland and a imaginary balkan country, all made in attractive clear-line style.

This tale contains more than the usual reveal of gags and problems, subtle sarcasm and wit, set against a foundation of real circumstances- the cold war and arms race of the fifties, the struggle to develop hideous weapons, with identifiable parodies of historic figures. This is certainly partly why the tintin books are so good at educating and opening the imagination and curiosity of children to the wider world.

The things i find striking is the accuracy of the drawings, which not only depict buildings and places as they really were in the 1950's (for example the Cointrin airport or the cornavin hotel), but also evoke the countryside and the atmosphere of each country., This is definitely a pdf scan of the paperback. Pages are not even straight but are uneven which shows lazy (and probably drunken) attempt for checking. it would take a bit, but not a lot, of to redraw the book in AJE so it could re-engage new generations with retina display quality.

Don't buy this until Herge Party create a true digital version of these traditional BD books., As a kid, travelling with my parents in Europe, I had been exposed to the elegance of Tintin books. Around the board, they are entertaining, comical, suspenseful, and somewhat educational.

"The Calculus Affair" has long stood as one of my top five of the Tintin series. It features the absentminded professor, the windy captain, the intrepid Tintin and his dog Snowy, and the British inspectors Thomson and Thompson. Is actually the quintessential Tintin story, full of miscues, clues, adventure, and comedy. I picked up a new copy the other day (now that I'm reaching forty years old), and sped through the story, reliving all the enjoyment of my childhood. This is still fun stuff. Worth every penny.

May possibly a whole new era uncover the genius of the Tintin books, as I actually did in the seventies., Exactly what is there to express? These are all fantastic adventure yarns with amazing images. I first read TinTin in the 1960s and still find them a thrilling time. They have a mid-20th century context, so if you are not familiar with some of the social and political problems that embroiled the 20th hundred years, the plots may appear remote or mysterious. But this may be a good way to bring in children to many of these issues that shaped our lives., Condition as described and nice size (not small). Arrived in good condition. Pumped up about buying more of these books!, Paper quality and printing much desired - I own Metheun published Tintins and Asterixes.

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