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Timebound is Rysa Walker's first appearance novel, first published this year and selected in 2013 as the Amazon Breakthrough Novel of the 12 months. Ms Walker has created a complex world that involves the ability to time travel for some and the necessity for time travel by others, who must try to correct historical shifts that evil schemers have purposely caused in trips back in time.

The schemers' goal is to assure that they will rule the world in the future which those who might have opposed them are neutralized before they can act. The time shifts create false memories in some cases, and in others, people and relationships completely disappear from history.

The protagonist is Kate Keller-Pierce, a teenager whose parents are divorced but share custody. She has no idea that she has any special talents until her maternal grandmother shows her a medallion that appears to glow an eerie blue from time to time. Kate soon realizes that not everyone in the room views the color emanating from the medallion, and what's more, when she details it she sees thoughts... glimpses of other times and places which amazingly include herself as well as strangers who the lady generally seems to know. Her granny teaches her how to use the powerful tool, and reveals that Kate may be the only one who are able to use the medallion to return to the previous and correct the harm that has already recently been done. If she neglects, her family line may be erased before she actually is ever born.

And what's worse, her own grandpa is the schemer who is orchestrating future final results by reshaping the previous. She needs to move quickly before he discovers that she can follow him or her into the past to prevent the mischief. The woman individual heartbreak is that, if she successfully adjusts the time shift occasions, her current boyfriend won't have any memory of her when she earnings to the present.

Kate is smart and innovative, and though she has done her homework before she returns to the past, nothing ever will go exactly as planned and she experience some unexpected and scary encounters with guard dogs, not to mention a serial fantastic. It helps that the lady is up on her fighting methods training!

There are several books in the series, so can get on those reservation lists at the library now! You'll be wanting the next book, Time's Edge, close by when you finish. This is an enjoyable YA/SciFi/Thriller journey. Appears like Kate will have a boyfriend in two different timelines... it becomes complicated, but never dull, and she still keeps focused enough to save the world as we know it!, The premise seemed to be bright as who doesn't like time travel and what can be achieved or recreated by moving through differnt portals? Unfortunately, I wasn't able to cope with 1/4 of the publication (stopped at Page sixty four of 366) and I hate leaving a publication unfinished that I've already started. The plot virtually DRAGGGGGSSSSSSS..... the writer tries her best to give a foundation to the readers by way of a conversation from grandmother to granddaughter. In reality, it begins to sound like the dry eye commercial, the Charlie Brown teacher, or the 8th grade Historical past teacher who's been teaching for 50 years and needs to retire - choose your own analogy of put someone to sleep during a lesson., “History is sacred–like a nature hike. Leave only footprints, take only memories. ”

Sixteen year old Kate lives a normal teenage life, going to school, hanging out with friends, and taking karate, that is until Kate’s grandmother comes back into their lives after five years. Kate’s mother and grandmother have a chilly relationship at best. The woman grandmother reveals she is dying and would like a closer relationship with her granddaughter. Later, Kate understands her grandmother not only wants a relationship but needs Kate’s help, with which she entrusts a blue medallion for time-traveling. Interestingly, the villain in the story is Kate’s grandfather who is experiencing time and changing occasions for his benefit to become the leader of the Cyrists. Kate travels to many places in time including the 1893 Chicago’s World’s Fair. Can she efficiently travel throughout time without erasing or altering the future?

Who doesn’t love a tale about time-travel? Rysa Master contrived the elements of this book seamlessly that all the loose finishes were tied and questions answered by the conclusion of the book; no detail was overlooked. The woman depiction of the character Kate is relate-able, sensible, and she quotes “The Princess Bride”‘s, Inigo Montoya. “Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father, prepare to perish. ” Does it improve than that? If you haven’t seen the movie, put it on your to-do list. What’s much better than all of the above combined? This book belongs to a series! This is the first, the second was just published in October 2014 and the 3rd is set to be released in September 2015!

2013 Amazon Breakthrough Book Award in the YA category, This course is fantastic. Smart and funny with strong females leads, a love triangle, and a carefully thought out world. Currently on the next book (and listened to the 2 novellas when reading was impossible, I am thoroughly engrossed in this series, so much so which i have to finish so I can get something done! As a P. S. Typically the female perspective on the audiobooks are read by Kate Rudd who also narrated The Fault inside our Stars, which is one of the better narrations I have actually heard. She has a great ear for the wit in the books and gives sass beautifully. Large thumbs up all-around.

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