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Writing a memoir must be difficult, but this author did a great job. It held my attention and made me want to keep reading to see what would happen next. She reminded myself a lot of what I experienced with the death of each of my parents. With my father's death, I turned my back on God. Yrs later, after my sibling died and a extended set of other disasters within an 18 months period, God finally got my attention and I flipped my life back over to Him. When mom died 40 years later, instead of blaming God, I had been given comfort by Him. I actually pray Nicole will reconsider her spiritual decision before God has to OBTAIN her attention, like he or she did me. Great read., So, so good! Informative and moving without sentimentality. Nicole keeps it real. Beautifully written -- I actually read it straight through in one sitting. I actually was riveted til the end., I knew the essentials of this story before I read the book, but had no hint of all the dynamics at play in the Harkin family. Nicole paints a vivid picture of her life as a school pupil dealing with heartbreak and death. Her honesty and transparency is admirable. The lady holds herself accountable for the hurt that the lady caused while being hurt herself. The book is a simple read, and truly conveys the hurt, support, and healing that the lady endured., This book was obviously a random pick out of my norm but Now i'm thankful that I leaped into it. It absolutely was nice to read someone's life who is so honest. Good read., I experienced the privilege of working with Nicole's mother and also sadly her dad. I knew a good bit of what is covered in her history but was still saddened by the depth of her father's betrayal and the effect it experienced in the children. The truth that she as well as her siblings have become very accomplished adults is a testimony to the need to not only survive but survive amazingly well. She captures her mother; s quirky sense of humor and certainly the dynamics of a family that certainly competent as dysfunctional. Her mom was a beautiful lady who turned heads when she entered a room. A few friends and I visited her mother's tap grooving recital and wore tee shirts that said " Hermosa Harkin Fan Club - Atlanta Chapter". You will probably read this in a single sitting, I think you will find that you may not put it down. I actually know I couldn't., Everybody's got family secrets, but Nicole Harkin's family secrets cut deeper than most. I so enjoyed this memoir, the story of shedding her innocence when obtaining, at her father's deathbed, the existence of his secret girlfriend--a discovery that shattered the illusion of your intact nuclear family that her parents had projected for the sake of the kids. What makes this book so great is not only the secret itself, which is persuasiveconvincing } to read about, but Nicole's dry wit, coupled with her tenderness for her family members, who appear human and lovable even at their most flawed. It's rare to find a memoirist who writes simultaneously with such clarity and generosity--usually you get one or the other. But Nicole seems to prefer the complexity of human being beings, the nuances and secrets that we all carry inside of us, and she's great at bringing that to the web page as she writes about her complicated parents. Anyone who has survived childhood (and that could be all of us) has no doubt experienced some form of disillusionment after discovering that the things our parents told all of us didn't always match what they did. Nicole's book sheds light about this general experience, while telling one heck of a history in vivid and lustrous prose., Tilting is a lovely story. The reader is pulled into the world of the author and her loving, yet difficult relationships with parents and siblings. On the surface this will sound like a familiar story, however the actual events being discussed are anything but common. With honesty, humor, and often difficult self-reflection, Harkin's story brings out all of the best attributes of a well written memoir. There are lessons to be learned in the resiliency of the mother associated with the children, and especially in the children's ability to forgive and also to move on with happy and effective lives. Put aside an afternoon to read and enjoy fantastic book, you won't be disappointed!, Read the book in one night time - found it hard to place down, due to story's pull. I felt strong anger at her dad, and sometimes at other family members too, but the book is written without bitterness and with the detachment and perspective that time gives. In the conclusion I was pleasantly surprised about the author's ability to go on despite the pain caused by parental betrayal and a rocky child years.

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