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I actually started reading this publication with high hopes. Tiger Tracks purports to be the memoir written by an experienced of the Panzer force, but it became quickly evident that it can be really a extremely gory and lurid part of fiction being fobbed off as fact about those who don't understand any better. " Wolfgang Faust" is conveniently a ficticious name, therefore the true author's armed service service records could never end up being checked. He is the particular lone survivor in the Kampfgruppe he starts the publication with, so the veracity (or it's lack) cannot be cross-checked. The author provides a basic understanding associated with tanks and their aspects, but an understanding that will could have been learned from such sources as the Panzerfibel without requiring any hands-on experience.

There is a great deal associated with writhing in flames inside this book. Everyone struck in the head is decapitated, hollow-point bullets literally blow men apart (they don't). All the violence is very Hollywood, plus over-the-top. There are the number of historically errors or outright impossibilities. You will find an even greater number of decisions and steps undertaken by persons depicted in the book, which usually from the military point associated with view are ludicrous plus suicidal (I should mention here for the reason of credibility, that I actually am a former member of a mechanized infantry unit). Examples:

- a good experienced Tiger tank leader takes custody of the female Soviet prisoner plus chains her up within the tank. NO. There is absolutely no room within an armored fighting automobile for extra personnel. Even individuals who belong there are usually cramped and crowded. Typically the danger this prisoner would certainly interfere during a battle makes this action tactically absurd.
- Panzergrenadiers remain inside their halftracks throughout a stationary protecting battle while under assault by aircraft and foe armor. Thus they lead nothing to the fight, but contribute lurid depictions of slaughter towards the story. No way they'd do this, the halftracks were dying traps.
- Moving through a forest, Tigers lead the party, despite the presence associated with Panzergrenadiers who could look ahead and clear the particular way. Again, tactically absurd, the experienced commander the particular author describes " Helmann" as would never have completed this.
- A single Tiger tank takes off on it's own, at night, to track down a Soviet rocket launcher and crew. They find a way to sneak the steel beast up on the foe, unheard, and observes the particular enemy first. At evening. Again, inspite of the presence associated with ample German infantry inside the area, the Tiger does this without any dismounts... NO
- After destroying the particular Russian position, the leader orders among his tank crew to dismount plus scout around. By himself. In an unsecured location. At night. No battle buddy. Naturally, this man gets his head taken off... THAT, at least, is believable.
- Our valiant Kampfgruppe happen to bump into a couple of German nurses wandering the particular steppe who somehow received left behind by their field hospital. These women join the panzer device and they are of course happy to dispense a tiny sexual relief towards the troops, in exchange for foods, coffee, sugar, etc. Sure, sure...
- The sheer amount associated with detail described by the particular author is simply not necessarily credible for a man whose view of the particular battle was limited to the vision slit associated with a Tiger driver. Just read was (and remain) notoriously minimal in field of view. In reality, he'd have been in a position to see directly ahead and a couple of degrees to either part.
- Typically the author claims to see the shell caroming around within a Soviet tank turret, THROUGH THE VISION SLIT OF SOME OTHER TANK'S DRIVER! Zero. Just No.
- Describes fighting Soviet tanks which, by his / her detailed descriptions of their hull and turrets, had been JS-3's. These tanks failed to see action until the particular very last month in the war, yet our increasingly-implausible story purports to get place in October, 1943.
- He or she states at one level his family was killed in an RAF bombing of Munich in 1942. He later claims to have killed a British captive in Sicily the similar month that his loved ones died. Problem is, the particular Allies didn't invade Sicily until July of 1943...

As war-porn, the publication is fine. Like a memoir, it's complete crap. If anyone believes this writer to truly be the veteran in the Eastern Front side, and believes that his / her descriptions in the battles are usually accurate, then you definitely must logically also believe that the The german language army was composed associated with tactically inept soldiers directed by callous and incompetent officers, because that might be the particular conclusion of any armed service professional reading the steps taken by the protagonist plus his unit., Riveting about two accounts. One is the horrors of battle revealed, but Wolfgang simply happens really have this level across. Two is, I have gained entirely new insights into tank warfare within the Russian front in Globe War II. Foremost is how fearful German tank crews were of European infantry and how prone even their utmost tanks had been to the lowliest weapons the Russian infantry had been able to successfully unleash against even the finest German tanks. Second, just how truly formidable the newest Russian tanks were. 3 rd is the awesome fire power the Russians were able to unleash against the The german language forces even in 1943. Fourth is... " We all hear about the greatness of the particular Russian T-34 tanks were". Many have acclaimed these people as the best all over tanks in WWII along with considerable justification. But whenever the USSR unleashed the particular Stalin I tanks upon the German forces, it became a new ballgame. I actually am surprised at the comparative vulnerability of the T-34 compared to the Stalin tanks towards the best The german language tanks---the Tiger and the particular Panther. Wolfgang's book sets all my preconceived ideas on this subject to an entirely new stage., Reading this book was like watching " Saving Private Ryan"! If one noticed that movie I may tell that this book is the same or far better.
I began reading war books at early age and inside next 38 years study some of them. Eastern front, European countries, Pacific naval battles, isle campaigns, U boat battle, Africa, Vietnam... you brand it I read it. However this book has been so intense that I actually hardly could put it down before ending the last page. I possess it in Kindle, but actually will order paper copy to participate the history books collection.
Only complaint I actually have is that it could be longer along with more to read. Yet you know, it is what it was. Wolfgang Faust experienced deadly tankers duels from first individual perspective driving a Tiger tank. No sugarcoating, extended describing a nature or even BS of any kind, just action with practically no void space inside between. Crashing rounds, burning up tanks, turrets blown into air, Katyusha rockets, tanks ramming after firing last round, infantry engagements close to tanks fighting, equipment breakdowns, hot, cold, no foods... it is all inside there. Vividly described along with amazing details of action.
I did not know that will tank German tank powerplant and transmission needed to be changed every 800-1000 km. Several did not survive no riding around since they were thrown into the particular battle right from the train cars and promptly ruined in first engagement.
I am reading today Faust's second and last book " The Previous Panther" describing last days of WWII from his / her perspective. He survived in opposition to all odds, many associated with his comrades and European tankers were left behind burning in their machines. We all are lucky that writer had superb talent to write an compelling encounter for us to study about. We can't explain to him to write even more books. Unfortunately he failed to live long enough to see his work posted. Written word will still survive all times, Panzer combat on the Far eastern Front! How can we readers, comfortable and secure in our man caves plus living rooms here in the particular USA in 2015, value how thoroughly terrifying that will phrase encompasses? The solution: Go through " Tiger Tracks" plus find out. Wolfgang Faust experienced it first hand in the driver's seat of the vaunted Tiger. Faust's panzer fought Soviet T-34's and Joseph Stalin tanks in duels towards the death as the Wermacht conducted a fighting getaway back toward the restrictions in the Reich in 1943. The reader gets a graphic education in armored warfare tactics and equipment as he or she says Faust's accounts of overcome against the Soviets inside this short but fast-moving book. I recommend it for individuals of WW 2, individuals interested in just how armored forces battled each other in the East.

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