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This guide could help a person who is immobilized for whatever reason and just can't attack their overstuffed, cluttered closet. The author (your new smart, patient best friend) holds your hand and takes you through the mental process first: deciding whether to clear it and manage, and why it issues. She suggests lining upwards a " declutter buddy" to show or share before & after photographs with. And then, the big clean.

The essence of her advice is summed up here:

Right now is the time to go through your items one by one, making a decision as you go. In the event you keep, sell, give away, ditch or store? If in doubt, try things on.
Ask yourself these questions before making a decision:
Does it fit me?
Does it suit my personality and my style?
Is it 'me'?
Really does it make me say 'wow'?
Is it classic and good quality enough for multiple dons and/ or years?
Will it choose as many of my other clothes as possible?
Is it too old, not in good condition or past its 'wear-by-date'?
Do I already have something similar?
Last but not least, does your husband think you are sexy in it?, I found this book to be entertaining as well as useful in motivating me personally to clean out my closet and keep only those items that I love and are also hopefully classic pieces. The previous chapter is a guide for what classic items every wardrobe should contain. I thought this will be extremely helpful as I review the clothes that are left to see what I have that is classic and what I must buy in the near future., I actually learned how to kind out the junk I actually have been hanging on to as well as how to assemble a new classy yet practical wardrobe while assembling a great new tidy cabinet and drawers in one sitting. I now know what pieces to keep for a classic wardrobe for all occasions year around., I was glad to find out I'm only a clutterer and not a hoarder. I had my suspicions, but it was good to see it in writing. I recomend this quick read for anyone who is on the edge, to find good ways to organize. Not just their closets, but it also assists with the relax of ones life too., What great ideas-so easy-loaded with great tips, strategies and structure-step by step-easy to get and stay motivated-and continue daily-so you don't need to get overwhelmed-, This publication was fairly helpful in clothing we ought to get rid of, less helpful when it came to what to get to replace it with. Also would have liked more closet organization tips., Very much of the book is about persuading you to take the time to declutter and maintain your clothing. However, a person who buys this book is a person who is already inspired to the actual above. So I wish it had more substance., Maybe the author's other textbooks great, but this publication was very underwhelming in its advice. Nearly all of it is very evident information which was covered repeatedly (and better) in other textbooks, magazines, Pinterest tips, and blogs.

The author kept duplicating herself chapter after section; more than once I actually flipped back to a previous section to twice check that I wasn't hallucinating. I had indeed read the same concept already a few pages before.

Bland. Basic. All text message; really no photos, illustrations, or tables to split up the info and make it more interesting to see. A number of grammar errors (I know the author is People from france, but the editor could have taken more care).

Not worth the time, let alone the money.

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