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1st, full disclosure- I thru-hiked the PCT in 2014 and met Carrot briefly near Kennedy Meadows when she was hiking it for the second time. Now on with the review.

Our journeys were completely different and yet, in most ways, the exact same. Whenever reading her book We was amazed at how eloquently she was able to capture the experience. She put words to a feelings about the trail. Just reading the teaser passage excerpt at the front side of the book about the wind in So. Induration., I had been in that maelstrom of wind again and she got it exactly right. In forty years of backpacking I experienced never been in blowing wind like that. I was unable to describe it and yet Carrot very easily pitches you into the chaotic scene in a few crisp sentences. We was " blown away" - pun intended. She gives us a glimpse at the day to day drudgery and the amazing components of brilliant magic that was my experience on that " 20 inch by 2660 distance highway. " She projects her story well and is not afraid to lay her soul bare.

If you want a well written true bank account of what a thru-hike of the PCT is like choose no other. No two treks of the PERCENTAGE are ever the same and yet they are. Thank you, Carrot, for put words to the shared activities of thru-hikers everywhere. -SlowBro, I loved this book.... as much as I love following Carrot's blog (which I found accidentally a couple of years back and also have followed faithfully since). Her writing style is smart, witty, compelling and just plain fun! It can like riding a rollercoaster to follow her journeys on the PCT. I cannot wait for her daily blog posts on the CDT come early july. Keep writing permanently Carrot - you are an all natural gifted writer and I hope you get very, very famous but can keep your unspoiled outlook in place in order to does happen!, I've recently been following Carrot Quinn's writing for a long time. Maybe it seems lengthier than for the reason that every tiny bit takes you over a journey. If I ponder about my place in the universe, I find a reminder here. Not really because her writing is full of timeless wisdom (tho it is) and not because the journey is universal (also true). Carrot travels through herself and reminds me to get seek seek. And never stop. So, thanks, I imagine.
For real, check out this book. It might change your life. It will definitely break your heart., I think the only fair to review this book immediately after finishing it- when my heart feels torn available, as if I too completed the journey with Carrot. Having been definitely stalking hiking sites for a few months now, I stumbled after this book. It provides an honest, heartbreaking, account of hiking the PCT. Typically the writing is endearing, and i found myself having a laugh and also a lot of it. Mostly, its real. A person can feel the life behind this, the enthusiasm, the beating heart. A person won't regret picking upward this book. Wish you the best Carrot, thanks for sharing your journey with me personally, I'll be checking up on your progress on the CDT., I've been reading FROM and PCT hiking narratives since 2011 and We don't think there's one away there I haven't read but I have to say THIS IS TYPICALLY THE BEST ONE EVER!!! Carrot Quinn is so gifted as a writer. She puts a complete new rewrite on describing anything, for instance you'll never think of raindrops the same way again or the Milky Way or creatures in the forest, the stick-breakers. And unlike most books of thru outdoor hikes, Carrot doesn't bore the reader by going into detail about common thru-hike terminology or customs. She expects one to figure it out and i also like that. Just as Carrot didn't want the PERCENTAGE to get rid of, I didn't want this book to end and I'm hoping she's proceeding to write about the girl other long-distance hikes., Both best ways for me personally to review this book are to tell you that: 1) I read it on my Kindle and then immediately ordered a hard copy and read it a second time, because some books you just need to own and keep on your shelf forever and ever, and 2) We grew up in Manhattan and have never camped/backpacked one night in my entire life and this August I am doing a solo walk of the 460-mile Oregon part of the PCT. Plus it's all because of Carrot.

This book is wonderfully well written, hilarious, heart-warming, and just that delightful kind of storytelling that means it is impossible to stop transforming the pages. Carrot is my spirit animal. We cannot wait to read her next book!!, This specific is my favorite memoir, and I’ve read many, especially stories which may have a hiking, biking or other active adventure focus. Carrot has an endearing style of writing that catches a person's attention and implants excellent imagery as though one is right there with the girl along for the journey.

The token constructive critique I possess of this first book, apart from the periodic typos she has explained will be corrected in the paper copy, is a strong desire the reader develops to get to know Carrot and her past even more, which is never quite satisfied. There’s definitely significant development in this realm later in the story, but I think more, and earlier, would help the readers form an even better attachment to this beautiful person and her adventure. Since the story developed We yearned to understand more about her riveting and calamitous life, and exactly how it influenced her experience along the Pacific Crest Trek.

There’s more to come from Carrot Quinn, and I can’t wait., This book popped up in my tips from Amazon and I made a decision to read the sample based on the cover art. Without even finishing the sample We clicked BUY NOW. This specific is hands down the most effective thru-hiking accounts I've read, and I've read a number of. Halfway through I found myself unpacking the hiking-gear closet to inventory my gear and plan my own next adventure, in between consuming pages in Carrot's book like some hiking version from the Never ever Ending Story, surrounded by piles of gear exploded over every flat surface of my tiny apartment. I devoured Carrot's fantastically written book in ~24 hours and am now getting my fix on her blogs.

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