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Quite a reversal from the original "In the Shadow of Man"! The first guide showed chimps to have the best of arcivescovo social structures. Chimps choose their leaders as the wisest, calmest, fairest of the group. The natural born leader that others consider with trust in problems or danger. Unlike Baboons and Humans, who follow the strongest and most forceful. I had such respect for Chimps and felt like humans had missed the boat somewhere in time.
Years later, I began hearing the horror reports of violent attacks on humans by captive chimps raised from babies. Exactly what in the world???! Had been it the lack of a proper Chimp parental input that humans just cannot provide? What had we completed make these animals so viscous? And these attacks weren't the straight forward kill attack seen by other animals - quick and clean. Rather, the attack was more of a dismantling: eye gouged out, fingers shown aggression towards off, nose and hearing ripped off, teeth and jaws torn out! Even humans, in their worst instances usually weren't this bad. So, why were Chimpanzees?
Ends up this is NOT some type of aberrant behavior! It just was not observed or reported for the first 10 years or so of Goodall's field work. Jane Goodall always broke the rules used for wildlife study: don't connect to the animals, do nothing to influence natural habits, don't personalize the individuals under study, and don't get involved: rescue, medical care, etc. The the goal of the rules is to keep observations accurate and unaltered by human presence. In early stages, Jane fed the chimps, which might have prevented/delayed migration patterns. In this book, "Through a Windows... " she observes very close up. Close enough that she, occasionally, becomes the brunt of any chimp's frustration with troop governmental policies. This is not only an unnesscessary danger, but also very bad research technique!! She even notes that this wounderful woman has become the lowest ranking part of the troop! I've never seen anyone in the scientific community call her away on her behavior, that we find surprising.
At times, I asked yourself that was more interesting, noticing the chimps or the human researcher and her rationalizations. Remote cameras are now available and can run 24/7. And transfer, so chimps can be watched live from miles away! What a great way to analyze behavior! No humans around at all! But, Jane seems too attached to "her" chimps to let go and use more updated techniques. She certainly has the popularity and prestige to be able to manage an even more expensive setup. I have always admired animals researchers, particularly the women! I am sad to learn that Goodall has slip down that slippery slope! Her observations and data are suspect. Some could claim she has done a disservice to both wildlife research and chimps. So many chimps have been poached from the wild. How many credited to Goodall's first positive reports of chimp habits? How many people have been maimed or murdered trying to keep chimps as pets? Would chimps have grown to be so endangered if Goodall had not made them so attractive in the first place? Definitely a cautionary tale, at the least., Jane Goodall paints a family symbol of the chimpanzees the lady got to observe for thirty years in the outrageous.

The majority of it is not pretty but, on the other hand, it's like reading about human being history: there's the good, the bad, and the unsightly. And it's no coincidence, since chimpanzees are our best animal relatives.

Goodall's share to understanding this varieties is undeniable, as are her bold statements fifity-odd years ago about the mental and humane position in which she regarded her subject matters. And it's plain enough to see that in this retelling, where she calls every chimpanzee with a human-given name.

Goodall bookends her history well, beginning with the reactions of the scientific community towards her in the beginning of her career and ending with a conclusive summary of the degrees of difference between humans and chimpanzees, as well as the horrors that many of these animals face with the intention of scientific research.

It was fascinating getting to know various areas of chimpanzees in their natural habitat and understanding that Mother Nature is raw with no added help from us., Jane Goodall is a great writer and he or she really gives you a feel for what it was like to possess been her. You want to really know what happens to her chimps. I good read for any animal lover., I read a great deal of books in a lot of different categories. I enjoy books that move me create me personally think about them long after I finish reading and also this one did just that. I know a book is great when I start seeking further information across the internet like I did with this book. The reports of these incredible chimps are fascinating and will a person reading long past your bedtime.

I was an animal lover and have always been enthusiastic about chimps and their habits. I was aware about some of the behaviors, but I definitely learned a lot from this guide. The book follows several generations of chimps and really gives an in depth account of their lives. I especially loved reading about the mother chimps and the babies. Several of the methods the caretaker chimps use could be used as great advice on how to raise any child. We were holding so loving and patient with their children. The bonds between the family members are so heartwarming and the provides between mothers and their children are incredible. Almost all of them have such different personalities. I also loved the stories of the various males in the various groups. We would have liked to meet old Greybeard and have your pet reach out for my hand. You can also get heartbreaking reports that I will not overlook. I never cry reading books, EVER, however the information of Melissa's death received to the very center of me and it was so vividly written that I felt every last moment of her life and I lose a few tears. Flo's story almost got me personally as well. Her boy's grief over her loss of life could tear down anyone. Flo was great I found her to be my favorite of all the chimps. I can only think about how wonderful it would have gone to have been a part of their lives like Jane has been all these years.

The only complaint I can make is really not about the story at all. I wanted photographs! I have the Kindle version and there are no pictures at all. I saw in the description that there were pictures maybe it is just in the print version. It would have added so much to the story if I could have seen pictures of the chimps.

Through a Window: The 30 years with the Chimpanzees of Gombe , This was the first book by Jane Goodall I read. I recently met her and she signed it for me. Though I disagree with some of her statements like when she claims that humans are the only animals capable of purposeful cruelty, especially since this declare came right after a chapter on the group of chimps that committed methodical genocide against another team of chimps. When the lady leaves her opinions out of it and focuses solely on observations it is a wonderful check into chimpanzee habits and day to day life.

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