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I recommend this book to anyone who requires a book as a resource about certain organizations and the great that is being done. The writer provided us with enjoyable information and I feel he wrote about what he said the guide was about, but this individual did not elicited the thoughts he proclaimed the book would do to his readers. The guide seemed dry and it did not keep my attention, but I can not discredit the author due to the fact that he wrote about what he said the guide was all about. Our only problem was that the book simply was not interesting. I can only believe that maybe if the book had recently been produced differently or the information announced differently, I could have been able to remain awake while reading the book., This book is to be credited first of all with its positive step from mere " sustainability" to Edwards' concept of " thriveability". That is positive thinking writ large! Edwards lists an impressive number of movements that are concerned with positive modifications in our world. Secondly, at the end of each chapter is a entire listing of things large or small that interested people can actually do to help. Less important but interesting all the same is to compare all of the changes which have happened in the world with events mentioned in the version that I read, published in 2010. For example, " Better Place", the electric car battery exchange company, is unsucssesful, and the Copenhagen summit was widely deemed as an inability; but there has since been a major agreement between the US and China- the " Big Two" - to limit their CO2 emissions.
I would recommend this book to anybody wanting a positive first guide to an action plan for themselves. I was interested that other testers state that they will not recommend this book to those who have already left behind hope of 'saving the planet', and am believe that I have to concur- those readers (" preppers"? ) might be more uplifted by works about enduring future negative changes. I further feel that it is also probably more of a resource book than an entertaining one for already-committed environmentalists., The book eligible Thriving Beyond Sustainability by Andres R. Edwards has helped me recognize the reality of climate change. I have heard it in the news but I never paid much attention to the problems we are facing credited to our devastation to our environment. The author is able to evidently identify some of the problems that people are facing with climate change and what are the several endeavours that are being done around the globe in order to stop the destruction of Earth. What I found very interesting about this book could it be is not aiming to just stop the bad things that people do on our surroundings. It is usually promoting a sense of community and a harmonious relationship in order for all of us to possess a more quality life. According to Andres Edwards, "thrivability concentrates on a collaboration and abundance. The concept functions as catalyst to encourage us to take action" (page 4). In other words, mcdougal argues that we should live one with nature rather than think as a separate entity from it. We should look after this planet because we are a part of it. The author is successful to inspire my class mates and am to get started on making changes in our lifestyles. I do assume that educating others and sparking our interest is a good start in in an attempt to spread awareness to more people regarding climate change. Moreover, this individual was able to convey the message that if we all act as one community you will all attain the goal of growing rather than just trying to survive.
I recommend this guide to educators, parents, and community leaders so that they can spread awareness to more people. We must act now and make necessary changes in order to reduce the destruction that people do on our surroundings., Some would dispute the occurrence of climate change or the existence of negative human impact on the environment and the necessity to fix it. Others, like myself, find the concept of environment change and negative individual impact on the environment awfully depressing, with no end or solution in view. To both of those views, These days say this: Thriving Beyond Sustainability. Growing Beyond Sustainability is an inspirationally optimistic book about the progress of the green movement. André s Edwards discusses the human relationships between humans and the environment through exploring different durability and conservation initiatives. He discusses the greening of communities from Sustainability Road in Australia to Sweden's green energy plan, the greening of commerce from local coffee shops to international corporations, and the greening of architecture. Edwards claims that "we can meet the challenges ahead with a vision in which creativity trumps knowledge and imagination is recognized as one of our most powerful assets" (165). In other words, the problem of becoming a environmentally friendly planet cannot just be fixed by knowledge, but creativity and imagination.
As the title suggests, Edwards takes the principle of sustainability one step further to produce thrivability. Thrivability combines fulfilling basic individual needs while benefiting the planet and living a "meaningful life". A daunting activity though it is, Edwards's book describes the neighborhood and international initiatives taking place around the globe to fulfill this eyesight. Though at times I found the writing less than engaging, the subjects of discussion never halted to engage me. A great overall optimistic and fascinating book., Good, This book puts our current environmental challenges -- from around the world to pollution to loss of biodiversity into a a broad framework that explains how individual society can -- and should -- evolve nowadays., Lots of interesting ideas but needed to go beyond just presenting a lot of interesting ideas and synthesize these into an action plan. Liked the TAKING ACTION lists at the end of each chapter., This is presently a text book for my intro to durability class. It offers great information, ideas, and concentrate on what is going on in our environment and how we can help!

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