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I used to be eagerly awaiting this latest installment in the Celtic Brooches series and it did not disappoint! What a ride... discuss emotional whiplash. I never knew where the next jolts would come from but come they did, from every possible corner. The 3 Brooches was an exhilarating drive filled with drama, suspense, intrigue, romance, and most importantly family - even if I often wanted to throttle 50 percent the family for what they were putting everyone through!

You probably don't have to read the earlier books to relish this one, but doing so would provide a lot of the backdrop and context just for this tale., I have read most of KLL's books in order and re-read them only to find more in the 2nd reading within the first because I actually was racing through just to get to the ending and find out there what happened. They all retained me on the edge of my seat and retained me up very late at night because I merely could not put them down. Now, finally out there comes the astonishing Three Brooches. All I can say is WOW, - be well prepared for each twist and be you can possibly imagine and an
absolutely stunning love tale and a very strong family story about the Fraser, Montgomery, McCabe, McClenna families. The development of these families and their inter-mingling and interdependence is a testament to the entire basis of all of KLL's books. Did I actually leave out anyone??? The author has developed these characters fully and in depth with each book, they grow and change and with the love that they share they fill the reader with joy!! I can't wait for The Diamond Brooch which is in the works, and The Pearl Brooch which should be out there sometime in 2018.
Please, Katherine, keep your stories coming---we will all be anxiously waiting for every new one!! Information 3 Brooches!!, Katherine Lowry Logan has given the chance to us who love the girl characters in the Celtic Brooch series the chance to revisit with and intermingle characters from the prior time traveling stories in maverelous yet intricately new interweave in a historical backdrop few will see arriving and take the viewer on glorious journey through the material of deep thoughts set against the backdrop of relatable historical happenings to weave a tale that brings you through conflict, mystery, heart ache and triumph of the human soul against all odds... for the value of tale which is solidly designed just on it's own.... but read the whole series first to truly absorb the richness of her story... like a mssterpiece., I love this series and also have read every one of the books, but by the time I read this one, I was getting lost in all of the backstories, some of which I have forgotten. As another reviewer said, there are too many characters to keep track of. All of that being said, this is an outstanding book because the author is a very fine article writer. She brings her figures to life, writes practical, believable dialogue and moves the action along easily. I will still buy any book written by Katherine Lowry Logan. I'm considering starting the series from the beginning and reading them one after another. If you are a new reader of this author's books, do NOT start with this one. Begin with book one and prepare for an excellent travel through time with very likable, believable, not perfect and honest characters., An additional great book by a great author. This course is a must read. I actually really enjoy all the characters of the series and feel like I'm a part of the family. I can't wait to see what happens next for every one of them. I love how there will be several more story ranges coming which means more books and more for us readers to fall in love with. In case you are like me personally and locate a series you love, you revisit them often. This is one I series I wish to revisit and can't wait for more to come. As soon as again another 5 star review. Love love love this book which series. Love that we got to visit wit Kit and Cullen and Elliot with each other as well as all the others. It was great having everyone with each other in one book. Actually loved that., I really like the entire series and the level, development, and regarding the expanding cast of figures. I first believed them and then read them. My only complaint is the editing in this one. A reference to cattle should be zoysia, a statement obviously made by Emily is attributed to Sarah, McCabe is named a major when he became a colonel and then senator in Bk 3, a few pronouns are incorrect references. Maybe issues like this only bother me personally, but they do. They didn't detract from my pleasure of the book, but did irriatate me a bit. I've proofed/edited before and those things bounce out at me. But I do highly recommend the books!, Katherine Lowry Logan's Celtic Brooch Series is simply a visit d force. This book is so pivotal in the continuing saga of the Fraser Clan. Because ten years as past in the story line, we see the changes in the figures and their relationships. We come across the next generations creating ~exciting times. In this segment we travel to San Francisco where the benefits of the three are usually come together -changes occur here that will change the Fraser-Montgomery Clan forever. Deftly done this book concentrates on Jack who is one of those mesmerizing figures whom you hate and love and want to shake - but almost all of all you need him to find their own brooch., Having all the characters come with each other was amazing. This book keeps you on the edge of your chair with one thing after another happening. Charlotte is the glue in this story and Jack leads to trouble as usual. Such as most families there exists some disagreement issues but they do come together for the love of all. I adored this book. It is a great addition to the Celtic Brooch series!

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