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This is simply not a simple story, but it is thoroughly readable. The author is invested in his own journey of self-discovery, and you try to keep the arms inside the car as a viewer because this runs strong and manifests itself in different ways throughout his life. You will see yourself somewhere as you read this memoir., Amazing life-story about strength, resilience, valor, and almost all of all, belief. I could not put this book down. In order to face abuse and neglect at every turn as a boy and as an adolescent, this talented autobiographer describes, with great humility, how he discovers his strength and makes make amends with dark beginnings and inner turmoil about his faith and sexuality. I highly recommend this publication., I am conflicted after reading this book. Shawn shows a great story, and is a beautiful writer. He captures the viewers attention and his words have a way of coming alive. He paints a vibrant picture in your mind and most likely left planning to read more from him. However, my conflict comes into play when he repeatedly events my family. I am uncle " Sam's" girl. I fully realize belief is one's own actuality, but his perception is highly distorted and embellished when it comes to his telling of his fathers side of your family. He wasn't hardly ever around to be able to judge so vitally and so carelessly label people with mental ailments. My grandmother was a wonderful woman! So mild and kind hearted, experienced a great sense of humor. To me, she was what Shawn's maternal grandma was to him. Our rock. I feel disgusted and offended the way he bashes the Nemeths. I'm not calling him a liar, because I do not know what he went through, only what he tells... but its obvious he went into situations already a victim, great poisoned mind tainted actuality. My family are big jokers, and easy heading, maybe he took jokes the wrong way. Just about all I know is I've been across the Nemeths all of my 32 years of life, and they are less he paints them. I apologize Shawn for speaking out, and heading against you, but I feel I need to to something to defend my family. Grandma always spoke so highly of you, and your wedding picture was the only one of her grandkids that ever hung on her wall. I'm in utter shock at exactly how judgemental and righteous you are. You're supposed to be Christian! My whole life I've set you on a pedestal, you're the aunty who made a lot of his life, and i also was proud and respected you. I'm happy that might found happiness, and my heart breaks for everything bad that you've been through. I guess a mediocre story won't sell books, you did what you felt you required to do. I accept you, you are family. Whether you've so easily terminated us or not, yes indeed blood is heavier than water. I love you Shawn, and I am praying for you.

10-16-17 Shawn- I do believe I might've been too severe. I was shocked, and didn't know about ANY of the bad things that happened to you personally. Whenever I'd ask questions, I was always told you were raised by your very religious grandma and you had a wonderful life. My heart is still breaking over the horrible stuff I read. I highly doubt your dad knew about any of this, if he would have he would've saved you and whipped some ass, and I'm sure your uncle " Sam" would've been right there with him. So , after a lot of thought, I came to realize everyone has a different path in life, not every are treated the same. Congratulations on your book. It was definitely a page turner. I admire you for coming forth and having the courage to reveal yourself, the great and the bad. ❤️, I first achieved the author when he talked at a church a few years back. This individual shared an inspirational story about his path of faith. I was drawn in by his charisma and his very polished, yet approachable style. Then I attended a couple of workshops he offered on personal fitness and overall wellness. Everything he trained made so much sense and i also started putting it into practice. I would see him out and about occasionally and I would always think, " Wow, that guy is so cool! He really experience it all together. " I read on Facebook that he'd written this publication. He posted a brief part of it and as I had been with his talking, I was used. Therefore I ordered the publication and I have to say I'm practically left without words. There is no way to look at him and know that all this might have happened in his life; and yet, it somehow is practical that a person who made it through so many rough places WOULD be polished and refined--just like it takes sandpaper to create a rough surface smooth. Now i'm even more inspired by Shawn Nemeth now than I was before. This individual has completely let down all of his walls and allows us to see who he really is. That's a uncommon and treasured gift, which book is a gift idea to any reader. I suggest it!, Shawn paints a picture of his life in snap shots of time. His story is the one that speaks of a process of healing and growing. It provides hope to anyone who has long suffered. The good thought provoking read. Thank you Shawn.

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